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The Chief stamps his tiny feet at speeding drivers

By johnboy - 12 December 2008 53

Jon Stanhope (who we hear now goes by the name of “The Chief” in Assembly-land) has put out a media release pleading with the lead foots to ease up. The camera’s aren’t reducing speeding rates then sir?

    Transport Minister Jon Stanhope has pleaded with Canberrans to slow down on the roads, after road safety cameras detected 10 vehicles travelling at more than 45km/h above the speed limit in November.

    The highest speed recorded was 242km/h in a 100km/h zone on the Tuggeranong Parkway. Three vehicles were detected travelling at more than 200km/h, including one travelling at 206km/h in an 80km/h zone.

    Twenty-one cars were detected travelling with no number plates or incorrect plates.

    “As we arrive at the period of the year that is the worst for road trauma, it is absolutely crucial that each of us resolves to keep to the speed limit this festive season,” Mr Stanhope said.

Lead footed readers should note they’re the subject of the now legendary “angry voice” with your behaviour now marked as “totally unacceptable” by the chiefly one.

What’s Your opinion?

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53 Responses to
The Chief stamps his tiny feet at speeding drivers
harvyk1 9:44 am 12 Dec 08

Yeah, but at 242km, even if you see a police speed trap ahead, even with excellent brakes, and an excellent reaction time, your still going to get pinged at very illegal speeds, plus coppers tend to notice when your passing 100km/h traffic as if it wasn’t moving, even without a radar gun.

caf 9:36 am 12 Dec 08

Oh, and The Chief?

AG Canberra 9:34 am 12 Dec 08

Yes 242 kmh is totally unacceptable – but when was the last time anyone saw a police car actually running a speed trap on the Parkway?

EVERYONE slows down when they see a police car – clearly most but not all of us slow down for a speed camera. The logic is simple….

harvyk1 9:28 am 12 Dec 08

Maybe mandatory microchipping for everyone who has been caught driving 45km and over which dials the coppers if it detects you speeding again might work.

Hey, just a thought.

caf 9:23 am 12 Dec 08

I’ve got to agree that 242km/h on the Tuggeranong Parkway is “totally unacceptable”.

trevar 9:22 am 12 Dec 08

I always thought they should just shoot speeding drivers. They drive much slower when they’re dead: have you ever seen a speeding hearse? I mean, seriously, who needs to speed? Criminals. That’s all. No one else has any reason to, and we don’t need criminals, so why protect them? Just shoot them and be done with it.

shanefos 9:21 am 12 Dec 08

Yes, people say that they know speeding is bad, but you can bet that they’re the same people that think travelling ten or fifteen k’s over the limit is perfectly harmless.
More cameras will mean that the vast majority of drivers will start viewing the speed limit as just that, the legal limit, rather than just a figure to add ten or fifteen k’s to. Eastlink in Melbourne, which has speed cameras at every toll point is what I’d like to see used as the yardstick for every arterial road in the ACT.
I do agree that more police are needed, but, as the Transport Minister, surely that problem doesn’t fall under the Transport umbrella.

p1 9:20 am 12 Dec 08

What I think that they need is little radio controlled helicopters with speed cameras mounted on them that fly around the city booking people. so that you never know where or when they might get you. Of course, we will all have to paint out rego number on the roof of the car in big letters, but that is a small price to pay for public happiness.

H1NG0 9:09 am 12 Dec 08

H1NG0 said :

Give it a rest shanefos, we all no speeding is “bad”

OMFG, did I just write no instead of know? Its too early for me still.

H1NG0 9:08 am 12 Dec 08

Give it a rest shanefos, we all no speeding is “bad”, but a message like this is hardly productive. How about putting some more cops on patrol? The problem is that the government has always viewed these cameras as a replacement for patrolling police vehicles. Its a joke. You know what their solution will be in the future? Yep, installing more cameras.

shanefos 9:03 am 12 Dec 08

So, he’s not meant to comment on an issue that affects his electorate?

trevar 8:55 am 12 Dec 08

When I first heard an MLA refer to Little Jonny as “The Chief” I almost cracked up, but she was in the middle of complimenting me so I had to be very polite and smile.

Of course, now that my Chieftain has pointed out the folly of my reckless driving, I am going to be a good little boy.

frontrow 8:54 am 12 Dec 08

Missed the point shanefos. If the threat of a four figure fine and instant loss of licence amongst other potential penalties aren’t sufficient, what kind of thinking will suggest that a few stern words from the chief will tip the balance?

johnboy 8:51 am 12 Dec 08

Speeding’s already illegal.

The question is what’s being done about it and is it working?

Personally since the speed cameras came in my risk assessment makes it a worthless activity to me.

But obviously not all Canberrans agree or we wouldn’t have this media release.

shanefos 8:47 am 12 Dec 08

So speeding is okay with you then, Johnboy? I know this debate has been done to death on numerous occasions on RA before, but if speed cameras aren’t working, then what (realistic) alternative short-term deterrents do you suggest?

I’m sorry, but I’m with Sonic on this one. 45km/h over the speed limit is totally unacceptable in my books. But then again, I’m not cool, am I?

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