The lakeside kiosks

johnboy 10 April 2007 21

Our other local Government, the National Capital Authority, has released plans for two kiosks near Commonwealth Place to be leased out for someone to sell something.

The kiosk buildings will allow for food and beverage sales, although the flexible design could accommodate a range or combination of uses depending on demand. Uses might include souvenirs and crafts, bicycle and/or roller blade hire, deck chair hire, or ticketing and information for lake based activities.

The kiosk buildings (including canopy) are approximately 80 square metres.

The kiosk design draws its design character from the adjacent Commonwealth Place. The open area beneath the canopy is the same height as the clear glass sections of Commonwealth Place. The kiosks will be clad in vertical timber boards. The boards will be of a similar scale and proportion to the ‘U-glass’ walls of Commonwealth Place. In time the boards will turn grey and provide a visual connection between the Commonwealth Place jetties and Commonwealth Place.

So much for form following function! If they build it something will come!

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21 Responses to The lakeside kiosks
Dacquiri Dacquiri 11:28 pm 11 Jan 08

Design aside, was anyone else stunned at the $1.8 price tag (of our money) for these 2 things? Gold sinks, maybe? My husband is a builder and says that you could easily build 3 very spacious houses for that.

Garran Garran 1:20 pm 23 Jun 07

These structures are truly ABYSMAL. At the very least, they could have reflected the Commonwealth Place buildings by attempting to achieve that sense of physical lightness or that dynamic sweep across the area. Sheer bulky masses, top-heavy and ungainly, without any references to the glass walls or colouration…. Yuck. Utterly disgusting. Shame on you NCA for approving this design – they completely detract from the very promising concepts you started out with.

James-T-Kirk James-T-Kirk 12:58 pm 11 Apr 07


We could use them to sell the videos we can only purchase in Fyshwick.

Now, that will raise a few eyebrows.

edlang edlang 10:35 am 11 Apr 07

modern brutalism is fine and can look good, such as the high court

Comment by LlamaFrog — 10 April, 2007 @ 1:36 pm

Quoted for truth.

I actually don’t think the grey wood will be that great an issue — it’d be far better than the gaudy colours of the NMA…

emd emd 9:18 pm 10 Apr 07

I also like the portable van thing. Those kiosks look ugly, and I bet there will be all kinds of rules from the NCA on how the food vendors can do signage, place chairs & tables etc.

But I do agree that more could be done to encourage people to congregate around the waterfront area.

gaelhope gaelhope 7:16 pm 10 Apr 07

what a fugly design. How about carts and trailers that come and go with the custom?

futto futto 6:42 pm 10 Apr 07

The shape of them will be good if any director wants to use the canberra lake for a D-DAY landing scene.

Less special effects will be required.

cranky cranky 5:28 pm 10 Apr 07

Is that Aidan B just to the right of the tree?

kimba kimba 4:10 pm 10 Apr 07

Good idea

Maelinar Maelinar 4:10 pm 10 Apr 07

If Southside gets bunkers, I propose that Northside should get bunkers as well, in order to defend against invasion from the South.

Danman Danman 4:01 pm 10 Apr 07

Make it from concrete and mount it on hydraulic arms so it can retract into the ground after hours – thus negating any vandalism issues.

bonfire bonfire 2:33 pm 10 Apr 07

if it actually was concrete, i reckon they would look ok – but i think ive seen that design before, i think the same design is on omaha beach in normandy…

LlamaFrog LlamaFrog 1:36 pm 10 Apr 07

modern brutalism is fine and can look good, such as the high court, but made out of timber it is not the best look going.

JD114 JD114 1:26 pm 10 Apr 07

The current caravan is a great option, there when the demand is there, gone after hours. Can’t see any real reason to mess it up with what will become another dingy looking eyesore, tagged with grafitti and collecting autumn leaves and spiderwebs.

bonfire bonfire 12:03 pm 10 Apr 07

no doubt some vandal will tag them.

caf caf 11:55 am 10 Apr 07

There’s usually a hawker van down there selling coffees and snacks.

Ralph Ralph 11:47 am 10 Apr 07

“In time the boards will turn grey…” UGLY!!

Like fence palings.

seepi seepi 11:39 am 10 Apr 07

It looks like concrete in the piccie.

I like the idea of being able to buy a drink etc down there. Of course they tried this already once before, built a space, and noone would run it as a cafe, so they gave it to the portrait gallery.

VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt 11:37 am 10 Apr 07

Be better off making them a bit smaller, and portable. Then they can be rented short term by businesses and placed in a range of approved spots. Would suit the seasons much better than more ugly Canberra buildings.

Unbeliever Unbeliever 11:29 am 10 Apr 07

These kiosk designs are indeed ugly. Vertical timber board clading – have we slipped into the 70s?

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