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sunshine 28 March 2009 31

Have finally decided to get my first tattoo.

Can anyone recommend a good tattooist?

I heard the guys in Queanbeyan are the best around, but just thought i’d throw the question out there to the wise people of RiotACT.

[ED – We’ve been here before, but times change, so let’s go again.]

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31 Responses to tattoos
zllauh zllauh 12:31 am 30 Mar 15

Queanbeyan guys are the best.
go get it done from there (Y)

RikkiChickie RikkiChickie 11:12 pm 11 Aug 10

I recommend Cactus at Tattoo Power in North Lyneham it is a very comforting community there, I got introduced there by a mate of mine and the person i am a small shy girl, as i first got there it was like everyone was opening there arms and making me feel comfortable around them. I’ve just started getting a tattoo sleeve of Alice in Wonderland the new Tim Burton film and the work that Cactus has done so far looks exactly like it is in the movie, The colours are perfect and his lining is perfect 😀 I wouldn’t recommend anyone else cause I’ve had tattoo’s done around Canberra and none is as good as what Cactus has done 😀

Mr.Barugl Mr.Barugl 7:13 pm 11 Aug 10

I have had many hours of tattoo done by Cactus,with many more to come.His approach and professionalism is second to none…….the comment that Tattoo Power is a blokie place,is a load of crap,everybody is made to feel very welcome there,it is a fun friendly atmosphere,if it wasn’t,I wouldn’t take my 12 yr old son there.
I would recommend him to anyone.

annabel_ annabel_ 2:36 pm 11 Aug 10

I had my first tattoo (and only tattoo at the moment) done by adam cook at tattoo power in lynham,and my honest oppinion is, I found him to be nothing but mature friendly and he made it clear to me that he knew not only what to do but made is so i was completely happy with the design he did.

The comment above solely targeted at Adam Cook is bordering on slander and is a pretty cruel thing to say about someone who is one of the best tattoo artist’s in the business.

The Basement The Basement 2:22 pm 11 Aug 10

Adam from Tattoo Power did this on me, it looks quite tasty

Helen Helen 2:15 pm 19 Feb 10

I had a tattoo done about a year ago by Lynda at North Lyneham and it’s turned out great. Although I was a bit intimidated when I walked in to make the appointment, she was lovely and very friendly and I felt comfortable pretty quickly. My piece probably wasn’t very difficult, but she also did a fantastic job of fixing up an old tattoo on my partner’s arm.

I’ve also been told by someone in the health inspecting business that they’re the cleanest shop around.

motleychick motleychick 2:00 pm 19 Feb 10

Don’t go to Queanbeyan. I’d recommend the boys in Lyneham or Tuggers, or if you’re up for the trip, the best place I’ve been to is Mischief Moon in Darlinghurst. They are brilliant.

PBO PBO 12:41 pm 19 Feb 10

Bring back Ex!

Jim Jones Jim Jones 11:59 am 19 Feb 10

colourful sydney racing identity said :

Do not go to Biro in Fyshwick, I have seens ome of his work and it is crap.

I got my first tattoo done by Biro many many years ago when he was in Civic. Still looks good (although it is a very simple design).

But yeah, “every tattooist is one persons hero and another persons nightmare.” Each tattooist has a style or styles in which s/he is comfortable in, so best to look for the tatooist that’s most appropriate for what you’re after.

Danman Danman 11:06 am 19 Feb 10

Dredging up an old piece, and in defence of North Lyneham tattoo, I just had a piece done there.

It was a full lower calf “St Michael” – Chris done it, and though I am not covered in tattoo’s I have a few and know what makes for good ink and value.

Chris’s consultation on my custom piece was top notch, his price was reasonable, and on completion of the job, which I was extremely happy with, he knocked 50 bucks off the price because it took less time than he expected.

Expect to wait about a month for your tattoo – which is a good thing – A busy studio means a good reputation.

His demeanour whilst inking me was nothing less than friendly, loving to have a chat between buzzing and dipping and was very friendly.

Further to that, they have a 4 week “service” where they check the healed tattoo and make any touch ups free of charge.

On top of that, I saw nor heard none of this blokey attitude that other posters have spoken of, and saw many clients come and go whilst I was there and they were treated as anyone in retail wanting a sale would treat a potential client.

I would have no hesitation to go see Chris again, and would point anyone who wants quality work cleanliness and professionalism in his direction.

Oh and I in no way will recieve any kind of freebie or services for my endorsement, just a happy customer spreading the word.

colourful sydney racing identity colourful sydney racing identity 4:23 pm 30 Mar 09

My brother’s first tat was done by a guy with the name of Shakey Bill who used to work in St Kilda, talk about inspiring confidnece

peterh peterh 4:16 pm 30 Mar 09

jakez said :

This is what I find most frustrating about shopping around for a tattooist. Every tattooist is one persons hero and another persons nightmare.

depends on the person getting the tatt. I have a mate who has a sulfur crested cockatoo across his shoulders – got it done at the the local tatt place in adelaide, and he won’t go anywhere else…

we all think they guy he goes to is a bit of a dodge, but he always swears by him…

jakez jakez 3:55 pm 30 Mar 09

This is what I find most frustrating about shopping around for a tattooist. Every tattooist is one persons hero and another persons nightmare.

colourful sydney racing identity colourful sydney racing identity 3:48 pm 30 Mar 09

Do not go to Biro in Fyshwick, I have seens ome of his work and it is crap.

Mish_Mash Mish_Mash 8:53 pm 29 Mar 09

For the sweet love of jesus, do not go to Adam Cook at Tattoo Power in Lyneham. The guy is a arrogant prick and his works sucks some major cahonies. In fact i just shelled out $200 to get something he did corrected. Which was simple black design that i already had and he just had to fill. Pretty basic and he screwed it up good. Twice. I went back to him for corrections before giving up.

If however you do decide on Lyneham, Chris is good. I have a tatt by him that turned out beautifully. Also, ive never felt intimadated because im a chick going into lyneham but i have heard of others getting some nasty comments so, go by your instincts. It’s your money and your body so don’t be intimidated.

Ive also seen some top notch work done by the boys in tuggeranong and heard good things about Rush @ freestyle.

But basically shop around, go and speak to the artist and pick somewhere you feel comfortable. Most shops and artists have some of their portfolio online these days, check out some of their work.

SadMushroom SadMushroom 5:25 pm 29 Mar 09

The young people in Queanbeyan use Tattoo Xtreme, but the older ones with tatts don’t.
I been in there and looked and the service was terrible. (well non-existant)
I looked through books for an hour (of others tatts) and wasn’t asked if I needed help or anything.
All the pics were of others tatts and I had no idea what they were capable of…

I was going to get my son a tatt but with no service and no help I just left…

willo willo 1:29 am 29 Mar 09

chris cashmore at north lyneham is canberra’s best… not go to qbyn…all clowns

Psygorian Psygorian 9:33 pm 28 Mar 09

I heard of a guy that was in Canberra years ago that did some nice work. Casper of Spirit Body Graphics. Rumours are he is back but only working on a select clientel. If you can find him it will be worth the hunt. He is not in it for the money which is refreshing and is a real tattoo ARTIST. He worked overseas in the states for a while but now is living Northside. Ask around, he cant be that hard to find.

Muttsybignuts Muttsybignuts 7:57 pm 28 Mar 09

Dave at Xtreme in QBN is a top bloke and a great tattooer. I went looking for a big arm piece a few years a go and found Biro in Fyshwick helpful enough but a little bit expensive. I got the same tattoo done by Dave at xtreme a lot cheaper ( Biros price $2000. Dave’price $900. Same tattoo)
Tattoo Power is apparently the best by far. Chris cashmore is very well known in tattoo circles and every piece I have seen by any of the artists there is top notch. Expect to wait a couple of months though. They are always booked out.
There was a young bloke at QBN a few years ago, Rush I think his name was, who moved to Freestyle in the city (owned by the same bikie group. His work looked great to although I’m not sure if he is still there.
Actually, Ive also seen good work from tuggeranong. They are former tattoo power workers and appear to do good tats.

farnarkler farnarkler 6:07 pm 28 Mar 09

vg that’s close to John Laws. He said he was going to get a full body tattoo only better looking.

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