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Stanhope to push beige bombers into the parliamentary triangle

johnboy 20 April 2016 43

[First filed: January 30, 2009 @ 09:00]

CityNews informs us that Jon Stanhope is going to spend 2009 crusading for pay parking in the Parliamentary Triangle.

Apparently equality demands that all motorists fill his coffers.

    “None of us like paid parking, but this is a question about equity between employees and it is also about the Commonwealth Government accepting the responsibility and take the hard decisions that need to be taken in relation to climate change and the development of sustainable transport systems.

    “One of the difficulties that we face in relation to making public transport attractive and a more reasonable option, is that half the public sector – namely Commonwealth public servants – don’t have to pay to park. So there is absolutely no incentive for them to think about alternative means of transport; it’s not sustainable and it’s not appropriate for the Commonwealth Government – for the credentials it seeks in climate change – not to be responding or taking decisions that it needs to take.

Good luck to him with that, I suspect there will be some significant digging in of bureaucratic heels.

UPDATED: A week later and CityNews has the Liberal Senator Gary Humpries and his views on why this is not a good idea.

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43 Responses to Stanhope to push beige bombers into the parliamentary triangle
WoodyN24 WoodyN24 7:37 pm 07 Feb 09

This is an absolute joke, another example of the ACT government making Canberra a more expensive place to live … Dear Stanhope, Having many parking attendants and lots of paid parking doesnt make Canberra a booming metropolis.

At least use the money to buy some good public transport!

youami youami 6:31 pm 06 Feb 09

I drive to work and pay for the privilege. I agree with #32, driving is a luxury regardless of what everyone thinks. I live in Barton and am amazed that it isn’t pay parking, especially as it is not even in the PT. Also, the dirt-gravel carpark mentioned near Tourism House is one of ‘those’ places that is intended to be commercial space so in effect the carpark is temporary. Oh and if you think the argument about better services and facilities warrants pay parking then think again. I work in Fairbairn and they have always had pay parking and only since the last ACTION timetable has there ever been public transport put there. And only for about 1 year has there ever been a cafe out there. Oh and the issue on policing the parking with the grey ghosts, the ACT Government have made commercial arrangements with people like Canberra Airport and Westfield whereby they police the private property carparks and keep the revenue, so I guess it could apply to NCA property in the PT, for example, if the NCA want the parking policed. I guess it depends who owns the land and who wants a quick buck grab.

caf caf 2:26 pm 06 Feb 09

“Free parking” is actually “Parking paid for by people that don’t drive” (I do drive).

TroyWilliams: I believe popular capitalist thinkers would have it that failing to put a cost on a good leads to its inefficient utilisation. Surely this applies as much to parking spaces as it does to hamburgers?

AG Canberra AG Canberra 2:08 pm 06 Feb 09

In fact that’s not a bad idea p1.

Then maybe the NCA could afford to have the water jet running longer than an hour a day. The thing wasn’t even on on Aust Day! What a joke….

p1 p1 1:20 pm 06 Feb 09

Driving a car is a luxury, not a right or a necessity…
– What socialist claptrap.

To the salt mines with you!

Their failure to do so is proof that what this is really about is getting their greedy little hands on more revenue.

Would be interesting if the NCA put pay parking in the triangle, then kept the revenue for themselves, what the Canberra shire council would say.

Clown Killer Clown Killer 1:13 pm 06 Feb 09

If Stanhope and his useless governmnet were serious about equity, they could very easily make parking in areas outside the Parlimentray Triangle free – stroke of a pen stuff really, and yoy wouldn’t even need to consult with the Commonwealth. Their failure tpo do so is proof that what this is really about is getting their greedy little hands on more revenue.

TroyWilliams TroyWilliams 1:06 pm 06 Feb 09

Driving a car is a luxury, not a right or a necessity…
– What socialist claptrap.

p1 p1 10:16 am 06 Feb 09

Or equally cheap parking at least. If every single parking spot in the ACT attracted say a ten cents per hour rate… and was monitored by trained monkeys via google earth…

Thumper Thumper 10:14 am 06 Feb 09

Equality- free parking everywhere.

makes just as much sense.

AG Canberra AG Canberra 9:51 am 06 Feb 09

If he’s talking about equity – why not introduce on-street pay parking in Fyshwick, Hume and Mitchell?

On parking – where is the strategy Har-useless announced a couple of years ago?

Thumper Thumper 9:26 am 06 Feb 09

Equity? What a load of crap.

Revenue is the word he should have used.

lujabe lujabe 2:12 pm 01 Feb 09

Good, I say.

Driving a car is a luxury, not a right or a necessity (if you think a car is a necessity, you need to harden up and stop being a wus). It’s perfectly fair that we should have to pay for the resources that are provided for our cars (If you think the $500-1000 dollars a year in fuel excise and the few hundred dollars you pay for registration fees justifies the amount of land that is turned over, and infrastructure built and maintained, then you’re living in fairyland). Why should those who don’t drive have to subsidise those who do? Maybe if so many $$$ didn’t go towards subsidising our car habit, the ACT could actually afford to build some decent public transport, like light rail.

And for the record, I have a car and when I drive to work, I pay for parking.

I-filed I-filed 11:17 am 31 Jan 09

Don’t worry – the federal politicians want to keep their key staff happy. More than they care about Canberrans’ thoughts on the issue.

sepi sepi 11:08 am 31 Jan 09

Sheesh! And yet we still have no official Park N Ride spots. EPIC would be a good one for the gungahlinites.

BerraBoy68 BerraBoy68 10:50 am 31 Jan 09

sepi said :

Some people park at Russel and bus up to Civic.

Some other Dept’s even seem to promote this, Sepi. I was walking into Defence one day from the bus-stop and minibus pulled up with a sign saying ‘DEWR Staff only’ on the windscreen. As soon as the mini-bus stopped about 15-20 people came scurrying out of the car park to hop on it. I then watched it drive around the loop road behind R3 and R2 and head back into civic.

sepi sepi 10:42 am 31 Jan 09

One problem is that the free Parlt. Triangle parking at Russel and some of Parkes is suffering from the Civic overflow. Some people park at Russel and bus up to Civic.

ant ant 9:49 am 31 Jan 09

I’d get the parking ticket for driving too slow, for sure! I’m surprised the gov’t hasn’t thought of that one… revenue!

Stanhope’s whinge is just that. He’s after money. They should be building gov’t departments and other workplaces in the places where people live, not loading up Civic and SnowTown with more and more bulidings.

Things are about to start changing in the Parly Triangle though. Work will soon start on building the new Climate Change building on the DFAT carpark. Where those hundreds of cars are going to go is anyone’s guess.

They are going to build a multi-story carpark in front of DFAT (near the moth paddock) but I don’t think they even start work on that until after the current carpark has been taken away.

The multi-story is going to be a commercial operation, so I’m not sure how that fits in with the current policy. Although if you read the official guff about future directions for that area, they state taht they want to encourage people to use public transport.

2604 2604 12:12 am 31 Jan 09

I work in Barton (near the large paved/dirt car park behind the Ottoman) and walk to work every day, so this doesn’t directly affect me. However, you can’t compare Parkes and Barton with Civic, Belco, Woden and Tuggers. Pay parking in these centres provides an incentive for people to car pool or take public transport, and reflects the fact that there are far fewer car spaces than there are people working in these areas. Of course car parking can’t be free – there are nowhere near enough spaces in these areas for every worker to have one. The same isn’t true of Parkes and Barton.

Also, Barton in particular is not well serviced by public transport, while the town centres are interconnected by fast express services and themselves are concentration points for public transport routes.

The real cause of congestion and Canberra’s obsession with the car is poor planning. If the ACT Government released more land zoned for commercial development in Tuggers, Woden, Belco, and (particularly) Gungahlin, and stopped releasing commercial land in Civic ad nauseum, people would be able to work closer to where they live and where their kids went to school, reducing their dependence on private cars for transport.

Incidentally, I wonder how often Jon catches the bus in to work?

bd84 bd84 9:29 pm 30 Jan 09

p1 said :

Watch out, they’ll put point-to-point cameras at all entrances and exits to the parliamentary triangle. If you drive through to fast you will get a speeding ticket, if you take too long, you’ll get a parking ticket….

haha nice one.

Since the ACT Government doesn’t own the carparks, I would expect any money from the parking to go to the Commonwealth as the ACT Government wouldn’t be directly entitled to it?

p1 p1 1:52 pm 30 Jan 09

Watch out, they’ll put point-to-point cameras at all entrances and exits to the parliamentary triangle. If you drive through to fast you will get a speeding ticket, if you take too long, you’ll get a parking ticket….

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