Same-sex pedestrian signals given the green light in Braddon

Lachlan Roberts 27 November 2018 144

Photos: Supplied by City Renewal Authority.

Pedestrian lights in the heart of Canberra have been changed from the ‘walking man’ to walking male and female same-sex couples, in what is believed to be a nation-wide first.

Eight green pedestrian lights at the intersection of Cooyong Street, Lonsdale Street and Genge Street in Braddon have been changed thanks to a new initiative by the City Renewal Authority.

City Renewal Authority CEO Malcolm Snow said the project would replace selected pedestrian lights around the precinct in order to better recognise the diversity of the local Canberra community and the different characters of its places.

The new green pedestrian lights have been installed for nearly three weeks and Mr Snow said the busy intersection was selected because Braddon has “distinctively been the place of celebration for Canberra’s LGBTIQ community”.

Nearly three out of every four Canberrans supported a change to the Marriage Act — the highest ‘yes’ result in the country, with Lonsdale Street hosting an impromptu street party after the same-sex marriage survey results were announced last year.

“A year ago we saw this area filled with people, colour and joy after the country voted overwhelmingly in favour of marriage equality,” Mr Snow said.

“The rainbow roundabout installed late last year has been a popular feature, and the area has hosted significant events as part of this year’s SpringOut Festival, which includes the SpringOut Community Picnic in Haig Park this Sunday.

“Starting this project, with this theme, at this location was a really easy decision.”

Mr Snow said the authority will now look for other sites within the City Renewal Precinct to upgrade pedestrian lights at intersections to highlight the diversity of the nation’s capital.

“The City Renewal Precinct is full of many different people and places and the authority sees strengthening diversity as a critical element of a successful city,” Mr Snow said.

“Where we can match up shapes that capture a specific area’s character and identity, and those shapes can practically be made into a pedestrian light shroud, we will look to extend the project in other parts of the precinct.”

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144 Responses to Same-sex pedestrian signals given the green light in Braddon
Pandy Pandy 7:06 am 08 Dec 18

These two stick figures are men centric. Melbourne is introducing pedestrian stick figures wearing dresses. There to be inclusive there should be two stick figures wearing dresses. And before Australia thumps it chest with these new signs, search for Linz, AUSTRIA where this initiative was tried in 2015. Now abandoned.

    John Moulis John Moulis 10:25 am 08 Dec 18

    They’re not “men centric”, “women centric” or any other “centric”. They are generic stick figures representing both sexes. It is just that both figures are the same gender in order to promote inclusiveness. Sheesh! Do you really need to have it explained to you?

    Capital Retro Capital Retro 6:00 pm 08 Dec 18

    WALK or DON’T WALK is all we need.

Jo McLellan Jo McLellan 12:32 pm 03 Dec 18

And what's wrong with being single???

Mike of Canberra Mike of Canberra 10:16 am 30 Nov 18

If we really wish to reflect the composition of our community, then surely we need a further 9 pedestrian lights showing a man holding hands with a woman for the “walk” signal.

DB4 DB4 9:46 am 30 Nov 18

I am not at all impressed with this change to pedestrian lights. I think it is a ridiculous waste of taxpayers money. Do we need special pedestrian lights for other minority groups? Where does it stop? Use our money for more useful things such as leveling poor footpaths and lots of other issues that affect ALL of us

ricci ricci 12:07 am 30 Nov 18

More wasted funds when the homeless, the mentally ill and the sick are crying out for funding.

Queanbeyanite Queanbeyanite 7:51 pm 29 Nov 18

You’re paying way too much in rates over there.

Claire Claire 5:36 pm 29 Nov 18

I think that they should show a little old lady or man so that older people don’t get offended. Then, of course, there should be some with mothers or fathers pushing a pram, and some with children. I could go on and on. There are so many different people that this is ridiculous. Leave them as they were.

Ana Ana 4:52 pm 29 Nov 18

If the cost was $5500 it was a great investment for CBR domestically and internationally.. Brilliant cheap idea to make us and others proud of CBR. The wowsers who complain should get a bit more strategic.

Mo Bo Mo Bo 12:08 am 29 Nov 18

What?! We have to hold hands when crossing the street now?

Simon Kelly Simon Kelly 4:20 pm 28 Nov 18

So happy I pay my taxes. 🖕

Doug Cramer Doug Cramer 1:57 pm 28 Nov 18

🤔🤔😖😱Well to be perfectly honest, in my humble opinion, of course without offending anyone who thinks differently from my point of view, but also by looking into this matter in a different perspective and without being condemning of one's view's and by trying to make it objectified, and by considering each and every one's valid opinion, I honestly believe that I completely forgot what I was going to say.

Jim9 Jim9 10:39 am 28 Nov 18

Enjoyable reading the meltdown from some in the comments on this…

Every government has stupid things it likes to waste money on. This is hardly offensive bar to those that are easily offended in the grand scheme of things, and the cost is nothing in comparison to some of the major folly’s of this Government.

Paul Russell Paul Russell 10:20 am 28 Nov 18

More wasted money

Scott Hamley Scott Hamley 8:54 am 28 Nov 18

Just another waste of tax payers funds, at least it’s cheaper then the white elephant light rail

Les Eite Les Eite 6:44 am 28 Nov 18

So I can’t cross the road now cause I’m a heterosexual

    Alison McGregor Alison McGregor 12:48 pm 28 Nov 18

    Les Eite yes, just like I am incapable of crossing almost every road in Australia because I am a woman 🙄

    Daniel Duncan Daniel Duncan 9:37 pm 09 Mar 21

    Some of the lights are women wearing pants.

Louise Jane Dickson Louise Jane Dickson 6:16 am 28 Nov 18

Or could be just two friends. They are already around he world and I think they are great.

Susan Westwood Susan Westwood 3:55 am 28 Nov 18

Perhaps a chicken crossing the road sign would be lovely! 😊 (to get to the other side)

Paul Stephens Paul Stephens 12:20 am 28 Nov 18

Waste of money, would be better spent on innumerable other public programmes.

Jackson Bond Jackson Bond 10:51 pm 27 Nov 18

The funniest thing is the amount of people getting butt-hurt by a slight change in a traffic signal. It really brings out their innate prejudices and bigotry that they try to hide!

Gary Gazsoheavenly Gary Gazsoheavenly 10:07 pm 27 Nov 18

This is how I am losing my faith in and around of this society, for all over the world, it got nothing to do with equal or diversity, our social morals as running rapidly, due to a large number of the community do not believe in a man and women but believe in to the combination of one gender race

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