Westfield woden – Indoor Sunday market?

DawnDrifter 11 May 2009 21

Hi people,

I dont whinge often but I was roaming the Westfield Woden/Woden plaza on Saturday and Sunday for some mother’s day stuff and I was amazed at the number of those little crappy stores they have setup in the middle of the walkways.

From memory there was a:

    — Sock store
    — Perfume store
    — Car > fund raiser ticket seller
    — Foxtel display
    — Roof repair
    — Window Double glaizing
    — Charity of some sort
    — Ugg boot seller
    — Gardening tools

All in that short run between Michael Hill and the top near the fruit shop

There was literally no space to walk around these things and those with strollers/trolleys were just waiting for a spot to get through.

I don’t mind the random one here or there (except those ones that try rub some sort of moisturiser? into my hands) but the over crowdedness, shabby look, and general frustration that they cause shoppers must piss off more locals then just I.

Maybe they were just for Mothers day weekend? Its not as if Westfield are hard up for cash.. or are they? can anyone that works near by contribute a photo here? [ED – pictures to images@the-riotact.com]

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21 Responses to Westfield woden – Indoor Sunday market?
ifan ifan 10:30 am 12 May 09

As I can remember, there was one new selling shoe soles, for physiotherapy purpose?

jakez jakez 10:14 am 12 May 09

It has not once occured to me that the casual leases could possibly in any way represent anything resembling an annoyance.

Harden up, Princess.

Fiona Fiona 9:21 am 12 May 09

The hand cream people are a bit gross at the moment. Do you think they practise good hygiene between victims?

MWF MWF 10:08 pm 11 May 09

bd84 said :

All these florists popped up on the side of the roads over the weekend too..

Yeah, actually I noticed that too, but had forgotten in my snotty cold from hell haze.

Picking my kid up from school on Friday – can you get pulled over and arrested for having over the limit snot? I felt way worse than being blind rotten drunk, but apparently I was still legal to drive – I saw a couple of cars parked on the side of the road selling flowers. Mum type sellers. Like a once off gig.

bd84 bd84 9:36 pm 11 May 09

All these florists popped up on the side of the roads over the weekend too..

Woden is normally very busy every weekend, there’s all sorts of people who dawdle along, stop after getting of the escalator etc..

futto futto 9:13 pm 11 May 09

lol Felix. That was the exact same thing i thought of when i read the post.

Felix the Cat Felix the Cat 8:42 pm 11 May 09

Mmmmm…double glazing you say, I might have to check that out.

creative_canberran creative_canberran 7:34 pm 11 May 09

Funny thing, If I walk past these jerks selling stuff (excluding charity car raffles), they never approach me when I’m holding scalind hot coffee.

MWF MWF 7:14 pm 11 May 09

I detest the hand cream hawkers too. You’d think if you say NO THANK YOU the first time you walked past them, that they would leave you alone the second, third and fourth time – I get lost in these mall things, so shutup.

economicrisis09 economicrisis09 3:39 pm 11 May 09

I think the charity, win a car stalls can stay, they have been in malls as long as I can remember. as long as its a good charity good on them.

McDoctor McDoctor 3:32 pm 11 May 09

As a mother, I hate commercialised days like Mothers Day, Valentines Day and Xmas… (after all, if you love and appreciate someone, you should be telling them every day of the year!!!)…however I dread the thought of being given an item from any cheap stall including:
– Sock stores
– Perfume stores
– Car > fund raiser ticket sellers
– Foxtel displays
– Roof repairs
– Window Double glaizings
– Charity of some sorts
– Ugg boot sellers

– Gardening tools

economicrisis09 economicrisis09 3:24 pm 11 May 09

With the rent they can charge I guess they have to do it to make money, they are answering to shareholders after all. But i hate how congested it makes it.

justbands justbands 3:14 pm 11 May 09

Whilst we’re on the subject…one thing that really DOES annoy me is calling the place “Westfield Woden”. It is, has always been & always will be known as “Woden Plaza”, or simply “the Plaza”. 🙂

mikal mikal 2:55 pm 11 May 09

So, nothing forces you to shop at Westfield Woden, right? If its too crowded, just walk back out and go somewhere else. If enough people do it, the mall might learn.

Pommy bastard Pommy bastard 2:51 pm 11 May 09

justbands said :

I’d put it (as I have) in the “minor inconvenience for a few seconds” category, navigate your way around them (& the prams, skateboards, whatever), smile & go about your day.

Or run amock with a katana.

Whatsup Whatsup 1:42 pm 11 May 09

+2 justbands. It’s just not worth increasing your blood pressure over is it.

Instead of frowning at the obstructions, try looking for the clear path and let your eyes smile.

niftydog niftydog 1:28 pm 11 May 09

+1 justbands. If only Canberra drivers got that concept.

Its not as if Westfield are hard up for cash…

Makes no difference, the greed is constant.

la mente torbida la mente torbida 1:02 pm 11 May 09

justbands +1

I went to the shops and things got in my way!


justbands justbands 12:43 pm 11 May 09

I’d put it (as I have) in the “minor inconvenience for a few seconds” category, navigate your way around them (& the prams, skateboards, whatever), smile & go about your day.

bubzie bubzie 12:42 pm 11 May 09

I work in said westfield woden, and on friday, there was like only the socks, double glazing, and foxtel, and possibly the roof one. (it was either the glazing or roof..) and they’ve been there forever. I popped into work on saturday and was like “..yup. this is new??”

And i’m now kicking myself that i didnt take a photo or anything, sorry.

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