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State of the Riot – October 2008

By johnboy - 4 November 2008 27

[First filed: November 02, 2008 @ 12:14]

Well October just zoomed by.

Here’s our monthly review of where the site’s going and what people are coming here for. No DFO mania but some good pictures of the building collapse attracted a lot of attention.

Key Stats:

Visits: 137,448, up from 131,410
Pageviews: 408,557, up from 378,871
Absolute unique visitors: 53,439, up from 52,621


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A special thanks to our friends in the Canberra media community who appear to be making more of an effort to mention us when sourcing stories from here, although some (you know who are you are) appear to be struggling with giving credit where it’s due.

Fun stuff

So the 20 most read stories on RiotACT in October were:

    1) Building collapse in Civic
    2) Candidates’ websites – October 2008
    3) A customer complaint at The Front
    4) Liveblogging the election
    5) To arms Rioters – Drive the Emos from Garema Place! (unless you are a Garema Place Emo, in which case prepare to repel boarders)
    6) Witchhunts, accusations and open warfare ACT Liberals in chaos
    7) Canberra Marist College on Lateline!
    8) The cold light of morning – Or, where the Liberals went wrong
    9) T-shirt slogans
    10) Meredith Hunter to lead the Greens
    11) ACT Election Candidates – How Low Will They Stoop?
    12) Fire at DFO?
    13) New gay bar for Woden
    14) 23% counted, 49 votes in the final Molonglo seat
    15) ACT Election decided…
    16) Nutter of the Month – Graham Potts
    17) What’s the deal with the burnt out buses near Holy Grail in Civic?
    18) The cockroach pizza of Dominos Dickson
    19) Pedal Power community forum – Some thoughts
    20) Scott Alexander McDougall to plead not guilty to Downer Double murder

And the hundred highest ranked search terms which brought people to RiotACT in July were:

    1) riotact
    2) riot act
    3) the riot act
    4) dfo canberra
    5) riot act canberra
    6) alistair coe
    7) the riotact
    8) graham potts
    9) riotact canberra
    11) the riot act canberra
    12) dfo fyshwick
    13) peter leonard
    14) mark parton
    15) impact records
    16) the riot-act
    18) riot-act
    19) jessica wright
    20) dfo
    21) massage canberra
    22) the-riotact
    23) gershon report
    24) thomas sorahan
    25) hill climb data for cyclists black mountain canberra
    26) act election candidates
    27) norvan vogt
    28) act election
    29) cost of gde
    30) zeirholz riotact
    31) best restaurant in canberra
    32) peter.blakely crying chapel
    33) fast train sydney canberra
    34) kitten and snake comic
    35) menutree canberra
    36) australian motorist party
    37) mike jeffreys
    38) riot act act
    39) haunted canberra
    40) canberra computer fair
    41) andrea tokaji
    42) election polling act
    43) scott 24 hour results
    44) taxi canberra
    45) phillip medical centre
    46) flint restaurant
    47) wanniassa medical centre
    48) fenner hall wiki
    49) mil security receivership
    50) hargreaves gde
    51) canberra cabs
    52) david heidelberg
    53) frank pangallo
    54) philip medical centre
    55) best restaurants in canberra
    56) canberra beer brewing hume
    57) giulia jones deliberately
    58) open day maconochie centre
    59) iv change my mine i dont dislike cops i dislike people that can spell
    60) central cafe gungahlin
    61) building collapse canberra
    62) ginninderra falls
    63) canberra building collapse
    64) cigars canberra
    65) haunted a.c.t
    66) kenja
    67) nyssa76 anissa
    68) what to eat in dickson
    69) “canberra community support”
    70) act computer fairs 2008
    71) smiths gravy chip
    72) flint restaurant act
    73) “the yowie man”
    74) bimberi
    75) good mechanic canberra
    76) jamison markets
    77) overheard quinn
    78) motorcycle parking canberra
    79) i-filed “the riotact”
    80) sons of kyuss canberra
    81) zed bartlett
    82) actafl
    83) canberra underground bunkers
    84) darren churchill
    85) mike+hettinger+election+advertisement
    86) anu singh
    87) can mugga tip take contaminated waste
    88) “flames fitness” riotact
    89) “gungahlin jets”
    90) halloween pumpkins
    91) hindmarsh drive closed news
    92) mee sushi
    93) canberra beats
    94) vote for morgo
    95) dfo canberra floor plan
    96) mark parton idiot
    97) adriano larobina
    98) bootcamp in canberra
    99) canberra weekend jobs
    100) mark parton blog

Also for all the nerds here’s the breakdown on web-browsers used to read us:

    Internet Explorer 57.83%
    Firefox 30.79%
    Safari 7.85%
    Chrome 1.60%
    Opera 1.20%

And operating systems:

    1. Windows – 85.36%
    2. Macintosh – 11.70%
    3. Linux – 1.98%
    4. iPhone – 0.52%
    5. iPod – 0.11%
    6. SymbianOS – 0.11%
    7. SunOS – 0.05%
    8. Danger Hiptop – 0.02%
    9. Playstation 3 – 0.01%

(There were also a few visits from the Nintendo Wii, PalmOS and PSP but too few to make the percentages).


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27 Responses to
State of the Riot – October 2008
johnboy 12:44 pm 03 Nov 08


That was the building collapse.

The link to our pictures got emailed around like topsy.

caf 12:40 pm 03 Nov 08

Any idea for the reason behind that big spike at the start of the last week? (Just election-related?)

It’d be neat to see the contribution of the top couple of stories to the overall traffic numbers in the graph.

taco 11:54 am 03 Nov 08

I’m surprised that the Linux percent isn’t a little higher considering how loud we zealots are

Then again .. probably 75% or more of my browsing is from work (FF on WinXP) so that would lower the stats a bit.

Gungahlin Al 10:30 am 03 Nov 08

On the GCC website, the Firefox usage is generally towards 40%.
Interstingly, Chrome, after a brief spike to around 7%, has plunged back to under 2%. I suspect the kinds of people who like FF dislike the complete lack of ability to tailor Chrome (and that poxy washed out MS Office blue…?).

Be interested to know the RA breakup between IE6 and 7. My dept has just made the switch finally.
[propellor-head-mode /off]

johnboy 10:13 am 03 Nov 08

p1 said :

Ditto. Although I fail to see why a Gov’t department would prefer its inmates to be using IE over Firefox. Surely it would be a bigger security threat?


p1 10:12 am 03 Nov 08

My corporate desktop environment includes Firefox. 🙂

We’re not all pubes you know.

Ditto. Although I fail to see why a Gov’t department would prefer its inmates to be using IE over Firefox. Surely it would be a bigger security threat?

Holden Caulfield 9:18 am 03 Nov 08

My corporate desktop environment includes Firefox. 🙂

We’re not all pubes you know.

nathan 9:06 am 03 Nov 08

It seems that most visits happen during work hours, and don’t know anyone whose corporate desktop environment includes Firefox. I suspect that if you took stats only from weekend visits, the ratio would be more even – possibly even in favour of Firefox.

Holden Caulfield 8:56 am 03 Nov 08

Haha, Pottsy in 8th spot on the search list. That’s great…

Piratemonkey 5:55 am 03 Nov 08

The lack of firefox for somewhere so progressive saddens me 🙁

bubzie 6:20 pm 02 Nov 08

number 59! HA!!

Danman 1:09 pm 02 Nov 08

Seems mystalker is gone, but Nyssa’s remains… Sweet (Well for me at least)

Spam Box 12:37 pm 02 Nov 08

It’s no biggie, I just like graphs 🙂

johnboy 12:32 pm 02 Nov 08

If you email me with why you’re after more detail I can possibly send you the whole report.

Spam Box 12:28 pm 02 Nov 08

Could you make the graph a bit bigger? or perhaps a *click to enlarge* jobby

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