Specialist Waiting Times in Canberra

Someonesmother 22 July 2012 3

Anyone else in Canberra fed up with waiting months and months to get in to see a specialist, but once you do you sit in the office for hours and hours and hours waiting for your scheduled appointment. We pay premium dollars and I believe that as a service provider the service could be improved, to me it is just poor management.

Imagine getting your basket of groceries and then waiting 3 to 4 hours to get to the checkout, there would be an uproar, so why are we expected to accept the kind of service that we are paying big dollars for? If I wasn’t so ill I would just give up.

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3 Responses to Specialist Waiting Times in Canberra
Affirmative Action Man Affirmative Action Man 7:15 pm 22 Jul 12

Pointless to complain about lawyers or medical specialists. I’ve decided that its easier just to bend over & cop it.

Elizabethany Elizabethany 4:32 pm 22 Jul 12

Many specialists double book to avoid wasting time for unexpected cancellations, but when people actually show up, it means they end up behind.

I have also had a specialist cancel my appointment because I rang to confirm I would be coming 6 days before, not 7, as day 7 was a public holiday. I had made the appointment 9 days ahead, so calling before the weekend was when I made the booking.

My regular specialist books 6 months in advance (9-12 months for a new client), and she has NEVER kept a booking from when I make it originally to when I get there. The only time I wasn’t moved because of someones elses emergency was when I needed an urgent medication review myself, so I ended up moving someone else. That being said, you never have to wait more than 10 minutes in her waiting room, and I have had her call me at home (not the receptionist) to make sure I was OK.

Some doctors are better than others, but it comes down to supply and demand. There just arn’t enough doctors (of all types) in Canberra.

JC JC 4:13 pm 22 Jul 12

Must admit I have never really understood queues, or more specifically constant queues. You know where it is ALWAYS 1 month to see a dentist or 2 for a specialist etc. If demand and supply are equal then the only time a queue should form is at times of peak demand. At other times the queue should, by all rights be next to zero.

But yep just at the end of a 3 month wait to see a specialist myself, and I have my doubts the GP has refereed me to the right kind of specialist too. So will be interesting to see after I pay my $250+ to see.

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