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The messiest house in Canberra?

By johnboy - 3 September 2008 56

Over on YouTube one “amfbelco” has posted a Canberra tagged video of a house that almost defies belief.

Here’s the accompanying text:

    “What you’re about to see may shock you, you might think you have a messy house, but I can assure you; you are seriously mistaken.

    This house is just around the corner, it’s clean on the outside and a cleaner’s hell on inside. But worst of all there is a cat involved.”

Anyone have any ideas where this temple to slovenliness could be? I know it’s made me feel better about my housekeeping.

And hats-off to that collection of goon-bags!

What’s Your opinion?

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56 Responses to
The messiest house in Canberra?
I-filed 6:43 pm 03 Sep 08

So what was the filmer doing in there? I hope no-one takes advantage of this mentally ill person.

rosie_bubz 6:32 pm 03 Sep 08

oh god, dont look in the toilet

being a clean freak that video is really hard for me to watch..

they have quite a collecton of electronics there,

Pandy 6:23 pm 03 Sep 08

Do people like this deserve to breath our air?

johnboy 6:06 pm 03 Sep 08

CHW said :

…um…. Goon-Bag?

The silver bladder, encased in cardboard, that cheap wine comes in.

Timberwolf65 5:45 pm 03 Sep 08

Jesus, I too feel very clean right now, those poor cats having to live in that mess, I just don’t know how someone can live in that state.
I wonder what the go is with the 3 t.v’s in the same room?
I wonder where this house is and how the filmmaker got the footage?
Absolutely disgusting.

Hercsie 5:43 pm 03 Sep 08

I remember seeing a house in Ainslie that had been occupied by a hoarder – floor to ceiling piles of newspapers and magazines, tiny channels you could just fit in to walk through – the contents of the lounge room filled 38 trash packs. Everything else was cemented together with mouse excrement. Although from the outside you would never have known what was inside the house.

Davo111 5:17 pm 03 Sep 08

scootergal said :

By the looks of it, this person most probably has a mental health issue that involves the hoarding process. Sad, but not unusual.

I saw a similar issue on the news in Sydney, they used a bulldozer to remove the junk from the front lawn that was stacked 1m high.

scootergal 5:14 pm 03 Sep 08

By the looks of it, this person most probably has a mental health issue that involves the hoarding process. Sad, but not unusual.

Once when I was working in community nursing, I had to visit a client’s home in Brisbane. The person involved had transgender matters and lived with a parrot for companionship, leeting the bird fly around the house freely. Needless to say, there was feathers and bird crap everywhere, not the most hygienic of places for someone with ongoing health problems.

Tony 5:12 pm 03 Sep 08

I see at least 3 recycling bins there. Ironic?

OzChick 4:58 pm 03 Sep 08

Seriously gross…

Mr_Shab 4:55 pm 03 Sep 08

I thought I could make some spurious comment about my student sharehouse; but I stand corrected.

Seriously, that is the home of a very ill individual(s). The sheer volume of Berri Estate’s finest stands in mute testament to that.

CHW 4:54 pm 03 Sep 08

…um…. Goon-Bag?

tylersmayhem 4:52 pm 03 Sep 08

What they need is Kim & Aggie:

What an awesome show! The house on this post isn’t a scrape on some of the gaffs I’ve seen on this TV extravaganza.

johnboy 4:31 pm 03 Sep 08

It’s all about managing expectations….

bubzie 4:28 pm 03 Sep 08


My room feels so ridiculously clean right about now..

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