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Superb Parrots invade Belconnen

By Xanthomyza - 19 January 2006 22

A beautiful species of parrot called the Superb Parrot has ventured into Belconnen in numbers this summer.

The species breeds in woodlands on the south-west slopes and comes as far south as the Wallaroo Rd area north of Hall. It’s a threatened species (vulnerable in NSW and ACT).

Every December and January, after the young have fledged, small groups (up to about 30) of Superb Parrots come into the Mt Rogers area (Flynn and Fraser in north Belconnen) to feed on grass seeds.

This year there are loads of the birds much further in town. Last week there were 100+ in Macquarie. This week there are many birds around the Belconnen markets and between the DIMIA building and the Belconnen mall. There are lots of young birds being fed by parents.

Here is a link to some photos of Superb Parrots, on the Canberra Ornithologists Groups photo gallery website.

Keep your eye out for these spectacular birds. They migrate north at the end of January.


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22 Responses to
Superb Parrots invade Belconnen
Maelinar 3:26 pm 20 Jan 06


Spitfire3 2:22 pm 20 Jan 06


Spitfire3 2:20 pm 20 Jan 06

You can say that again ;P

Spitfire3 2:18 pm 20 Jan 06

You can say that again ;P

Indi 1:20 pm 20 Jan 06

I never realised there were so many birdwatchers on this site…fascinating!

Indi 1:19 pm 20 Jan 06

I never realised with had so many birdwatchers on this site…fascinating!

RandomGit 10:48 am 20 Jan 06

Try getting a flock of assorted galas and Cockatoos having a screeching contest at 5:30.

Jazz 9:53 am 20 Jan 06

there is a damn bird pecking at its reflection on my bedroom window at the moment. wouldn’t be so annoying if it weren’t at about 5.30 – 6am every morning.

RandomGit 8:14 am 20 Jan 06

I’ve seen them about before but never in numbers. The wife and I have picked up our evening stroll around Mount Rogers school again but don’t see them around the 6:30 to 7 time. I guess they are roosting or feeding the chicks at that time.

Snarky 8:48 pm 19 Jan 06

Thanks for the pic link, X – there’s some great shots in there!

Spitfire3 5:16 pm 19 Jan 06

From our balcony in Melba my partner and I have a nice view over treetops and rooftops, and so we get a great view of the local birdlife. It’s absolutely brilliant, we love it. We see a few eastern and crimson rosellas and king parrots, a lot of galahs and cockatoos, and sometimes the smaller green parrots which neither of us can pick the breed of. Maybe some of them are Superb Parrots.

Absent Diane 5:12 pm 19 Jan 06

Allegedly the Japanese Raven is amongst the smartest birds if not the smartest animals on EARTH….
However Parrots make good eating for us in wintertime post coat growing..

Xanthomyza 4:04 pm 19 Jan 06

The Superb Parrot manages to hang on in the woodlands north from Hall, particularly west of Murrumbateman. I don’t think they were impacted by the fires.

Certainly other things were impacted by the fires. Yellow-tailed Black-cockatoos were all over the suburbs after the fires cos their favourite pine forests burnt down.

Ravens think the golf balls are eggs. They cache food; someone found a whole stash of golf balls in a tree hollow, stashed there by a raven.


bonfire 3:42 pm 19 Jan 06

i think this is another example of bushfire induced migration.

plenty of currawongs have appeared in belco since the fires. which takes a toll on other natives. i wonder how the superb parrot has managed to thrive ?

my fave is a crow in belco that has a golfball he flys around with and hides in tanbark. its an actual golf ball and hes been seen with it several times over a few years.

che 2:55 pm 19 Jan 06

like the Magnificant Frigate and the Great Frigate I’m guessing the Superb Parrot got to name themselves

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