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Skyfire – Music predictions for the night?

By Nickamc - 16 March 2011 19

I’m curious as to what people are expecting from the 104.7 Skyfire broadcast this saturday night?

Will Ke$ha and Katy Perry still reign supreme?

Is Lonely Island’s ‘I Just Had Sex’ ft Akon an appropriate song to play on the night?

Who the hell is Bruno Mars?

Is Enrique Iglesias still relevant?

Is playing Katy Perry’s ‘Firework’ too obvious a choice?

Fill the comments with your thoughts…

What’s Your opinion?

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19 Responses to
Skyfire – Music predictions for the night?
Nickamc 3:21 am 17 Mar 11

Alright, well if the Skyfire broadcast doesn’t blow your mind with the tunes that you actually want or need to hear, well then it’s fair to say that YouAreHere’s (insertsillyname)FIRE event will fill some of the blanks.

The core idea is that the DJ’s on the night (see; this saturday night) take the extravagent pop songs that are played during the broadcast, as well as all the crazy, inane back-announcing, record them to their laptops and then spit them out in remix style across three hours from behind the merry-go-round near Petri Plaza from 9pm. Clearly the 30 minute Skyfire broadcast doesn’t supply enough material for THREE HOURS of electronic mayhem, so DJ’s Black Samuri, Dead DJ Joke, Evil Chris and Volume will intersperse their remixes of the broadcast with their own aggrandizing material, be it Britney mashups over perfected beats (see SLASH generally ripping off Girl Talk or playing some of their own digital orchestrations, it’s sure to put a smile on at least one face.

They’re planning on playing ten minute sets each, tag-teaming in and out and trying to theme as much of the night as possible towards Skyfire. It’s going to be a rad, strange venue (weather permitting) and they recommend coming early to grab some dancing space.

Reply on Facebook to the awkwardly ever-name-changing event here:

martyo 9:01 pm 16 Mar 11

Phil was a regular in the early days of sky fire..I would say 5 years the air tonight got a gurnsey. Not been myself for several years, I’m sure it’s all auto-tuned to within an inch of it’s life these days. Enjoy

grunge_hippy 6:55 pm 16 Mar 11

and this is why i am glad I am going interstate this weekend. even if it is to the inlaws.

schmeah 4:19 pm 16 Mar 11

My guess is it’ll be something that goes – ‘unce, unce. unce, doof, doof, doof’ .. and no doubt played at full capacity by every local booner swigging back a few woodies while yelling at their kids.

luther_bendross 4:17 pm 16 Mar 11

I’ll answer your ‘questions’ thus:

1. Not a question
2. Um, define ‘reign supreme’ please. They both produce shit music.
3. No
4. A one hit wonder
5. Whaddya mean still? He never was.
6. Yes, therefore it will feature.

I’ll be sipping red and listening to the delighful sounds of teenagers gettin on the roots in the trees. Again.

EvanJames 4:10 pm 16 Mar 11

Chaz said :

I’m sure Black Eyed Peas will get one of their awful songs in the mix

So it’s not just me who hates them? Such cheap and nasty music.

Dante 3:20 pm 16 Mar 11

Don’t forget AC/DC – Thunderstruck.

Nickamc 3:02 pm 16 Mar 11

These are all excellent suggestions. Phil Collins doesn’t exactly strike me as the most FIREWORK worthy music though.

I’d like to hear Animal Collective’s Fireworks, however that’s the indie hipster douche in me coming out.

Would anybody that reads the Riotact consider themselves an authority on current popular music? Not that 104.7 is, but I’d like to hear what songs that are currently in the top 20 that might make decent fare for great big explosions in the sky.

And I actually kinda like katy Perry’s Firework. Shoot me.

Chaz 2:51 pm 16 Mar 11

I’m sure Black Eyed Peas will get one of their awful songs in the mix

Typsy McStaggers 2:37 pm 16 Mar 11

I think Lady Gaga is a given, and predict This Sex is on Fire will make a come-back

Holden Caulfield 2:15 pm 16 Mar 11

More to the point, who listens to 104.7?

remmi2 2:11 pm 16 Mar 11

Katy Perry’s ‘Firework” will no doubt make it into skyfire, cringe. A few years ago they played relevant songs like “lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” it related nicely to the floating sparkles.

I too don’t know who Bruno Mars is, if he is played on 104.7 then he is bound to be brilliantly generic.

Kerryhemsley 2:04 pm 16 Mar 11

The Sports asked that question in 1978. Not sure they got the answre then.

martyo 1:59 pm 16 Mar 11

Phil Collins – “in the air tonight” a classic – it’s in the firework manual – page 1 “get them on your side early with the moody swelling of phil + drums” hey it worked for cadbury chocolate.

Chief Ten Beers 1:21 pm 16 Mar 11

Who still listens to the radio???

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