Struggletown Council become apostrophe deniers!

poptop 30 November 2008 15

Queanbeyan City Council is inviting members of the community to suggest names to be added to its Street Naming Register for new streets within the City.

“Our city’s population expected to almost double within the next 30 years,” said Queanbeyan Mayor, Cr Tim Overall. “Council is in the process of planning for significant growth in our urban area. However, the number of names currently on our Street Naming Register is not sufficient to meet this projected demand for new streets and, accordingly, we are inviting members of the public to suggest new names which could be added to the register.”

Anyone interested in making a nomination should do so in writing to the Council and can be either:

    · A specific name or names to be nominated accompanied by a paragraph on the history of the name or names and their significance to the City of Queanbeyan or to a particular area of the City, or
    · A theme for street naming (such as explorers, native animals, gemstones etc) and an outline of why such a theme would be appropriate to the city

“Nominations received will need to meet guidelines set by the NSW Geographical Names Board,” said Cr Overall. “This means that suggested names must not duplicate existing names within a local government area or adjacent local government area; not be similar or could be confused with existing street names; must be appropriate to the physical, historical or cultural character of the area covered; names of living people should not be used; names which are offensive, incongruous or of a commercial entity should be avoided; they should be easy to read, spell and pronounce; long names and double-barrelled names should be avoided; and apostrophe marks will not be included.”

Council will shortly be publicly advertising calling for the nomination of possible street names. The advertisement will set out the criteria which must be considered by those wishing to submit a nomination.

Nominations for names to be added to Queanbeyan City Council’s Street Naming Register must be received by Monday, 22 December 2008.

They should be addressed to –
Street Naming Register Nominations
Queanbeyan City Council
PO Box 90


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15 Responses to Struggletown Council become apostrophe deniers!
qwerky qwerky 4:05 pm 05 Dec 08

What is an ‘apostrophe denier’? Does it mean denizen perhaps?

p1 p1 3:34 pm 01 Dec 08

If lots of people start voting for Street, they might start to suspect something…

Granny Granny 3:01 pm 01 Dec 08

Or Riot Street! *chuckle*

p1 p1 2:56 pm 01 Dec 08

Perhaps we can start a thread on and then all vote for Granny Street?

luther_bendross luther_bendross 2:25 pm 01 Dec 08

Queanbeyan council really are cutting themselves out of the market for hilarious street names… jerks.

I propose a suburb full of streets named with misspellings of Queanbeyan.

astrojax astrojax 1:28 pm 01 Dec 08

err, ‘elected’…

astrojax astrojax 1:27 pm 01 Dec 08

yeah, exactly, like what about if, say, an o’connor was going to be honoured – would it become oconnor? but that isn’t the honouree’s name!

sheesh, what is it about apostoph’es and othe-r punctuati?on that i;s s”o hard’? you’d hope elcted officials would have a modicum of grammar?

(incidently, my old man grew up in a sydney suburban street which had a sign at one end proclaiming it to be d’arcy ave; at the other it was darcy ave… still a good source of a laugh for our family when apostrophes pop up)

Granny Granny 1:26 pm 01 Dec 08

What about good worthys such as myself, who deserve a street named in their honour, but have the sad misfortune of a double-barrelled surname? What then, huh?

; )

miz miz 1:18 pm 01 Dec 08

Apostrophe exclusion is illogical. The whole point of punctuation is to clarify. Leaving out apostrophes means ‘Batemans Bay’, Frenchs Forest’, ‘Princes Highway’ don’t make sense and confuse people.

(or is it ‘Prince’s Highway’? some even think it’s Princess Highway whch is just silly!)

And it must p!ss off the Irish.

Aurelius Aurelius 1:18 pm 01 Dec 08

No double-barrel names? Excellent. It will ensure they don’t fall into the stupidity that some areas of Canberra have become.

p1 p1 9:06 am 01 Dec 08

Shelbyvile Street. Because Queanbeyan is the Shelbyville to Canberra’s Springfield, and people there like to marry their cousins.

BerraBoy68 BerraBoy68 7:48 am 01 Dec 08

Paul Lyons Place (for a dead end street or even a public toilet)?

patrick_keogh patrick_keogh 7:32 am 01 Dec 08

Can they please add Bogan Street, Bogan Place, Bogan Lane, Bogan Circuit and Bogan Drive?

That way the street sign from Bogan Place in Kaleen might get nicked less frequently by … err … bogans.

ant ant 1:49 am 01 Dec 08

They may not have apostrophes, but they have ALL the chicken schnitzels.

Granny Granny 11:30 pm 30 Nov 08

What about Jackey Jackey St?

Now that’s a lovely name with good social comment and local relevance!


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