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Weinstein bails on Canberra

By johnboy - 21 November 2013 26


The SMH has the bombshell news that Harvey Weinstein is standing Canberra up and won’t be coming for the huge celebrations being planned for him.

When we hear more on the impacts of this we’ll let you know but we’re hearing the events are being shelved.

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26 Responses to
Weinstein bails on Canberra
Meconium 3:50 pm 22 Nov 13

Postalgeek said :

But all the punters think they know better.

No, it’s the late notice that’s the problem. If he’d let people know that he was going to have a knee operation, they might have rescheduled it to a date that would suit him better. It’s the fact that this event was so low on his priority list that he didn’t bother doing anything about it until the last minute, that shows what contempt he has for this place.

Holden Caulfield 2:55 pm 22 Nov 13

Postalgeek said :

But all the punters think they know better.

They always do. You should be reading BigFooty or your club footy forum of choice today, the day after the AFL draft, haha.

majuraman 2:53 pm 22 Nov 13

Postalgeek-correct me if I’m wrong but the press release quoted ‘knee injury’ not ‘knee surgery’- something of a critical distinction I would have thought.

Postalgeek 2:38 pm 22 Nov 13

FFS The bloke’s just had a knee operation and faces the very real threat of clotting in the leg. Thirty hours on a plane is a recipe for DVT or pulmonary embolism and sudden death half-way over the Pacific, and he probably hasn’t had a chance to naturalise on Wafarin.

But all the punters think they know better.

majuraman 1:51 pm 22 Nov 13

What a crock- what a girls blouse this self- important jerk has proven himself to be- knee injury !- they have these things called wheelchairs that you can even use on planes- I recall there was an American President who was in one fulltime- to pike on this event at the 11th hour and blow out that many people for the sake of an inconvenient issue like that is a measure of the disregard this blowfish has for this country and the Australian acting fraternity- perhaps the event was misguided in the first place- but a character check on Mr Smallbeer (literal translation?) would have been a good idea…

johnboy 8:24 am 22 Nov 13

It’s not like he would have been carrying his own bags and sitting in economy.

Sandman 7:50 am 22 Nov 13

Is Skywhale available to fill in for him? There are some similar bulges, folds and creases between the two and they’re both full of hot air.

AndyLain 12:45 am 22 Nov 13

Holden Caulfield said :

TWC co-chairman Harvey Weinstein said “It’s with great disappointment that doctors’ orders force me to cancel my plans to be in Australia due to a knee injury.

How is that not a reasonable excuse?

Meconium 9:09 pm 21 Nov 13

The more I think about it, there are two things at play here.

1. Weinstein is a self-important prick who can’t be bothered to come to an event that was organised simply to celebrate him. If it had mattered to him, a knee injury wouldn’t have stopped him. According to the website, some of Australia’s biggest film stars, plus Rachel Griffiths, were to be in attendance (apologies for that joke if she’s a relative of yours johnboy).

2. The energy that has gone into the creation of this hagiographic event was misguided, and smacks of energetic Canberrans trying to create something of international relevance in this town, but toward the wrong figure. Obviously Canberra is the capital, which is why we graciously receive/endure visits from people like Mr Obama and Mrs Windsor. But really, Harvey Weinstein? Nobody cares about the producers of a film, and for good reason. Sure, his studio enabled a bunch of indie films to get off the ground that otherwise might not have, but in the end, who is really interested in where the money comes from, as long as the movie gets made? Obviously the funding is no small thing, but why does it matter who’s organised it? Only because their name appears near the director’s (and above those of other important people involved) in the credits.

Judging from the number of witty “Who?” comments above and in the other threads about this event, most non-film nerds don’t know or care who this person is. But Canberrans aren’t that deluded to know that a festival dedicated to the Coen brothers or Paul Thomas Anderson wouldn’t have the necessary dedicated following in the bush capital to make it worthwhile. Someone like Weinstein, though, with his professional connection to some of these legends of cinema is apparently enough to merit a festival to celebrate his existence.

So it’s a shame for those involved that Weinstein couldn’t be bothered acknowledging the people of Australia doing something nice for him, but in the end why were we bothering to celebrate the life of some rich film executive anyway?

Meconium 7:23 pm 21 Nov 13

This must be crushing for those involved! The inaugural Body of Work festival, and the subject doesn’t even show up.

johnboy said :

I’m imagining it went down something like this…

However, considering that johnboy’s insight is almost certainly what happened, you can sort of see the funny side of it.

Tim33 said :

Well I don’t like him anymore.

You’ve made yourself a very powerful enemy, Weinstein. Snub Canberra at your peril…

Holden Caulfield 3:54 pm 21 Nov 13

TWC co-chairman Harvey Weinstein said “It’s with great disappointment that doctors’ orders force me to cancel my plans to be in Australia due to a knee injury. I was incredibly excited to take part in the Canberra Body of Work weekend and humbled to accept the festival’s generous honor. I know a tremendous amount of hard work and man power has gone into the planning and orchestration of the event, and I cannot express my appreciation enough to all those who took part. My sincerest thanks to the Body of Work festival for their understanding and continued support.

Tim33 3:47 pm 21 Nov 13

Well I don’t like him anymore. I must admit I only first heard about him on Barcham’s post regarding the competition.

It is his loss though. Seriously imagine being rich and coming here for a weekend, you could see the sights of Canberra – then go to Sydney and spend some ca$h to sample the high life there, maybe pick up a beautiful Aussie blonde groupie or three. Better than any other country.

Deref 3:39 pm 21 Nov 13


johnboy 3:32 pm 21 Nov 13

Or maybe he thought he was getting an award at the Capital of Austria?

johnboy 3:19 pm 21 Nov 13

I’m imagining it went down something like this seeing as it’s Wednesday in the US:

“Mr Weinstein it’s time to get your plane to Australia”

“Get the plane? But I’m only going for the weekend”

“Well yes sir but they’re a day ahead and it takes 16 hours to fly”

“Well screw that”.

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