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The customer is always wrong, computer bag blues

By ThatUniStudent - 28 October 2011 43

I have just had a less than satisfactory customer service experience relating to0 booking in a computer for repairs. I brought a brand new computer at the start of the year which within the first two weeks had the backspace key break. I took it back to the retailer and after dramas I ended getting it back about a month later. Then three weeks ago the hard drive died so I took it back to the retailer again.

Last time the staff had stated that the fault could be be considered to be hardware abuse (Their way of suggesting I’d hit the thing) so I decided to show that I took good care of the computer by taking it in to the store in the thin fabric bag that the computer came in. So I sat down with the staff member, explained the issue, checked it in with the power supply and white flimsy bag and went off home. Much to my joy I got a call about a week and a half later and picked up the computer and power supply, minus the white cloth flimsy bag. I asked about that and was told they’d get back to me about it.

So after not hearing anything for a week and a half I visited the store on my way to uni this morning and asked to see the manager. She advised me that someone should have called me, and that they had no record of the cover being checked in. I advised that it had been checked in, and she said well she would check the CCTV and that she insisted that I hadn’t checked it in.

Now I don’t have the world’s best memory, but I remember clearly bringing in that flimsy bag and I remember clearly the staff member taking the computer to the cash registerds with it sitting on that flimsy bag before I left the store without that flimsy bag.

In speaking to the store manager over the phone afterwards I advised them that I’d like to see the CCTV footage she did say that she was hardly going to make up that they didn’t have, and never had the flimsy bag considering its value. I can understand that point of view. Who would want to argue over something so trivial? I mean I don’t. But at the same time, I don’t appreciate staff stating that I am wrong and that I never handed in something that I know that I did. She did offer to give me a replacement bag, which I decided to decline until after I had seen the CCTV footage and proven that I was not mistaken, and that I really had checked in the original flimsy bag and that an apology be issued. I encouraged her to check the CCTV footage for herself.

It all seems a lot to do about nothing. But it is about the principle of the matter. I know what happened and what I did. I also know that the staff member that took possession of the bag later incorrectly stated that he hadn’t, saying he had no recollection of it. People make mistakes, and I’m happy to accept that he has. Though personally I think it is a case of a staff member covering his rear end and a manager sticking by their staff (which I guess is a good thing to a point) To get a wall of denial though is really unpleasant, and an apology should be forth coming when the manager examines the CCTV for herself.

What’s Your opinion?

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43 Responses to
The customer is always wrong, computer bag blues
Henry82 12:26 pm 28 Oct 11 , try it

neanderthalsis 12:17 pm 28 Oct 11

Like you said Unikid, you could get a much better one for a few bucks, so is it really worth the heartache? In fact, if you want one, have one of mine, they were the conference goodies bag filler of choice for a while, so I have a small mountain of them.

poetix 11:50 am 28 Oct 11

I can see how annoying this is, but I think it’s probably best just to let it go, or you will end up spending too much time chasing it up, and worrying. I speak as an expert worrier myself! At least the computer is working now.

Classified 11:45 am 28 Oct 11

This isn’t referring to the white packaging bag that the computer comes in, is it? Surely not!

maniac 11:40 am 28 Oct 11

First world problems.

pptvb 11:31 am 28 Oct 11

It all seems a lot to do about nothing.


Sammy 9:51 am 28 Oct 11

The bag you took it in is trash. They did you a favour by throwing away your trash for you.

shadow boxer 9:46 am 28 Oct 11

We are getting really high hard drive failure rates in our work fleet at the moment.

If you want to keep your computer for a while (and can afford to pay a bit more) look for a solid state drive.

thatsnotme 9:43 am 28 Oct 11

This is really akin to taking it into the store in a plastic grocery bag, and then complaining that they didn’t give you the bag back. How much of your own and other people’s time have you wasted on this pointless exercise?

Sure, it’s the ‘principle of the matter’. If I were the manager of that store, I’d be ignoring you out of principle. Biggest mountain out of a mole hill I’ve seen in a very long time…

krats 9:41 am 28 Oct 11

Its Gone…Moove On There Will Be Others

arb 9:37 am 28 Oct 11

Eppo said :

Dude, those white bags which come with new laptops are just packaging. Whoever fixed it probably just threw it in the bin.

Don’t you have more important things to worry about?


Additionally, if that’s all you have been keeping it in, that is not what I would consider “taking good care of it”. Buy a proper laptop bag/satchel/case/cover and get over it.

cubicle01 9:32 am 28 Oct 11

I’d forgotten how much time I must have had on my hands as an undergrad.

Jivrashia 9:31 am 28 Oct 11

You’re a uni student, you’re not worth the breathe to explain things to and be polite to…
Oooh, looky here, a middle-aged gentleman in suit and tie. I’m sure he’s loaded.
Now get out of my way poor uni student.

That was pretty much the treatment of all shop assistants in ANY computer store/department (regardless of country) that I received as a uni student.

Now that I’m in my middle-age they can’t get enough of me…

It makes sense. Go after the prey…err customer… that yields the highest return. To them you’re too scrawny to afford a chase.

Eppo 9:21 am 28 Oct 11

Dude, those white bags which come with new laptops are just packaging. Whoever fixed it probably just threw it in the bin.

Don’t you have more important things to worry about?

arb 9:14 am 28 Oct 11


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