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The return of Kate?

By johnboy - 28 August 2008 93

The following item was in today’s “Tips and Rumours” in Crikey:

    Former Liberal Chief Minister Kate Carnell (aka The Hospital Imploder) has put up her hand to run for Bill Stefaniak’s just-vacated seat in Ginninderra. The catch: she will only do it if made leader. Zed, already reeling over Stefaniak’s departure, has been blindsided by this dramatic offer and as I write is desperately scrambling to shore up his own support amongst his colleagues. This has added fuel to a fire that has started between Zed and his up-to-now loyal sidekick Brendan Smyth. Word is they had both decided on their own separate candidate to fill the Ginninderra spot, sparking serious tensions between the two. A meeting had been scheduled at the Deakin HQ this Saturday with Liberal campaign officials in an attempt to avoid a serious rift emerging, but how this will play out now that Kate has thrown her cards on the table is anyone’s guess. All extreme options are apparently being considered because our latest polling has shown that Vicki Dunne is the single most disliked member of the Assembly from all parties. And the Party knows that if Vicki is the front-runner then they’re in serious strife out North. How Andrew will untangle this mess will be interesting to watch. To further complicate the situation, it is no secret that Kate is very close to Liberal money man Jim Murphy, who is funding in entirety the Liberal’s advertising campaign (said to total more than $284,000 for TV advertising alone). What conditions are attached to this money? Is Big Jim about to make Zed an offer he can’t refuse?

This makes some sense…

UPDATED: This in from an anonymous snout in media land who’s been chasing the story:

    “Kate refused to comment, Bill no comment, Andrew Heath is ‘unavailable for comment'”

ANOTHER UPDATE: WIN News tonight reported Kate was not going to run. Mark Parton however is going to stand as an independent in Ginninderra, which will test his popularity.

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93 Responses to
The return of Kate?
Granny 2:27 pm 28 Aug 08


To: All Labor Staffers
RE: Fear, Rumour and Innuendo

These work better on uneducated people.

ant 2:26 pm 28 Aug 08

ACT needs to have a normal town council-style conglomeration of people, not a “government” and an “opposition”. What a waste of money, an opposition. They are all being paid and should all be working for the city.

Reprobate 2:19 pm 28 Aug 08

What a crock. If this isn’t a rumour started solely within the Labor ranks to throw the Libs (further) off the scent and Kate is leader come elction day, I’ll eat a RiotACT stubby holder outside the front of the Assembly…

MrIncredible 2:16 pm 28 Aug 08

“All extreme options are apparently being considered because our latest polling has shown that Vicki Dunne is the single most disliked member”



Stupid Libs can’t even leak without spilling it on themselves

Granny 2:10 pm 28 Aug 08

Pick me! Pick me!

Thumper 2:08 pm 28 Aug 08

Does anyone else think that this sounds very much like a rather underhand way of disrupting the libs and therefore taking the heat of an under pressure incumbent government?

tom-tom 1:58 pm 28 Aug 08

*shakes head and smiles to himself*

johnboy 1:54 pm 28 Aug 08

On the other hand Zed’s campaign is, aside from what Jim Murphy’s money buys in TV spots, utterly incompetent.

And personally I look back fondly to Kate’s rule as a time when mistakes were more amusing than depressing, and less people died.

Granny 1:51 pm 28 Aug 08

Stroke of genius!

1. Spend months establishing new leader. (Make him integral to campaign).
2. Change leaders six weeks out from an election. (Make sure they have plenty of baggage).

What odds are the bookies giving this?

S4anta 1:50 pm 28 Aug 08

Awesome. Two freaking half arsed painters masquerading as politicians.

The paint shops around town are gonna make a killing

MrMagoo 1:43 pm 28 Aug 08

NO Way, the Liberals in leadership turmoil, that never happens!!!!!!

Let’s also not forget Kate famously painted the grass out Canberra Stadium way to make it look green for the IOC inspection team.

Once again we are faced with a choice between teh status quo and an opposition to busy fighting itself to provide anything like a realistic option for Government.

justbands 1:42 pm 28 Aug 08

> Why would she come back to the dinky toy town assembly?

If there’s one thing I remember about Kates days, it’s that she LOVES seeing herself in the media.

Lowey 1:33 pm 28 Aug 08

I thought things were bad when I only recently saw her mug shot in some rag, as the head of some pharmaceutical organisation…

Thumper 1:32 pm 28 Aug 08


Kate’s earning big bucks these days doing what she wants. Why would she come back to the dinky toy town assembly?

amarooresident 1:30 pm 28 Aug 08

Can I be the first to call bullflop?

If they think the solution is Kate then they really are f**ked.

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