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Storm this afternoon? – Armchair meteorologist verdict

123qwe 14 November 2008 25

The Bureau of Meteorology estimates a 40% chance of rainfall today. Predicts isolated showers and thunderstorms.

Its now 2:30pm, 30 degrees, windy and I think the chances of rain and storms are about 95%.

Get your horses undercover and enjoy the rain!,27574,24650617-29277,00.html


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25 Responses to Storm this afternoon? – Armchair meteorologist verdict
Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 11:25 am 15 Nov 08

ant said :

The 3am storm was a nice surprise, I hear the inner north got it too.

Yes, a touch over 5mm in my rain gauge this morning.

ant ant 9:48 am 15 Nov 08

The 3am storm was a nice surprise, I hear the inner north got it too.

ant ant 11:56 pm 14 Nov 08

I got squat today, after lots of promise.. damn wind. But now there’s a giant monster going to my SW so at least there’s something to look at/listen to.

If you want to see some good lightning pics, head to here:;f=10;t=002579;p=1
and go through to the last few pages as people post their shots. There’s some spectacular lightning action out there.

bubzie bubzie 11:50 pm 14 Nov 08

There’s a real nice storm currently in calwell.

And according to that theory of the time between the lightning, and the thunder, jesus crist it’s close!! (Or primary school failed..)

blingblingbears blingblingbears 9:44 pm 14 Nov 08

geez didnt it POUR down? lol dont believe everything you hear… just take it as it comes!

MWF MWF 8:59 pm 14 Nov 08

I had about 5 spots of rain. Moved my tomato plants out of the storm that never happened.

Because the storm didn’t happen, does this mean that tomorrow’s temps will be higher than previously predicted? Or is other stuff happening to make the temps of tomorrow and next week lower than today?

sunshine sunshine 8:54 pm 14 Nov 08

well…..unless i blinked and missed it , we had NO rain

Felix the Cat Felix the Cat 7:00 pm 14 Nov 08

It rained for about 5 mins at Mitchell at about 4.45pm but the ground was dry again by 5pm.

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 5:54 pm 14 Nov 08

Bel said :

Nothing beats the storms in Brisbane. It is what I miss most…

This post written and authorised by radonezh. 😉

Bel Bel 5:43 pm 14 Nov 08

Nothing beats the storms in Brisbane. It is what I miss most…

Spectra Spectra 5:02 pm 14 Nov 08

I’m reliably informed that Fraser got a bit of a dumping in the last few minutes.

grunge_hippy grunge_hippy 5:00 pm 14 Nov 08

looking very grey down south, but i think it will blow over.

poptop poptop 4:30 pm 14 Nov 08

Look on the national map – there looks to be more where that came from!

tylersmayhem tylersmayhem 4:27 pm 14 Nov 08

Grrr, looking on the BOM radar, it looks like the rain/storm is going to completely avoid us by such a slim margin 🙁

ant ant 4:26 pm 14 Nov 08

The high winds are a bit of a concern, they’ll dilute anything we get, unfortunately. You want a hot, humid, still day for really good storms.

There’s a bunch of stuff festering in from the west north west right now, I’m just a bit concerned at how they appear to be stalling on the western range. Still.

I saw some really good ones form to the east earlier today and head to the coast, and another huge thing formed to the north, and set off for the coast, and I think we’ll see something a bit later. But the wind will skunk us of something more spectacular.

Whatsup Whatsup 4:21 pm 14 Nov 08

Crapola, I am going to an outdoor BBQ tonight.

123qwe 123qwe 4:08 pm 14 Nov 08

Looks like AngryHenry has been struck down by a bolt from above.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 4:06 pm 14 Nov 08

Looking outside, the ants who had previously been doing nothing more than tearing apart a caterpillar have in the last hour all decided to build little preventative dykes around their holes.
Storm seems likely.

123qwe 123qwe 4:04 pm 14 Nov 08

Last loop on weather radar at 3:50pm looks promising. Rain near Gundagai may get here in an hour or so. Nasty storm heading towards Point Perpendicular.

Sammy Sammy 3:54 pm 14 Nov 08

BOM have upped their prediction to 60%

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