Trinity Telecom Didn’t Impress Me.

Pesty 28 March 2009 7

I received an unsolicited call from “Trinity Telecom “offering me an excellent deal on my phone bill.

Foolishly expressing some interest on what was being offered, I subsequently faced a barrage of pressure selling, being told I had to sign up right away to take advantage of this great ‘wholesale offer”.

I asked if I could have the details in writing to talk it over with Mrs Pesty, very reluctantly they agreed, I suggested they call me in an hour after I had discussed it.

Right on cue, the guy called back, but we had decided it sounded a bit dodgy, and I politely declined, where-by he declared that he had gone to the trouble of sending me an email! And that I was going the wrong way about “impressing him!”.

I just managed to tell him that it was me who “needed to be impressed” before he hung up.

Has anyone else had dealings with these guys?

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7 Responses to Trinity Telecom Didn’t Impress Me.
astrojax astrojax 8:21 pm 29 Mar 09

hoolahawk, am with you – have a private no. and don’t answer their thread of conversation at all, launching right into a ‘where’d ya get?’ about the no. and that generally derails it nicely.

the other way is, if you detect a pesky phone sales call right away, pretend you’re a detective at a homocide scene and keep them on the line, get their personal details on the pretext of a serious investigation and have a lot of fun!

hoolahawk hoolahawk 12:57 am 29 Mar 09

I agree with Pelican…I say the same thing and it does works every time. Actually my favorite question is to ask them how the hell they got my number, as it is private and I ONLY use my mobile number as a business contact number. They seems to have a hard time explaining that one…also so did Telstra for that matter, when I took the the issue up with them hee hee hee.

Although…Pesty I totally think that if you have the time to drop the company a quick complaint email or (better yet) a letter you should. I have had a few people call and then when I haven’t complied to their sales pitch, hang up, swear at me and hang up or on one occasion ring me back about an hour later yell at me then hang up.

Where I can I have complained and the response was quick dramatic on a few occasions. I ask for their name right up front when they ring (most time they actually give it to me) so when I have complained I say I was talking to such and such at such and such time and hey presto!

I don’t like cold callers (as you might have guessed).

pelican pelican 6:49 pm 28 Mar 09

Since we put ourselves on the Do Not Call Register we have hardly receive any sales calls. If we do get them we say politely that we are on the Register and it is illegal to phone a number on that list and they could be up for a hefty fine if reported. Works everytime.

Felix the Cat Felix the Cat 5:45 pm 28 Mar 09

VG has the right idea. I won’t talk to anyone on the phone that I don’t know. Not interested in “deals” of any sort from anyone. If I want to change phone companies/ISPs/bank/car insurance/other service provider I’ll do the investigations myself and when I’m good and ready and satisfied that it is a good deal then I will change. I don’t need some shonky supplier whom I’ve never heard of before ring me in the middle of dinner or even if I’ve finished dinner.

I usually just listen to a few words they have to say and then firmly but politely say “no thanks” and hang up. Quite easy really.

A former work collegue used to receive calls on her mobile from a debt collector of some sort claiming she owed money. She reckons the bill was paid ages ago. Anyway, she would get all upset at this person and yell down the phone at them and call them all sorts of names that would make a sailor blush and threaten them with police if they continued calling. I tried to tell her not to bother discussing the matter with them and just to hang up but I think she secretly liked these phone calls (excuse to vent at somebody?) and continued to yell and scream at the caller every time they rang!

vg vg 12:36 pm 28 Mar 09

Tell him/her/it that you are very busy at the moment but if they could give you their home number you will give them a call later on.

When they have an issue about their home number you say ‘see, farnarkling annoying, isn’t it, then hang up’.

Conversely just ask them to ‘hang on for a sec’ and put the phone down and go back to doing whatever it was before the call was received and don’t go back to it for at least 5-10 mins before you hang up

taco taco 11:15 am 28 Mar 09

I just checked out their website – very dated, uncompetitive looking offerings.

If you are looking at saving money on your phone bill the best value at the moment is from VOIP – I pay $70 a month on iinet naked DSL and get unlimited free calls to landlines, 8.5mbit/1mbit with 35gb of data and no excess charges, and competitive rates to mobiles (which I don’t do often).

Trinity’s cheapest phone plan is the same price as above, but it’s just for the phone and includes “$100 worth of calls”, and the closest they get to my internet costs an extra $80 for a slower speed (adsl1 instead of adsl2), less data (10gb) and high excess usage ($39 a gb)

The only company that they are better value than is Telstra.

pptvb pptvb 10:25 am 28 Mar 09

I just put my 8 yr old daughter on the phone. She loves a chat, they hang up quickly.

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