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So tell us about you – How often do you eat out?

By johnboy - 14 January 2009 30

As so many of you enjoy ticking the boxes on our demographic surveys here’s another one for you.

How many meals a week do you eat in a restaurant/cafe?

Each week I eat out

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30 Responses to
So tell us about you – How often do you eat out?
hairy nosed wombat 11:33 am 14 Jan 09

The other great trick is next time you get a takeaway Chinese wash the container (or if you feel like you will be doing this a lot, buy some good freezer to microwave containers). Then, the next time you make a stew, casserole, etc, make a little extra and put it into the container.

Take this to work for lunch the next day (or freeze it and take it in a weeks time).

A big saving in dollars and a hot lunch to boot. (This all assumes your workplace has a microwave in the tea room).

Duke 11:30 am 14 Jan 09

Nice work Danman. I used to buy takeaway every day for lunch until I started doing the maths on how much I was spending per year.

So I went and bought a cheap sandwich maker, a loaf of bread and a few fillings. I reckon my lunch costs me less than $10 a week now.

Skidbladnir 11:29 am 14 Jan 09

I swear that question comes up often enough there should almost be a FAQ on “How our polls work, please stop asking”…

(I asked it too, way back in the mists of time)

johnboy 11:26 am 14 Jan 09

astrojax said :

why is the poll closed so soon?

It’s not.

Could be someone else on your IP address has already voted.

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 11:16 am 14 Jan 09

OK, I’ll make my damn lunch!

peterh 11:14 am 14 Jan 09

i entertain clients at a lunch once a week. i attend sales meetings at a restaurant once a week. I have access to great salads nearby, or greasy chips / hamburger if i need to. work provides free water and coca cola.

neanderthalsis 11:09 am 14 Jan 09

Mrs neanderthalsis and I usually head out for dinner at one of the local restaurants once a week, usually mid week to avoid the friday/saturday crowds. Living in the centre of Belconnen helps as there is plenty of choice within short strolling distance and most are reasonably priced with quite good service.

astrojax 10:58 am 14 Jan 09

why is the poll closed so soon?

Danman 10:54 am 14 Jan 09

I religiously bring my lunch to work.

I usually semi make it the night before (Cut cheese and wrap with bread, put tuna tin in bag)

It takes a few seconds in the morning to pack fruit, premade sanger and snacks.

10 dollars a day is 100 dollars a pay cycle – just seems a waste to me when there is perfectly decent food @ home that has already been paid and budgetted for.

I go for the occasional $6.50 steak, salad and breadroll lunch at civic pub (Was $5 last year).

Thats $13 a pay cycle.

Not trying to be holier than thou, just saying how it is for me.

Bringing in lunch and riding 3 days a week really saves me $$$ – have not filled up the falco since last year – and will not for about a week methinks – and have an excess of pocket money saved for that compound slide mitre saw 🙂

justbands 10:46 am 14 Jan 09

> I find buying lunch and a drink and maybe a snack at less than 10 bucks a day isn’t bad value. Given the time it would take to prepare that for myself, I’d rather just pay the $$.

It takes me less than 2 minutes to get my lunch together in the mornings…at a cost of around $2 (although I often buy a drink at work for $1.20, so total of $3.20). Much better value than $10 per day, even taking into account time spent in preperation. Nothing wrong with buying lunch…I still do it sometimes myself, just don’t use the “I don’t have the time” argument to excuse laziness.

Ouch, I didn’t actually mean that to sound so harsh.

Mr Evil 10:44 am 14 Jan 09

I only eat out when I know I will not be overcharged $5 for a pizza!

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 10:28 am 14 Jan 09

I find buying lunch and a drink and maybe a snack at less than 10 bucks a day isn’t bad value. Given the time it would take to prepare that for myself, I’d rather just pay the $$.

H1NG0 10:25 am 14 Jan 09

I buy lunch every day. I’m going to have to put a stop to that. For dinner, maybe once every week, but good takeaway, not maccas or any of that shit.

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 10:24 am 14 Jan 09

I buy a salad roll or burger for lunch each day, but rarely eat out at night. Most places in this town are too short on service and too high on price for decent dinners.

p1 10:21 am 14 Jan 09

I assumed that breakfasts and lunches counted, and went with 2-7. I also included takeaway.

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