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The wonders of ACT road planning

By Adza - 22 June 2008 21

This month (possibly)  sees the commencement of works for Phase 1 of the Lanyon Drive / Monaro Highway intersection upgrade. In 2007, your illustrious leader Jon Stanhope commented that:

“The intersection of Lanyon Drive and the Monaro Highway is one of the busiest in the ACT as Lanyon Drive, connecting the ACT and Queanbeyan, carries 23,000 vehicles a day.”  Of course he also went on to say “These works are scheduled to commence in November 2007 and are due to be completed by August 2008.”

What amazes me is that I actually went and checked out the plans, and lo and behold they rely on more traffic lights being put in, which will result in interrupting traffic that’s already clogged up because of traffic lights.

The city’s reputation of being full of roundabouts is quickly subsiding to be one that is full of traffic lights. Major roads are being interrupted by this cause, which is causing large holdups during peak hour. Traffic lights at the jail on the Monaro Highway, Harman on Canberra Avenue, and the new Epicentre on Canberra Avenue and into Fyshwick are all causing more problems for motorists in their daily driving quests.

Northbound on the Monaro Highway and onto Lanyon Drive already banks up past Hume in the afternoon due to the traffic lights crossing the Southbound lanes of the Highway, and now further traffic lights will cause more problems. Lights are also scheduled to be installed at the corner of Lanyon Drive and Shepperd Street, and the existing lights on the southbound lanes will be retained and upgraded.

Excellent one boys, you will now fully clog this intersection during peak hour. The only answer at this intersection is to build an overpass. They’ve already admitted it’s one of the busiest intersections in the ACT, so why not spend the money in doing it properly instead of just frustrating us drivers. Funny that the Glenloch Interchange could be built… oh hang on the likelihood of that intersection carrying non-ACT voting residents is probably considerably more slim than this one.

What’s Your opinion?

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21 Responses to
The wonders of ACT road planning
smee 9:42 pm 22 Jun 08

hmmm, true, woops, my bad. Anyone having trouble merging from there needs their bifocals checked.

Ffor those playing at home the ACT gov page on the upgrade is here;

and I’d have to agree with Adza, this will do nothing to relieve congestion and the extra lights at Sheppard St will just make it worse.

cranky 9:34 pm 22 Jun 08


Line up a car just in front of you in the left lane on the highway (if joining from the right hand sliplane), and aim to initially follow with a gap of about 1-2 car lengths. You MUST match the speed of the left lane traffic, you WILL find that the car behind the car you have lined up will have to give way. Its the LAW. The car in front has priority, and even if some goose decides to come up along side, if you are in front, you have right of way.

It will only be an absolute fool who will try to stop you merging in this circumstance.

sepi 9:21 pm 22 Jun 08

ok…as someone who sometimes struggles with merging…

What do you do if you speed up to match traffic, then no gap appears – screech to a halt at the end of the merging lane?

cranky 8:41 pm 22 Jun 08


Your geography is found wanting. Please re-read my post. Mugga Lane, heading south on the Monaro is about 1K south of the Lanyon/Monaro intersection.

I’m not entering any arguement about upper and lower Qbn.

smee 8:36 pm 22 Jun 08

The north bound merging lane is straight and reasonably long, the south bound merging lane is curved and short. To merge properly to the south you have to match a moving line of traffic who are usually all accelerating themselves away from the lights while all three lines of traffic are negotiating the curve. I don’t actually blame anyone who isn’t a very confident driver from having problems there.

You’re not from Jerrabombera are you cranky? Do you know what *real* Queanbeyan people think of those from Jerrabombera?

cranky 8:04 pm 22 Jun 08

Double post.

Silly me. Those joining the Monaro to go North are NSW drivers.. Those heading south from Mugga Lane are very likely ACT less than competents.

cranky 7:44 pm 22 Jun 08

This intersection has been ignored for far too long by the various ACT Governments. Traffic has been steadily building for years, congestion has increased, motorists attempts to short cut have been quickly met with Police action, followed by ACT Gov road crews depositing road blocks to stem the flow – the only action the Gov has been capable of – totally negative!

Seemingly numerous surveyors and surveys – but nothing ever eventuates.

As pointed out above, the NSW and Feds have given/promised funding, over a number of years, but the local crew seem to take some pleasure in causing as much inconvenience as possible.

Interestingly, traffic joining the Monaro Highway from Lanyon Drive to travel north seem to merge without any dificulty, in comparison with Mugga Lane traffic joining the Monaro to travel south, when a large proportion of mergers come to a complete stop, causing much angst. Apparently the concept of accelerating to match the speed of the highway traffic, allowing ease of merging, is beyond these motorists. Strange.

Adza 7:18 pm 22 Jun 08

lod said :

Playing devil’s advocate for a minute.

Why should ACT rate payers fund better roads for non-ACT rate payers?

Well how many reasons would you like?

1. The NSW and Federal governments both have contributed/will contribute to the upgrade.
2. It allows for NSW residents to work and shop in the ACT, contributing to the ACT economy.
3. It allows ACT residents to work and shop in NSW if they wish to do so.
4. It gives southside ACT residents easier access to the Kings Highway to travel to the coast.
5. It will (read should) ease ACT residents’ crawl to work on the Monaro Highway.

Oh and probably more importantly… we are one country.

bd84 7:16 pm 22 Jun 08

They received at least $5 million from the federal government 2 years ago to help fund the upgrade but have sat on their arses and done nothing since.

Vic Bitterman 7:02 pm 22 Jun 08

Adza speaks the truth.

lod 6:31 pm 22 Jun 08

Playing devil’s advocate for a minute.

Why should ACT rate payers fund better roads for non-ACT rate payers?

Adza 5:50 pm 22 Jun 08

Doh, how silly of me not to realise this.

cranky 4:21 pm 22 Jun 08

Ah, but if you used flyovers, roundabouts etc, you’d have nowhere to install red light cameras.

Adza 11:21 am 22 Jun 08

No consultant… I’m a NSW boy so yes, he’s “your” leader.

I-filed 9:41 am 22 Jun 08

“Your” leader? Which consultant to a developer is speaking, please?

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