Sports grounds closed for two weeks for winter season renovation

Lachlan Roberts 15 March 2019 16

ACT Government sports grounds will reopen on Monday, 1 April 2019. File Photo.

All ACT Government irrigated sports grounds will be closed from this coming Monday (18 March) for two weeks to undergo necessary renovations, repairs and maintenance.

During the shutdown period, all ACT Government irrigated natural turf sports grounds will be closed and unavailable for formal hire, allowing biannual maintenance to be carried out.

The program includes applying fertiliser to assist turf growth and to re-establish turf density prior to winter competitions commencing. Other restoration activities include aeration, top dressing of worn and uneven areas and oversowing of bare or sparse areas to achieve an even turf cover.

During the maintenance period, goal posts will be installed and groundskeepers will focus on getting the turf in the best possible shape for winter competition.

The ACT Government manages approximately 280 hectares of irrigated sports grounds across 126 separate sites in the ACT and each of these grounds hosts regular training and competitions year round.

Director of City Presentation at Transport Canberra and City Services Stephen Alegria said: “The summer season is always busy for sports grounds in the ACT with a range of sporting groups and individuals getting great use out of our ovals, which is why we need to undertake these essential maintenance works to ensure the grounds are in good condition ahead of the winter period.”

“The annual autumn sports ground renovation program is focused on repairing surfaces damaged through the summer sport season and giving grounds a much-needed break prior to the start of winter sport.

“Over the next two weeks, we will work on the oval surfaces to get them ready for winter sports including AFL, rugby league, rugby union and football.”

ACT schools have been notified of the shutdown period and are asked where possible to limit the use of ACT Government sports grounds during this time.

Sportsgrounds will reopen on Monday, 1 April 2019.

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16 Responses to Sports grounds closed for two weeks for winter season renovation
Anthony Gordo Anthony Gordo 5:45 pm 18 Mar 19

This sounds reasonable on first glance, but as any sports club will tell you, it's an unnecessary exercise that causes maximum chaos and limited benefit. Reasons? Many, like many 'winter' sports grounds aren't used for 'summer' sports and vice versa, so surely they can do the maintenance in the off-season right? No they wait until the season is about to start. The idea that each season starts and finishes in April and September is a myth. Football has already started and the shutdown in September always clashes with finals. The goal posts are all put up during the week when no one would be using the fields anyway, so no need to close for that. But the big kicker is the so called maintenance. Many sports clubs will have experienced the dumping of dirt on their fields a week before the season starts, pushed around a bit with a bobcat and left to kill the grass underneath. There are way smarter ways to manage the grounds that clubs need to deliver sport to people, and that is why the bi-annual shutdown is the ongoing thorn in the side of sports clubs.

    Sharon Cameron Hardy Sharon Cameron Hardy 2:08 pm 19 Mar 19

    It’s about the weather season, not the sporting season.

    If you have no idea on turf grass maintenance don’t comment.

    Anthony Gordo Anthony Gordo 10:36 pm 19 Mar 19

    Sharon Cameron Hardy The article literally has a Govt facility manager saying it's about the sport season. I hope he's an expert.

Erin Ward Erin Ward 7:14 am 18 Mar 19

They always do this in school term 😩

Raffy Sgroi Raffy Sgroi 2:58 am 18 Mar 19

Obviously when season starts

Andrew Higginson Andrew Higginson 11:01 pm 17 Mar 19

Not sure what the problem is - closures happen twice a year every year so ACT Sports can prepare grounds for the upcoming season - give them a break people

    Patrick Rezek Patrick Rezek 11:18 am 18 Mar 19

    Problem is NPLY is 3 rounds in.

    Andrew Higginson Andrew Higginson 1:19 pm 18 Mar 19

    True Patrick, too much demand for limited grounds. Need more investment - not sure Govts are interested

Belinda Day Belinda Day 10:45 pm 17 Mar 19

Josh Nicole grounds closed🤦🏼‍♀️ makes training hard

Mick Johnson Mick Johnson 10:25 pm 17 Mar 19

ill do what i want on the ovals i own as a taxpayer

Karrina Patterson Karrina Patterson 9:57 pm 17 Mar 19

Erin Ward Will Powell.. no oval for 2 weeks.

hb55 hb55 8:31 pm 17 Mar 19

” … giving grounds a much-needed break prior to the start of winter sport.”

Of course someone (Capital Football?) forgot to tell the ACT Government that youth NPL football started three weeks ago. An annual annoyance.

Katrina Maciver Katrina Maciver 3:38 pm 17 Mar 19

Brendan Carswell does this mean senior site ovals are out.

    Brendan Carswell Brendan Carswell 3:57 pm 17 Mar 19

    Katrina Maciver yep they are usually out during this time 🤔

    Katrina Maciver Katrina Maciver 5:11 pm 17 Mar 19

    Brendan Carswell David has been taking classes up there last week and they were loving it.

Gail McCulloch Gail McCulloch 3:23 pm 17 Mar 19

Jake I hope that doesn’t include Jamison and Kaleen because it’s grand final week coming up. 🏏❤️💙

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