21 July 2023

The sun is setting on the Commonwealth Games

| Ian Bushnell
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The Australian contingent at the Birmingham Commonwealth Games

The Australian contingent at the Birmingham Commonwealth Games in 2022. But where will the games be hosted next? Photo: Facebook.

Does anybody beyond the sports industry care about the Commonwealth Games?

Victorian Premier Dan Andrews’ decision to dump the 2026 games, saying a blowout in cost makes them unaffordable for his state, provoked much outrage from Chairman Dan haters, disappointed games organisers and the sports planning to be involved, but elsewhere it passed with a shrug.

As an event, the games have struggled in recent times, Birmingham only stepping into the breach in 2022 when Durban pulled out for financial reasons.

Victoria – it was to be staged in the regions, not Melbourne – was the last man standing when it got the nod.

There has been no rush from other states to take its place – for the obvious reasons.

The nation has come through a costly pandemic, only to be hit with a storm of inflation and interest rate rises.

Nobody wants to take on such a risky and expensive proposition.

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Andrews can be criticised for reneging on a commitment and his numbers may be suspect, but confronted with the choice of pressing on and having to spend billions or calling it now and focusing on the present needs of Victorians, it was an easy one for him to make.

The circumstances have changed and Andrews’ position on the games has had to as well.

There has been talk of reputational damage, sovereign risk and national humiliation.

But the Commonwealth Games is nowhere near the Morrison Government’s dumping of the French submarine contract, and there are far more pressing issues for people to get exercised about.

The appalling tone of the No campaign that is passing for a national debate on the Voice referendum threatens to shame the nation even further.

The lack of progress on resolving the housing crisis and the government’s complacency as the heating planet hurtles towards an uninhabitable future are just a couple of issues that put the axing of the games into perspective.

For those who were looking to participate in a home games, particularly the athletes, the disappointment is understandable, but there are far more significant competitions for them to compete in and there is time to find a replacement.

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The Commonwealth, a relic of the Empire, is an institution that has faded even in symbolic significance, carries no weight in world affairs and has a disparate membership, some with dubious regimes and many whose values are anathema to ours.

Even as a sporting event it usually comes down to a medal fest for England and Australia, with few world-rated performances.

Compared with the Olympics, World Championships and other international tournaments, a Commonwealth Games medal is worth a lot less.

The material benefits to the community are also much overstated, given the huge bill it faces to build the facilities and host the games.

So is the claimed boost to sporting participation and public health, which is always trotted out to justify spending a lot of money on funding elite athletes.

If this were true, children’s sports would not be facing perennial funding problems and obesity and lifestyle diseases would not be at epidemic levels. Perhaps that is where more attention should be paid.

What Andrews’ decision shows is that the appetite of governments to fund big sporting spectacles may be waning given the more pressing problems they face.

Even staging the Olympics can be a poisoned chalice, something Brisbane will need to be on its guard about.

It would have been better if Andrews had said thanks but no thanks in the first place.

But Victorians will probably thank him in years to come.

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Daniel Andrews cancelled the Commonwealth Games because he hates White people. Anglo Aussies are already a minority in Australia and multiculturalism is official government policy and the official state religion.

We are living through this replacement. Nationally, massive inflation has been caused by the Covid lockdowns, environmental extremism and the World War 3 sanctions which have backfired spectacularly.

The RBA has hiked interest rates at an unprecedented rate in an effort to combat this, making mortgages and rents unaffordable for many. However its efforts are being negated by unprecedented mass immigration to the tune of hundreds of thousands of people every year solely to boost GDP and avoid a technical recession. The Chairman of the RBA was sacked for pointing this out.

Thus the government leverages every possible factor under its control against White Australia. It is impoverishing us through mass immigration and economic warfare. Renaming every conceivable location on the continent, extorting $2.5 million just to plant some trees, forcing us to vote elite aboriginal activists into permanent power via the “voice to parliament”, cancelling the Commonwealth Games and promoting a woke, anti-White Test cricket captain, while killing our greatest ever larrikin cricketer via the covid vaccine is cultural warfare.

Our rulers are determined to erase us and to erase all evidence that we ever existed.

@Justin c
You are not big on facts are you, Justin? Obviously you prefer to just make things up and hope no one notices: “Anglo Aussies are already a minority in Australia …”

Well no, Justin – that’s a complete falsehood.

As per the 2021 census data, the top 5 nominated countries of ancestry, were:
. English (33%)
. Australian (29.9%)
. Irish (9.5%)
. Scottish (8.6%)
. Chinese (5.5%)

So, Justin don’t panic anglo-white supremacy is still very much evident. Nevertheless, keep coming forward with the factually baseless rants if it makes you feel better.

@JustSaying. Let me guess where you pulled those stats out from. Was it the other side of your belly button? Yeah, I bet it was.

Have you ever heard of the Aust Bureau of Statistics, genius?

Chck under “Cultural diversity” here:

When Thomas Gray coined the phrase “ignorance is bliss” he must have had you in mind. You have to be one of the most blissful posters on here.

Anyone who votes yes will shame the nation. Vote No to say no to racism and cultural Marxism.

@Justin c
So democracy, or anyone who disagrees with you, is a shame to our nation?

Nevertheless, I’ll definitely vote ‘No’ to racism and cultural Marxism. Can you tell me when the vote is being held? I haven’t heard of such a vote.

HiddenDragon8:24 pm 21 Jul 23

The real take out from Andrews’ Commonwealth Games pike out is what it says about the viability of the economic model being run by his government, with Melbourne as the epicentre of a merry-go-round of rapid population growth and increasingly costly catch-up infrastructure which never quite catches up, and all of it based on a bloated public sector and an equally bloated and unproductive services sector – with the truly productive bits of the economy squeezed by the bloat or regulated out of existence to please dimwit enviro-fundamentalists.

The signals from this fiasco for the ACT’s economy, which is largely just a bonsai version of Victoria’s (but even more narrowly based), are obvious.

When they get over their righteous indignation and pleasure at the discomfiture of the former convict colonies, the Brits will probably come up with a permanent home for the Commonwealth Games as part of a tourism/economic development strategy in the battle over the “Red Wall” constituencies in the next general election.

GrumpyGrandpa6:21 pm 21 Jul 23

It’s easy to say the Commonwealth Games are from a past era and to then justify dropping the Games, due to their cost.

Mr Andrews had promised Regional development as part of it’s funding; get re-elected, scrap the Games.

The second issue is that there seems to be some fudging on the costs, to justify the decision.

I acknowledge that Covid has created substantial debts for Government(s)to deal with and Victoria has taken some unpopular decisions to reign in that debt, including raising property taxes (which will ultimately add to the cost of rental accommodation), however, I can’t help being a bit cynical. To me Mr Andrews has walked away from a commitment.
I believe it would have been a more honourable to “actively” seek some cooperation from other States. EG Maybe Qld could take -say the swimming, and so on.

Sadly, this article lets Mr Andrews off too easily. Hardly, rigorous journalism.

Oh no! Who gets the 50 metre Sack Race Gold now?

Haha, now Bushnells boosting for ALP Government’s even includes other states.

“with the choice of pressing on and having to spend billions or calling it now and focusing on the present needs of Victorians, it was an easy one for him to make.”

This is not remotely the only choice he had.

The Victorian government choose to host the games and agreed to terms.

The cost estimates were their own. The choice to attempt a regional games was their own.

Even though his claims of a $7 billion price tag is extremely suspect, they had an easy way to reduce costs through running more events in Melbourne.

The most recent previous Games were held for less than $2B.

There is no way to spin this into something good for the Victorian Government. The decisions at all times were their own.

The commonwealth games are will past there use by dates, they will be banned anyway if the voice gets up

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