Self-defence claim in Kingston killing

Ari 15 December 2006 48

Tying in with the speculation found among the comments in this post, the Canberra Times reports that Ian Edward Hirst, 54, will claim self-defence over the killing of David Peter Bagnall, 53, at Fraser Court.

Hirst apparently met the “special or exceptional circumstances” requirement needed to gain bail after a murder charge.

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48 Responses to Self-defence claim in Kingston killing
Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 10:23 am 24 Jan 08

There is an article which would be incendiary, but nobody wants to review&approve or review&censor it. 😐

Mælinar Mælinar 10:14 am 24 Jan 08

bonfires email addy told me he moved on about a year ago.

Danman Danman 10:08 am 24 Jan 08

I miss vg and his incendiary anecdotes – now its me v school children – not as good as watching vg in all his/her colours. And what happened to ole bonfire too – Ra is just getting too user friendly….

howdy howdy 9:31 am 24 Jan 08

Male until proven female? 😛

Mælinar Mælinar 8:56 am 24 Jan 08

How do we get Big man, small willy I suspect and clearly talking through his large, hairy butt-cheeks. and ‘this is a comment about VelvetG – a female’ into a tagline ?

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 11:15 pm 23 Jan 08

Oh, it’s you again.

Radar Radar 7:12 pm 23 Jan 08

I don’t often visit this site nor read the comments, but I felt I had to respond to Vg’s comments of 17 December 2006 which I have only just read.

Big man, small willy I suspect and clearly talking through his large, hairy butt-cheeks.

Pappas is an outstanding advocate with a remarkably impressive “strike-rate”. I can only imagine Vg is regurgitating the mantra of Pappas’s detractors without having any first-hand knowledge or has, at some stage, been shown by Pappas’s famous cross-examination to be the vacuous nit-wit his comments would suggest he is, his only comeback being to post anonymously about someone whose ca-ca he is not fit to sniff.

The police may whinge and complain about Pappas but I know from first hand experience they too go running to him for representation if they or their family or friends are in trouble.

The truth is Pappas is not that expensive nor that exclusive and, again from first hand experience, I can say he is worth every cent. Hirst clearly needs good representation and he has it.

Vg and other “experts” should wait for the result of the trial. Lets not overlook that rather fundamental precept of our criminal justice system the “presumption of innocence”.


j j 9:55 pm 17 Dec 06

Big Al
what are you as iv been told by the goon squad that im mad like chester

Big Al Big Al 9:49 pm 17 Dec 06

There’s a diference between mad and fucked in the head.

j j 8:16 pm 17 Dec 06

And you guys call crazy chester mad

Big Al Big Al 6:27 pm 17 Dec 06

No idea – but if you post your address it might be possible to increase those figures by at least one.

j j 4:58 pm 17 Dec 06

How many times have the police killed some one and used Self-defence claim
Against a unarmed man.

j j 4:55 pm 17 Dec 06

We all know the ACT police only do work when is about raising money.”

I think everyone knows this statement is crap.

Every one know that it was planed in advanced.
so that means they were hopping to bust cars and make money.

j j 4:41 pm 17 Dec 06

leave me out of it .
Big Al has points that i made and i was insulted
for saying it.
And i dont have a problem with you VG you try to do your job but you cant win every time .
only when you are in Uniform and a badge.

Big Al Big Al 3:42 pm 17 Dec 06

Yeah that’s actually a bit of a worry really.

smack smack 3:39 pm 17 Dec 06

“unlike yourself who was actually involved in the cock-up”

Just a question, how do you know it was a cock up? Maybe all was going well with the negotations and he accidently shot himself. From what I understand you do need some training when around guns. Just a thought. I wonder if the angle was ever looked at.

“We all know the ACT police only do work when is about raising money.”

I think everyone knows this statement is crap. Not every cop is perfect, but I would think the majority try hard. In my opinion they are just as good as every other state I have lived in.

vg vg 3:36 pm 17 Dec 06

I deal with lame insults on a daily basis. Don’t flatter yourself

But then again Jim is now in your corner

Big Al Big Al 3:06 pm 17 Dec 06

Sorry to disappoint vg, but my position on violence as a way to try and prove your point is well stated here – All I am offering is the opportunity to demonstrate that I have no problem with calling you a fucked up little monkey to your face – If you cant deal with that in a non-violent way then don’t bother looking me up. On the other hand, if you want to sit down over a couple of beers and robustly discuss anything we disagree about then by all means seek me out.

And mate, it’s a bit rich for you to invoke the “scaredy cat” tag when you have so often sought to hide behind the caveat of “sporting contest” as a way of avoiding the otherwise logical consequences of your inability to deal with what is, by any standard, a fairly lame insult.

j j 2:29 pm 17 Dec 06

Big Al
I like what you are saying in some part BUT I WAS KICKED OFF THIS SITE.
We all know the ACT police only do work when is about raising money.
But i have seen some police that i know take there job real .
We do need a enquire it to policing in act and the
amount of complaints they get doesent help AS it is just used to start up a new program and waste tax payer money.
There was to be a task force to deal with problem areas but never seen it.
I dont hate Police but if there done there job and
stopped half for the crime canberra would be a nice place too live.

vg vg 2:16 pm 17 Dec 06

I don’t consider anything I do or don’t do at work a ‘trophy’ but suffice to say I’ve got a little more on my resume than a recovered Commodore, but I won’t bore you or others with the detail. On an education scale, well lets say that I am beyond under-graduate study.

Calling Joe Average a ‘fucked up little monkey’ to his face might invite a certain well-deserved response back. A response I expect most RAs would expect as well.

The fact that you’d like to caveat any possible meeting with a scaredy cat clause says a lot to me and others. To be honest I fail to see what any sort of meeting would achieve if your actions follow from what you say here. It would be nothing but a stream of vulgar, non-sensical invective. Something that comes stock standard from a City drunk on a Saturday night.

That and any form of disagreement by me would no doubt see you running to my employer with a complaint of some description.

I’m sorry that this has become so boring for others, but I’m guessing Al is feeling a little miffed that, once again, he has been made to look a little petty and silly.

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