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Top 10 list for online shopping

podfink 25 August 2006 39

I am running a “Buying and Selling on the Internet” class at Hawker College. For our last class, I wanted to produce a Top 10 list for online shopping. My list is below, would love comments and other sites.

  • 1. – everything
  • 2. – great gift wrapping service
  • 3. – Canberra’s Online Auctions
  • 4. – amazing travel deals (no really an e-shop)
  • 5. – discounted/last minute hotels
  • 6. – great alt music
  • 7. – weird and wonderful self published everything
  • 8. – my favourite clean skins wine
  • 9. – buy a car @ live auction from your PC
  • 10. – weird and wonderful t-shirts

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    39 Responses to Top 10 list for online shopping
    peterh 5:21 pm 12 May 09

    [quote comment="203620"]the best new online store i have come across is there product range is crazy big. i don't get how these stores just pop up.[/quote]

    overstock outlet is one that has regular contact with the manufacturers, ezy electronics do the same. grays online are always good for a look too.

    misspris 4:19 pm 12 May 09

    [quote comment="31630"]Dola is pretty ordinary - 1/2 the auctions look like someone trying to resell wares purchased at trash and treasure on a frosty sunday morn[/quote]

    That could be the stuff they get from various storage facilities when people don't pay up.

    Some of the stuff they get from liquidations are good. A couple of years ago they had books from Angus and Robertson which they sold in lots of 5 and 10. Good value at the time.

    Jim Jones 3:55 pm 12 May 09

    I use in preference to Amazon - they offer free (and fast) shipping which really tips the balance has got an insane amount of cool stuff (all handmade) and can keep you browsing for hours

    peterh 3:39 pm 12 May 09


    csfgibson 3:31 pm 12 May 09

    the best new online store i have come across is there product range is crazy big. i don't get how these stores just pop up.

    emd 4:24 pm 29 Aug 06 and for environmental cloth nappies for scrapbooking supplies

    A lot of baby & kids online forums also have trading rooms eg Essential Baby, Natural Parenting, Nappycino.

    Absent Diane 4:25 pm 28 Aug 06

    my bro owns a Les Paul Classic - limited edition as well i think (bought from namm)... and yes superb tone!

    Um they say that they have to work harder to play instruments well???? :P

    Start an online petition for getting a new guitar.. then show your fiancee

    Mr_Shab 4:25 pm 28 Aug 06

    Fie on your Les Paul, I say! Too heavy, clunky, cheap-feeling machinery, over-dark pickups and characterless tonality.

    ES's are okay, I suppose.

    Thumper 2:05 pm 28 Aug 06

    I love Les Pauls. Beautiful action, superb tone, and they look absolutely shit hot!

    Or ES330s. Mmmmmmmmmm.....

    Danman 1:44 pm 28 Aug 06

    You know what they say about small hands dont you AD :P

    PS how do I hire you guys to propaganda my fiancee into my line of thinking ?

    Absent Diane 12:46 pm 28 Aug 06

    I find gibsons play beautifully and sound excellent BUT being blessed with smaller hands... I tend to need a smaller neck.

    There is no such thing as enough music gear full stop...

    Mr_Shab 12:39 pm 28 Aug 06

    Rather like CD's - you never look at your guitar collection and think "No. No more. That's enough."

    Thumper 12:20 pm 28 Aug 06

    You can never have enough guitars.....

    Mr_Shab 11:48 am 28 Aug 06

    Perish the thought, alright. Gibsons are rubbish ;)

    Danman 11:22 am 28 Aug 06

    yeah - my list of options has been reduced to pretty much ebay and cash converters (you already have 2 guitars - why do you want another one) - looks like I am going to have to crack out that buy dan a Les paul Studio hypnotherapy tape again.

    Pfft try convincing a non muso what 3 different guitars are for - not easy - perish the thought should I want a Gibson Zak Wylde custom.

    Absent Diane 10:19 am 28 Aug 06

    if it plays nicely (and is aesthetically pleasing) then yeah 849 is dirt cheap..

    Avy 9:36 am 28 Aug 06

    whose top ten list is this? yours? if so, why are you asking others?

    if it's meant to be an objective top ten list, why are you asking a small community like riotact?

    there are plenty of sites i use for online purchases, and none are featured on this list. but by the same token, i would not be teaching my class that my favourite sites are in any way the best.

    Danman 5:17 pm 27 Aug 06

    I own a samick 20 dollar steel string acoustic - funnily enough purchased at Trash and Treasue on a frosty sunday morn about 2 years ago.

    I also have a maton steel string semi ( that does not go camping ) and looking for a new electric - solid wood - quilted red maple top = floating trem and warm tone. I found one for 849 and I thought that was cheap - fiancee dont think so :(

    Absent Diane 4:15 pm 25 Aug 06

    omg - that is like the ultimate nightmare for a muso!! at least if you had of smashed it gigging, it would have been an honorable death!!

    Jey 4:03 pm 25 Aug 06

    hmmm did get my car on all classifieds

    most of my partner's and I recent presents to each other were off ebay

    get my wine off the net too

    I really am quite lazy!

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