What really goes on behind-the-scenes of reality TV, as told by local artist Kirrah Amosa

Lachlan Roberts 8 July 2019 14
Kirrah Amosa

Kirrah Amosa found out the hard way that reality TV is not all that it is cracked up to be. Photo: wearefoundau

It might look all glitz and glamour but for many contestants, like local artist Kirrah Amosa, reality TV is not actually reality.

Last month, Kirrah appeared on Channel Nine’s popular singing competition The Voice to perform in front of superstar coaches Kelly Rowland, Boy George, Delta Goodrem and Guy Sebastian, despite her initial hesitation to audition for the show.

“I know the ins and outs of the show because I have friends that have been through the process before and I know that it is not real,” Kirrah told Region Media. “So I had always sworn to never do the show but this year I was contacted so many times, trying to convince me to be on the show.

“Around 5,000 to 6,000 people have auditioned this year alone so I wasn’t sure why they wanted me to come on. They said there was no way I wouldn’t turn a chair and there was no one like me on the show so I was really buttered up, treated like royalty and lulled into a false sense of security.

“I had always wondered ‘what if’, so I agreed.”

The first red flag for Kirrah was during the interview for the show, which would be aired during her blind audition.

“During my interview for the show, one of the producers tried to get me to say that I am the Australian Beyonce and put words into my mouth,” Kirrah recalled. “I knew what they were trying to make me look like an arrogant, know-it-all diva.

“I wasn’t going to give them that material so I refused to say it. I am not there to be a puppet.”

After Kirrah finished her performance of Let Me Love You, none of the judges turned their chairs. Kirrah said what was later broadcasted on television was not what it seemed, adamant that her argument with Delta Goodrem and the other coaches was fabricated by the show’s producers.

“My face wasn’t arrogant, it was shocked,” Kirrah said. “I felt betrayed because I was lulled into a false sense of security. The judges and I had a great chat but the way it was shown on TV wasn’t what really happened.”

The 24-year-old singer then received a torrent of abuse from online trolls but instead of letting it get to her, she turned the hate into a new single which was released on 5 July.

“A lot of the trolls and the people that didn’t know me said that I didn’t take their advice well, or said I looked ungrateful,” she said. “I still get messages from people who tell me to be more humble.

“I know I did nothing wrong during the whole process yet my upbringing is being attacked, the way I look is being attacked and attacking me as a human. It is not even about how I sang on the show.

“My response to these people is my new song Nothing on Me, which is also a thank you to the people who have supported me.”

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14 Responses to What really goes on behind-the-scenes of reality TV, as told by local artist Kirrah Amosa
Gail Collis Gail Collis 8:14 pm 12 Jul 19

Cannot stand the judges, it’s all about them, have seen some really good people with great talent just dumped. Very sad. Haven’t watched it for past few years.

Peter Funnell Peter Funnell 11:19 pm 11 Jul 19

Agree with Gary Wilkins. The show is all about the judges and their antics. Kirrah is a beautiful person with a beautiful voice and no one can take that away from her.

Melody Atonal Melody Atonal 2:00 pm 10 Jul 19

I flicked over by accident to see some terrible guitar holds by some dancers. What's the point when you could show some live musicians instead. Kirrah is better off doing her own thing.

Gary Wilkins Gary Wilkins 1:11 pm 09 Jul 19

The voice is all about the judges egos, just seeing the promos is enough, don't watch the show.

Nate Mooré Nate Mooré 7:12 pm 08 Jul 19

I was confused by the whole debacle. It felt to me like the judges were trying to manufacture something. Whoever did the final edit putting it together for TV did a terrible job and failed miserably at making it look like Kirrah was hostile towards the judges, who likewise did a terrible job at manufacturing a sense of being offended. As Kirrah said though, 'the sun will come up tomorrow'.

Carole Ford Carole Ford 6:03 pm 08 Jul 19

That's why I don't watch any of the 'reality TV' shows on currently. Sadly this doesn't leave a lot of viewing on the commercial channels. Thank goodness for the ABC and SBS.

Tommy Buttons Tommy Buttons 4:48 pm 08 Jul 19

They should NOT have people on who have been on before, it really narrows down the numbers.

Tommy Buttons Tommy Buttons 4:47 pm 08 Jul 19

I think it's disgusting the prize money is only $100,000 the judges would be on a million maybe more.

Daniel Dan Daniel Dan 1:01 pm 08 Jul 19

It’s not just TV... it’s the industry in general. Do you want a professional music career or a soul? Take your pick 🍾

Megan Hogan Megan Hogan 10:13 pm 07 Jul 19

I don’t watch these shows but I’ve heard her perform on stage, she’s very talented.

Penelope Rose Penelope Rose 10:01 pm 07 Jul 19

Anyone who goes on those shows and thinks the producers/crew would have the contestants best interests at heart is fooling themselves. It's all for ratings and $$$$ in the producers pockets.

Gabriel Spacca Gabriel Spacca 9:59 pm 07 Jul 19

And in breaking news, reality TV isn’t real. Pictures at eleven.

Marcus Paul Marcus Paul 9:21 pm 07 Jul 19

Kirrah is a unique talent. She will make her own path to success. In fact she already is. She comes from a beautiful family and its a pleasure to watch her progress 🙏

Bobby Farquhar Bobby Farquhar 9:20 pm 07 Jul 19

contacted to appear an then dumped.its all a con an they should be ashamed...all a con !!!

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