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The power station EIS is out

johnboy 17 November 2008 55

The long awaited Environmental Impact Statement on the “Canberra Technology City”, otherwise known as the power station, is now online.

Very curiously it has its own domain rather being hosted by, say, a Government department.

If the summary actually makes recommendations I’m yet to find them.

The ABC reckons the EIS is a great big green light, promising that all the issues can be managed.

Over to you readers.

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55 Responses to The power station EIS is out
housebound housebound 10:26 am 17 Dec 08


tom-tom said :

… that the school closures specifically didn’t affect the vote…. that said i think they did affect labors ability to campaign on education, an area which is traditionally a labor strong point, and this was a factor.

I think you missed the sarcasm. If Matthew Cossey said his own parents didn’t vote Labor because of school closures, and life-long Labor voters we know didn’t vote Labor because of school closures, and even Stanhope said (after the election) that his inability to adequately explain the excess capacity thing as a reason to closed schools affected the election outcome, then perhaps, um, school closures affected the Labor vote.

And just when you thought this thread and school closures were over …

Digga Digga 9:18 am 17 Dec 08

The community group CPR Inc (Canberrans for Power station Relocation, Inc.) put a copy of its submission to the draft EIS that was prepared by consultants GHD (for the proponents led by ActewAGL) online at its website:

Now everyone has to wait while GHD, who have a vested interest as they wrote the Hume Industrial Planning Study which was obtained under FOI (Freedom Of Information) which shows industrialisation of all of the broadacre between the Mugga Lane tip and the residential suburbs of Tuggeranong. This also forms the basis for many of their comments in the draft EIS (don’t worry about what it looks like; the whole area’s going to be industrialised).

GHD are also specialists in construction of gas-fired power stations, co-generation plants etc. How ironic.

Granny Granny 2:50 pm 20 Nov 08

I agree with tom-tom, ’cause I just wanted to see what it’s like.

: )

tom-tom tom-tom 2:30 pm 20 Nov 08

housebound, i sort of agree with you there in that the school closures specifically didn’t affect the vote.

that said i think they did affect labors ability to campaign on education, an area which is traditionally a labor strong point, and this was a factor.

housebound housebound 6:02 pm 19 Nov 08

Thumper and tom-tom obviously don’t listen to or watch the ABC, and they don’t read the Canberra Times. Both of these outlets insisted that school closures were not an issue during the election. Were these outlets wrong and completely missed what was really happening out there, or just trying to keep it out of the news?

Thumper Thumper 5:36 pm 19 Nov 08

Whoops, something went wrong there. Le’s just say I agree with tom toms last sentence.

Thumper Thumper 5:35 pm 19 Nov 08

(for the record i think the factors that influnced the swing were (in no particular order). Even though Stanhope is still CM, itr) the greens running a strong campiagn, the school closures, a desire for minority govt. and people being tired of stanhope.)

Yep, I’ll agree with that. Stanhope pretty much got in due to the protest vote going to Greens rather than Lib, CAP, or the laughable Motorists Party, (Yes, hang your head in shame…)

tom-tom tom-tom 4:44 pm 19 Nov 08

miz; i’m not sure how that comment refutes anything i’ve said.

no-one is disputing that there was a swing away from labor at the election, what i am disputing is that the powerstation was a significant factor, my reasons for thinking this is that the 2 candidates who fought the loudest against the project did poorly ( 1 lost his seat and the other saw his vote slashed) while the minor parties did poorly at the nearest booths. If the power station was a major factor then you would expect the opposite to be true.

(for the record i think the factors that influnced the swing were (in no particular order) the greens running a strong campiagn, the school closures, a desire for minority govt. and people being tired of stanhope.)

housebound housebound 2:49 pm 19 Nov 08

We’ve gone the full circle:

miz miz 7:38 am 19 Nov 08

Tom-tom says “look at what the voters did, not what they said” – well, I think I am doing that as there was a significant swing away from Labor to Indies and the Greens, who portrayed themselves as for the community.

Sometimes I really wonder where Jon Stanhope wants to live. If he wants to live in the western suburbs of Sydney, fine, but I don’t.

(Sorry about re-posting guys)

miz miz 7:34 am 19 Nov 08

Sepi I agree, this is not just about Macarthur though it is convenient for the media and the pro-lobby to portray it as such.

tom-tom tom-tom 11:06 pm 18 Nov 08

sepi; no. only those with a clear financial interest in making sure the data centre doesn’t go ahead should abstain. in the normal course of events an abstension would lead to a member of the other side ‘forming a pair’ and abstaining aswell, but in the dying days off the last assembly vicki dunne threw that convention out the window so i’m not sure if it’ll happen now.

anyway its probably a moot point anyway, the only way one lib/green will vote for the powerstation will be if they all do.

my money’s on the libs backing it in the end, they might lose a few macarthur voters but they’d shore up the buisness vote and its the buisness voters who’ll pony up the campaign funds come election time.

sepi sepi 9:29 pm 18 Nov 08

I don’t think Zed should stand out of the vote.

He went to the election saying ‘no powerstation in this location’.

Just because he lives in Macarthur doens’t mean he can’t vote on this issue – it isn’t as if he has hidden the fact he is a local. And the issue relates to lots of tuggers and farrer, isaacs etc – should all deep south pollies stand aside?

tom-tom tom-tom 4:16 pm 18 Nov 08

miz; i’m actually db cooper (wikipedia me)
and i heard mackay’s phone call and agreed with him.

on your point about the 4000 signatures; i saw that petition and i’m not suprised it got a few signatures. i will say i thought it misleading and that it distorted the facts, not that i blame CPR for this, just that they are a lobby group and the information coming from them is meant to argue the case against the power station and needs to be taken with a grain of salt. (same as that from mr mackay) I still think this is a small nimby issue for the reasons outlined above. look at what the voters did, not what they said.

on the compensation point i think TRE should get some, they acted in good faith, put a lot of thier money into the project and face having it rejected or no good reason. stanhope has a point in regards to this (besides he might just be playing the game, he only needs one more vote to get it through (zed has a conflict of interest and should abstain making it 9-7 as things currently stand)

on your point about some secret deal i hope you have some evidence about that and aren’t just making wild accusations without a shred of evidence. the fact that the libs went on a wild fishing expedition on the matter before the election and came up with zilch says a lot i think.

and taking pot shots at the HIA and EIS because they didn’t say what you wanted them too is a bit silly. the fact that the only public figure pushing about the steering commiteee thing is bloke who had the cushy job chairing it says a lot aswell.

miz miz 3:51 pm 18 Nov 08

Caf, my tongue was firmly in my cheek! (Given the points set out neatly in very similar vein, indeed almost word for word, to John Mackay’s phone call to 666 yesterday (Alex Sloan’s program). But fair call. I will refrain in future.

Thumper Thumper 3:40 pm 18 Nov 08


don’t get me wrong. I think calling it Hume is misleading.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 3:32 pm 18 Nov 08

Check your facts when dealing with DAs, ACTPLA, and any government agency.

‘Common sense’ and ‘bureaucracy’ only occasionally align.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 3:31 pm 18 Nov 08

IIRC, it is in the district of Tuggeranong, in a non-suburban space, which bears no locality name.
It is next to Hume, and near Macarthur\Symonston.

caf caf 3:30 pm 18 Nov 08

This business of accusing other posters of being well-known real life people is rubbish. Is it that hard to believe that other people have a different opinion from yours, without them having some kind of vested interest?

miz miz 3:27 pm 18 Nov 08

Tom tom, are you John Mackay?

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