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By sunshine - 28 March 2009 31

Have finally decided to get my first tattoo.

Can anyone recommend a good tattooist?

I heard the guys in Queanbeyan are the best around, but just thought i’d throw the question out there to the wise people of RiotACT.

[ED – We’ve been here before, but times change, so let’s go again.]

What’s Your opinion?

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31 Responses to
willo 1:29 am 29 Mar 09

chris cashmore at north lyneham is canberra’s best… not go to qbyn…all clowns

Psygorian 9:33 pm 28 Mar 09

I heard of a guy that was in Canberra years ago that did some nice work. Casper of Spirit Body Graphics. Rumours are he is back but only working on a select clientel. If you can find him it will be worth the hunt. He is not in it for the money which is refreshing and is a real tattoo ARTIST. He worked overseas in the states for a while but now is living Northside. Ask around, he cant be that hard to find.

Muttsybignuts 7:57 pm 28 Mar 09

Dave at Xtreme in QBN is a top bloke and a great tattooer. I went looking for a big arm piece a few years a go and found Biro in Fyshwick helpful enough but a little bit expensive. I got the same tattoo done by Dave at xtreme a lot cheaper ( Biros price $2000. Dave’price $900. Same tattoo)
Tattoo Power is apparently the best by far. Chris cashmore is very well known in tattoo circles and every piece I have seen by any of the artists there is top notch. Expect to wait a couple of months though. They are always booked out.
There was a young bloke at QBN a few years ago, Rush I think his name was, who moved to Freestyle in the city (owned by the same bikie group. His work looked great to although I’m not sure if he is still there.
Actually, Ive also seen good work from tuggeranong. They are former tattoo power workers and appear to do good tats.

farnarkler 6:07 pm 28 Mar 09

vg that’s close to John Laws. He said he was going to get a full body tattoo only better looking.

sunshine 5:29 pm 28 Mar 09

thanks for all the suggestions guys……..not sure about yours thou vg.

vg 5:16 pm 28 Mar 09

Get a full body tattoo of yourself……only bigger

bloodnut 3:20 pm 28 Mar 09

depends what you want done…

if you want something small and simple, it wont matter who does it.

remember its the tattooer – not the studio that you want.

it’s like buying a house – go see at least 10 artists before you make up your mind. These days you can do this by email. in this technological age you should even consider doing the design process online and then catching a plane out of town to have it done.

if there’s a waiting list thats a good thing – you shouldn’t be in a hurry anyway given it’s there forever.

Given that you posted here you must be relatively serious, so here are ten studios and relevant artists that i would let stain my body. best in and around canberra (cant guarantee currency of my list)

the list below covers the gamut from old and new school japanese, traditional and photorealism. no tribal included though because its kinda ugly.

freestyle (can) – chris
northside (can) – chris
tatudharma (syd) – josh or clarity
inner vision (syd) – Cliffe
Les Rice (syd – archibald prize winner…) – does work from home
steel lotus (syd) – dean
tattoo magic (mel) – geordie or owen
dynamic tattoo (mel) – sarah – dont think trevor tattoos anymore
Gold Coast Tattoo – Phil Braniff
West side tattoo (bris) – matt cunnington

realityskin 2:18 pm 28 Mar 09

Bondi Ink

vg 12:31 pm 28 Mar 09

Tattoo Power (I think its now called) in North Lyneham does high quality work. Illustrated Man is also very good but if you want to stay here Lyneham is the place to go

Danman 12:29 pm 28 Mar 09

Extreme Tattoo in Quangers or Forever Art Tattoo in Fyshwick .

Both highly recommended

The_Truth 12:13 pm 28 Mar 09

I’ve had two done in Canberra and had no issues at all. The first was done at Lyneham by a guy called Lugh. Not sure if he’s there anymore but did an awesome job i my back. Lyneham is very blokie tho so if you’re female I’d go in and check the vibe first.The second I got a few weeks ago from a guy called Luke at Freesytle in the city. It was quite a complex design and it came out really well. Freestyle has a lot more relaxed atmos with private rooms for each tat. I’ve heard bad stories too but if u go in and check the place first u should get a reasonable vibe.

R. Slicker 11:53 am 28 Mar 09

I wouldn’t trust anybody in Canberra – I’ve heard some bad reports (see previous threads on this subject). I had mine done at The Illustrated Man in Elizabeth St, Sydney (just across from Central Railway). This place has a top reputation and is the tattoist of choice for all the visiting celebs and other notabelia.

grunge_hippy 11:42 am 28 Mar 09

just remember to wear a flak jacket if you go to the tattoo show…

i had one of mine done in qbn, dont know his name. young guy. it’s ok, but it wasnt exactly rocket science the design i had. all he had to do was fill in the lines.

BerraBoy68 11:19 am 28 Mar 09

I know folks that head down to Ulladulla from here to get their tatt’s. The bloke there is meant to be very good.

realityskin 10:48 am 28 Mar 09

err head out to the tattoo show today

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