The other side of the story? Parkway bingle

johnboy 4 August 2008 42

Leave me out of this.

After FredJ’s description of his accident experience we have submitted the other side of the story.

    You’re not wrong there.
    I apologise for leaving the scene of a road accident, I truly do.
    However, I believe you will find my reasons for doing so perfectly justified.

    The incident was not caused by me to start with. Not as far as I can recall.
    I was tired, having worked all night, and therefore may be mistaken. I would hate to incorrectly call Fred a liar. After all, he is clearly a perfectly rational person! psh!

    On that note, the reason I left the scene, instead of pulling over to exchange details, as is required of those members involved in an incident, is that I had two extremely panicked young women in my vehicle who were verging on hysterics due to the impact of a ute making a blind merge into my vehicle some way down Hindmarsh Drive long after I had turned off of the Tuggeranong Parkway, and had almost reached speed, perfectly centred in the centre lane of the three lane road.

    not having the disregard for the safety of all the other drivers on the road that Fred clearly had, I did not swerve over to the side of the road as he did. I was planning to pull over on the next street, where I was turning, as there was likely to be less traffic flow. “Fred” got out of his car whilst we were waiting at a red light (he was idling behind me) and aggresively asked if I was going to pull over any time soon. I replied that I was, calmly and rationally.

    Once “Fred” had gotten out of earshot, the girls started panicking again, as they believed he was going to be potentially violent. I made the decision not to put them through any more torment, and I must admit, I was very concerned by the manner in which “Fred” approached me at the traffic lights, and was not intending to stop for such an aggressive individual. I was more than willing to go to a police station after the event and have it sorted out that way, as I believed he would do (and apparently has).

    I therefore did not pull over for fear of my own safety, and that of my passengers.

    As a demonstration of “Fred”’s lack of approachability or rationality, he then began to pursue me, forcing me to speeds of 100kmp/h within 60kmp/h zones! the two young ladies in my vehicle were hysterical at this point, screaming “he’s gonna get us!!” etc.
    “Fred” then decided to speed to an even higher extent, crossing double unbroken lines on a two way, and often busy, street to pass me and pull over.

    At this point, there was absolutely no way I was stopping for such a madman.
    I turned around, and went the other way, as traffic flowed the other way (I believe blocking “Fred” from turning around and continuing to pursue us as though he were the authorities himself!).

    I intend to give a full statement to an officer at a police station tomorrow morning as soon as one opens (I have so far been unable to do so, as I was dealing with the shock of being aggressively chased by a man of enough years to know better, and then having a family emergency out of town that has kept me away until now). I was appalled to find that such a disgraceful excuse for a man was given your sympathy when he is the very reason for his own complaint.

    “Fred”, you as a grown man need to learn how to interact in a public situation, regardless of a minor road accident. I apologise if it was in fact my fault. I can’t actually remember, as I was driving just as normal. However, I have never had a road accident, least of all in such a situation as a “T” intersection. Your needs would have been met if you had curbed your anger. I am sorry to have put you through the stress I have, and I will ask permission to view your expenses, and your account, and help in any way that I am required to financially.

    Sorry also to all of you who have been reading the progress of this posting.
    It was a very badly handled situation, however this post itself has escalated said situation far beyond a realistic level.

    I hope I have gotten accross that I am perfectly willing to accept fault for any wrong-doing on my part, and that I will take up the expenses linked.

Over to you?

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42 Responses to The other side of the story? Parkway bingle
bd84 bd84 11:08 pm 04 Aug 08

peterh said :

I have been chased by an idiot off the parkway, and finally, he left me alone as I pulled into the police station car park. If he had come after me, I would have been in a safer place than a back street. I did not speed, he sat on my bumper the whole way…

Same thing happened to me a couple of years ago, funnily enough after a fool failed to give way pulling out from a T junction which I had to take evasive action to avoid him, giving him a happy honk of the horn he decided to follow me. I lead him in a loop before heading for the police station, he clicked to as where I was going as I turn in. He took off quicker than he was following me!

Anyway, any reason for not pulling over at an accident scene is a piss poor one. There’s no reason for not doing so and I don’t see one in this case either, no matter whose fault it was. Having drugged up hysterical girls in the car isn’t one of them.. but I guess if you happened to be a bit under the influence too it would be a prime reason for you failing to stop.. I would be surprised if this guy has gone to the police station by now anyway.

peterh peterh 3:31 pm 04 Aug 08

contrast, are you in your 20’s, 30’s etc? you don’t give us the full story. How old are you, actually?

PBO PBO 3:14 pm 04 Aug 08

I hope that Contrast will become another Crazychester.

AngryHenry AngryHenry 2:59 pm 04 Aug 08

Yeah contrast where’d you go???

I would say your silence is an admission of guilt but you already admitted you’re guilty…

PBO PBO 2:47 pm 04 Aug 08

Petroleum jelly will scare even the Hardest crim (no pun intended)

Just so you all know, Keeping a big maglite in the car is a good idea. However if you ever use it on someone, the courts will see it as a lead pipe and you will be done for assault with a weapon. I am still trying to justify the axe handle i have in the car, Nothing like a good piece of hickory.

Oh and finally:

Contrast, Are you still out there? or have you driven off?

peterh peterh 2:36 pm 04 Aug 08

Mr Evil said :

peterh said :

and people wonder why my fire extinguisher in the car is metal….

A jar of vaseline is a much better weapon of terror: it’ll strike fear into the heart of any person!

yes, but petroleum jelly don’t put out fires.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 2:15 pm 04 Aug 08

peterh said :

and people wonder why my fire extinguisher in the car is metal….

A jar of vaseline is a much better weapon of terror: it’ll strike fear into the heart of any person!

Granny Granny 2:08 pm 04 Aug 08

Well, this thread has just made it to a 5 star rating from me….

: D

Well done those men!

johnboy johnboy 1:50 pm 04 Aug 08

peterh said :

and people wonder why my fire extinguisher in the car is metal….

Because it’s the only sort they make?

peterh peterh 1:47 pm 04 Aug 08

and people wonder why my fire extinguisher in the car is metal….

johnboy johnboy 1:45 pm 04 Aug 08

Steering wheel lock remains the weapon of the true patriot.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 1:39 pm 04 Aug 08

Crowbars in the car are a dead giveaway for getting up to something untoward.

A 6D-cell maglite (495mm long, reasonable weight, mace-like head) works just fine and has the benefit of being dual use for the times when you actually need a torch in the car.
The guy who ran into my car last winter thought I was going to beat his head in with it, when all I wanted to do was inspect the damage to our cars.

hk0reduck hk0reduck 1:32 pm 04 Aug 08

This is crazy, you’re crazy. Your excuses are terrible and I can’t work out why you would come and defend yourself here, your plates are probably already on the internet at RateThePlate. I’d hate to be your insurance company right now.

Anway, I suggest investing in a crowbar and keeping it by your seat so next time someone ‘Road Rages’ you and ‘forces’ you to drive 100km/h in a residential area putting the lives of MY CHILDREN at risk you can pull over and when they come up to the window you can be all like “SHAPOW! Don’t nobody walk up to my window and ask me to pull over.”

Secondly, I suggest investing in some duct-tape or a ball gag so when some smacky in your back seat starts whining about the ‘bad man that’s chasing them’ and the ‘insects crawling under her skin’ that are attacking HER BABIES you can pull over and be all like “SHAPOW! Shut up and let a man drive!”


PBO PBO 1:18 pm 04 Aug 08

Hey Contrast, You can go to the Police now that the Drugs would be out of your system.

Loquaciousness Loquaciousness 1:16 pm 04 Aug 08

Granny said :

I would leave it alone if I were you, and just sit back and let him dig his holes. It is sad, but he is really his own worst advocate.

Trust me on this.

+1 Granny … with every post he digs that hole a little deeper.

(I was intending to rant a little on all the inaccuracies, but decided against it – consider yourselves lucky!).

peterh peterh 1:06 pm 04 Aug 08

oh, so the misspelling was on purpose? looked like someone driving and texting…

Thumper Thumper 12:58 pm 04 Aug 08

heheheh 😉

Just taking a cue from Roadrage77

grundy grundy 12:55 pm 04 Aug 08

Thumper is just sucking up to JB for the next nutcase of the month award…


peterh peterh 12:43 pm 04 Aug 08

Thumper said :


bit concerned, thumper, did you type that whilst driving??

Thumper Thumper 12:10 pm 04 Aug 08


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