Strathgordon Court coming down to make way for 500 units

Ian Bushnell 25 September 2020 31
Strathgordon Court buildings in Lyons

Excavators have started tearing down the Strathgordon Court buildings in Lyons to make way for a major new residential precinct. Photos: Ian Bushnell.

Demolition of the old Strathgordon Court public housing complex in Lyons has begun, with the heavy machinery moving in on Thursday (24 September) to begin clearing the key site for a major new residential precinct.

Developer Phillip Domazet plans to build nearly 500 units across six buildings on the 23,290 square metre site on the corner of Hindmarsh Drive and Melrose Drive, across from the Woden Town Centre.

Mr Domazet’s AJP Projects paid the Suburban Land Agency $16.4 million for the prime site near the intersection of Hindmarsh Drive and Melrose in an over-the-counter sale last May.

Canberra Town Planning is conducting a second round of public consultation for the project, which offers 492 one and two-bedroom units, including 70 set aside for affordable housing as required.

The Strathgordon site

The large site commands a key intersection and is adjacent to the Woden Town Centre.

The apartment buildings range in size from four to 10 storeys: Building A, eight storeys and 54 units; Building B, 10 and 152; Building C, six and 70; Building D, eight and 72; Building E, 10 and 120; and Building F, four and 24.

”The project seeks to establish a high quality and sustainable housing development that stands the test of time,” the website set up for the consultation says.

The plans show connected open space throughout the precinct to allow for a pedestrian realm in and around the development.

The site plan

The site plan for the proposed development. Image: Canberra Town Planning.

Block 1 Section 70 is bordered to the east by Melrose Drive, to the south by Hindmarsh Drive, to the west by Swan Place and Block 51 Section 52 Lyons that forms part of a public open space network, and to the north by Block 2 Section 53 Lyons that contains a medium-density residential development.

Zoned RZ5 High Density residential, the site was marketed as a coveted position next to the Woden Town Centre, which is being transformed by high-rise residential development.

The ACT Government’s commitment to extend light rail to Woden is also feeding development, and the government has announced that a new multi-storey CIT campus and a new public transport interchange will be built as a joint project.

The western side of the Town Centre will also be the focus of more mixed-use residential development, with proposals in the works from Zapari and Doma Group.

Consultation will continue until 1 October, ahead of a development application.

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31 Responses to Strathgordon Court coming down to make way for 500 units
Dwy Jago Dwy Jago 4:57 pm 29 Sep 20

Now where do you look when your car is stolen?

Benjy Murphy Benjy Murphy 2:39 pm 27 Sep 20

Should have been imploded 20 years ago lol

Andrew Burns Andrew Burns 10:44 am 27 Sep 20

Another meth den

Frances Baldwin Frances Baldwin 9:31 am 27 Sep 20

Ghetto..what canberra needs are single level townhouses with gardens, not more apartments. Sell out!

Jason Duarte Jason Duarte 9:19 am 27 Sep 20

Zero population growth and 500 more units...

Robyn Holder Robyn Holder 1:51 am 27 Sep 20

So where is the replacement public housing going up? It is being replaced.

Isn't it?

Keely Langshaw Keely Langshaw 9:41 pm 26 Sep 20

Josh Burns 500 units 😐

George Watling George Watling 9:29 pm 26 Sep 20

Knowing this government and its lack of commitment to building standards I am sure what will replace it will be an eyesore for many decades more.

    Julia Ross Julia Ross 6:32 am 27 Sep 20

    George Watling I feel the same, replacing one slum for another.

Martin Miller Martin Miller 9:22 pm 26 Sep 20

This was site was sold as part of the asset renewal Federal program which paid for Light rail stage 1 . Not for any infrastructure in #Woden which you would think!

    Elroy Jones Elroy Jones 10:57 pm 26 Sep 20

    Martin Miller Woden is getting a STACK of Government attention. Is there anywhere is in Canberra about to cop a new CIT campus, new hospital and LR?

    Martin Miller Martin Miller 2:39 pm 27 Sep 20

    Elroy Jones I welcome the New CIT as I and others have lobbied for it, just wish we could have more of a say on the site location and the design. Lets have a design competition ! This hospital master plan is a joke the site has been under construction for 20 years and its still not finished! Light rail ? How is light rail going to help Woden residents? It will be slower that the current rapid bus , carry less people per hour than articulated buses and the majority of people will have to stand up for the journey! Where's our community centre/arts centre , multipurpose sports hall and indoor aquatic centre?

    Elroy Jones Elroy Jones 10:19 pm 27 Sep 20

    Martin Miller I see LR rejuvenating Woden big time. It’s less about the function of moving people (although handy) more about it being recognise as the second biggest hub in Canberra. I can see Woden humming once it’s up and running

    Martin Miller Martin Miller 10:26 pm 27 Sep 20

    Elroy Jones How? residential was already planned for under Master plan .Other than a few more restaurants and pubs where is the rejuvenation? It's the high quality public spaces and community facilities that are the key.

    Elroy Jones Elroy Jones 10:45 pm 27 Sep 20

    Martin Miller do you think those things just arrive by themselves?

    Martin Miller Martin Miller 10:59 pm 27 Sep 20

    Elroy Jones developers aren't providing it so what's the government doing? Oh light rail will transform the area? Have to say not much has happened in Gunghalin. Still waiting for their cinema!

Helen Dyer Helen Dyer 8:23 pm 26 Sep 20

Jeremy remember this place?

    Jeremy Riley Jeremy Riley 9:57 pm 26 Sep 20

    I do but would be happy to see it get redeveloped. Althoughi have some good memories, they are not of the place but of the people and experiences.

Mat Barber Mat Barber 8:05 pm 26 Sep 20

Finally, it's been an eyesore for decades

Michael Egan Michael Egan 6:04 pm 26 Sep 20

Why knock it down it was z great place

    Gabriel Spacca Gabriel Spacca 6:27 pm 26 Sep 20

    Michael Egan Because this is the ACT. Anything older than 5 seconds must be redeveloped, apparently.

    Karen Gerrard Karen Gerrard 6:39 pm 26 Sep 20

    Michael Egan labour government. Not a lot of choice otherwise.

    Michael Egan Michael Egan 7:38 pm 26 Sep 20

    Clearly none of you people ever went there l Lol

    Colin Vivian Colin Vivian 9:31 pm 26 Sep 20

    Joshua Andrew Morgan land sale Ponzi scheme is only thing that keeps their budget house of cards intact.

    Brendan Wilson Brendan Wilson 10:18 pm 26 Sep 20

    Michael Egan it was not a great place

    Elroy Jones Elroy Jones 10:54 pm 26 Sep 20

    Michael Egan it was a genuine sheet hole

    Robyn Holder Robyn Holder 1:53 am 27 Sep 20

    Old. But should be replaced by new public housing.

    Fabio Fabbo Fabio Fabbo 10:20 am 27 Sep 20

    If it's structurally sound it could be renovated

    Alley Hunter Alley Hunter 8:14 pm 27 Sep 20

    Joshua Andrew Morgan because liberal goverments have a great track record of not selling off public assests 😂😂😂

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