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The most disgusting person in Canberra

By Pommy bastard - 2 March 2009 44

There is someone, someone who I presume is literate, has good choice in books, and who is sufficiently able as to visit the library. This person, believe it or not has the most disgusting perversion I have ever come across(and that’s saying something.) This person takes books out of the library, mainly detective fiction. Not only do they Bowdlerise these books, crossing out any obscenity, but, and it’s a big BUT, they leave snot on the book pages.

Yes, this person picks their nose and wipes the boogers on the book pages.

If I ever find out who they are, I will write a note to them; this note will read “DO NOT WIPE YOUR SNOT ON LIBRARY BOOKS”. In order to ensure they do not forget this instruction I will nail it to their forehead with a six inch nail.

Seriously though, you are a very sick person mate. Get yourself assessed.


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44 Responses to
The most disgusting person in Canberra
Snoopy 1:46 pm 02 Mar 09

OzChick said :

This thread is useless without pics. We want evidence.

Would a dramatic re-enactment work?

OzChick 1:28 pm 02 Mar 09

This thread is useless without pics. We want evidence.

BerraBoy68 1:23 pm 02 Mar 09

Thats, pretty bad PB. Grossest thing I’ve read today.

I agree that you should take it up with library staff.

Kramer 1:10 pm 02 Mar 09

I reckon if the library were keen, they could easily find the offender by checking their borrowing list.

Anyway, yet another good reason not to read books.

Pommy bastard 1:03 pm 02 Mar 09

I’ve reported it in the past, and nothing has been done about it. The best way to catch the idiot would be to ensure that an identified new book, of the genre s/he reads, is inspected each time it is returned.

PBO 12:53 pm 02 Mar 09

hmmmm, thats a tad worse than dog-earring a page. However it is an interesting way to tell where you are up to in a book.

Mr Evil 12:36 pm 02 Mar 09

Well it obviously isn’t Todd Carney because we all know he’s illiterate.

screaming banshee 12:10 pm 02 Mar 09

toriness said :

report it to the library

+1, the staff wont know its happening unless they’re told.

Thats f’in disgusting

Skidbladnir 12:07 pm 02 Mar 09

Are you sure its snot?

Other bodily fluids might also cause pages to stick together and uh… stain.

Nambucco Deliria 12:05 pm 02 Mar 09

What a disappointment. I thought at the very least the perpetrator would have scrawled crude representations of male genitalia ‘at climax’ all over the pages.

toriness 12:04 pm 02 Mar 09

now i am having flashbacks of finding boogers on pages from my public library days. thank god i can afford to buy all my own books now.

OzChick 12:03 pm 02 Mar 09

Omg. Some people are seriously gross.

RAGD 12:02 pm 02 Mar 09


I am sure it’s not to you, but from an outside point of view, it is a crack up.

How many times has this happened to you? Have you borrowed more than one book that this happened to?

p1 12:00 pm 02 Mar 09

That is a disturbing story.

They cross out obscenities? Weird.

toriness 11:57 am 02 Mar 09

really foul :/

report it to the library – logic dictates it was the person who borrowed the book before you? then the librarians can check other recent books this person borrowed and should the same damage exist in them, they could pursue some course of action – at the very least monitor future returns from them, and if damage is found, cancel their account.

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