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Westin likely to face 2 years.

bighead 15 June 2007 35

Amber Joan (Jane?) Westin is likely to face 2 years in Jail according to a verdict handed down by Chief Magistrate Ron Cahill today. She has been given a week’s grace to deal with issues relating to her daughter.


All I can say is, it’s about time.

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Westin likely to face 2 years.
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Intel 3:10 pm 02 Aug 10

FYI – “Limestone Lizzy” died around 2006-2007.

The poor woman suffered from mental illness. She self-medicated with drugs in an attempt to function, despite her mental anguish.

Absent Diane 10:30 am 22 Jun 07

it is a terrible situation. And is true what people are saying about jail not facilitating rehabilitation. But what else do you do? wait until we have something better. Not realistic or beneficial for society.

I personally like the idea of ‘capping’ (ala the tripods) all criminals for the duration of their punishment. Reducing their ability for creativity and deception. If they can’t be rehabilitated then they wear the cap for life. Little cost, they can still maintain normal lives AND don’t threaten us with antisocial behaviour.

sepi 10:28 am 22 Jun 07

This case really makes a good argument for a lock-up rehab facility.

Maelinar 10:28 am 22 Jun 07

Put an exercise machine in with her.

Thumper 8:16 am 22 Jun 07

Well, you can’t say that she wasn’t given every chance in the world to show that she could change…

One really has to wonder what goes on in the minds f people as such.

That is, if anything actually goes on in the mind at all…

Very sad situation all around, especially with no apparent chance of rehabilitation in anyway.

el 10:38 pm 21 Jun 07

Now reading on ABC Online it’s 7 months.

el 10:34 pm 21 Jun 07

Pretty sure I just heard on the Prime Teev news that she’s been sentenced to the full 2 years.

Thumper 8:22 am 19 Jun 07

The stupid bint will spend the rest of her life in and out of gaol. She’s already proved time and time again that she has absolutely no respect for laws and even less for other people.

You can only give someone so many chances.

Having said that, it’s a sad state of affairs when someone is allowed to reach such a position in their life when they no longer have anything to live for.

Deadmandrinking 8:50 pm 18 Jun 07

You’ll all be seeing her in two years – twice as f**ked up. (I think I said that before, but this site has a terrible feeling of deja vu with every second article).
And Pandy, I’m sorry to say I honestly believe you’d do what you say.

bigred 7:22 pm 18 Jun 07

I hope she doesn’t get locked up. If we want her to be punished she should be sentenced to continuing living her already miserable life. Keeping going the way she is, she can’t have many more years left on this earth. Capital punishment by default.

Haven’t worked out the public safety angles yet.

el 6:57 pm 18 Jun 07


Maelinar 6:54 pm 18 Jun 07

I hear that since nobody told her she couldn’t bring the drugs along, she may be in the clear.

Legally speaking, given that she’s just made extremely public her addiction to drugs, this’ll be a hard one for the prosecution.

vandam 3:53 pm 18 Jun 07

I heard 3 months jail. Very dissapointing Ron! Oh and Boomacat, yeah jail is a bad place, but being a smacked out idiot, that kills someone, shows no remourse and breaches her bail should go to jail. And for a lot longer than she got

neanderthalsis 3:02 pm 18 Jun 07

Limestone lizzy has a job with a regular income, something that gets her out in the fresh air, social interaction and no heavy lifting.
AJW is a gormless pillock… No comparison really

Amber Westin WISHES she was Limestone Lizzy.

West_Kambah_4eva 9:18 am 18 Jun 07

Amber Westin was Limestone Lizzy.

Pandy 10:02 pm 16 Jun 07

Who is feeding her drug habit?

Anyone else notice that ‘slag’ is just ‘gals’ backward. And Amber certainly seems a bit backward.

Vic Bitterman 7:33 pm 16 Jun 07

And keith, she’s a slag who killed a valuable member of our society, whilst breaking many, many laws that you and I uphold.

Do you have a more fitting name for her?

Vic Bitterman 7:32 pm 16 Jun 07

Ah boomacat, keep it up sunshine. The rest of us in society will contuinue to laugh at your sad sorry lesso commo pinko arses.

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