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What’s doing on Coulter Drive?

By Dark and Mysterious - 27 September 2007 23

Went down Coulter Drive at 9am, just before the lights on William Hovell, and there was a big operation going on.  At least three police cars pulling drivers over.  At first I thought it was a breath test, but I think they were checking tyres with some sort of calliper arrangement.  Hard to be sure because I only had a quick glance as I was waved on.  There were about half a dozen driverless cars sitting there on the verge!

 Anyone know what was doing?

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23 Responses to
What’s doing on Coulter Drive?
VYBerlinaV8 now_with 8:58 am 28 Sep 07

Good to see vehicle inspections being done. Hopefully they are able to check brakes and structural condition somehow as well. For all the griping us New South Welshmen carry on with for having our cars inspected every year, at least it means I know the basics are ok.

FC 8:24 am 28 Sep 07

I went to renew my licence last year and was told that it had been suspended in 2003 for an unpaid parking fine. I thought this was stange as I had been pulled over by the police twice in recent times, once for speeding and the other time for RBT. They never once mentioned anything about me not having a licence.
Even stranger was that I never owned a car, or had a car registered in my name in 2003. And also never receieved any fine or correspondence in the mail about this parking fine.
I explained this to the people at the shopfront and they kindly renewed my licence on the spot.
I think they may have something to do with me being all “suited up” from being at work, as I doubt they would have taken my word for it if I’d walked in in my track pants.

futto 8:22 am 28 Sep 07

The cops are out because its the end of the month and they have quotas to meet. Happens every month.

Pandy 7:00 am 28 Sep 07

Opps forgot this part:
If payment of the penalty plus administrative charge, or a letter disputing the infringement, is not received within 28 days from the date of service of the reminder notice, the Road Transport Authority will commence action to suspend your driver licence, vehicle registration, or if you are licensed interstate, your right to drive in the ACT.

Pandy 11:02 pm 27 Sep 07

The rego checks happens often on Coulter Drive.

Licence suspended for an unpaid parking fine?

What happens if you don’t pay?
If full payment of the penalty, or a letter disputing the parking infringement, is not received within 28 days from the date of service, a reminder notice will be issued for payment of the penalty plus an administrative charge.

ant 10:26 pm 27 Sep 07

They’re on attractive commissions with great bonuses for performance. Get out there and Sell! (or catch, in their case).

Felix the Cat 8:52 pm 27 Sep 07

I’ve seen quite a few cops out and about in the last few days, mostly with radar guns in hand.

There was a busful the other day (trainees?) on Limestone Ave just near the Fire Station/Ainslie Footy Club.

Queenie 8:01 pm 27 Sep 07

Here’s a message from my fiance:

Same thing happened last Thursday on Lady Denman drive. Got pulled over and told my licence had been suspended since 2006 for an unpaid parking ticket that I hadn’t given a second thought since the day it happened (my bad, I’ll admit). The thing is, I never received any notification about the overdue fine OR the fact that my license had been suspended. Gotta love the system… I was lucky in that they acknowledged the fact that I hadn’t been notified, cautioned me and told me to find another way home and go pay the fine tomorrow to have my licence restored. I got a taxi home from the car park on the end of Lady Denman and my mom got scared and said, “You’re moving with your auntie and uncle in Bel-Air!” I whistled for a cab and when it came near the licence plate said “Fresh” and it had dice in the mirror. If anything, I could say that this cab was rare, but I thought, “Nah forget it, yo homes, to Bel-Air!”

cranky 6:23 pm 27 Sep 07

A fleet of what looked like trainees milling about on Limestone Ave(no idea what that was about, except it was where a strange motor accident causing death occured some months ago), and traffic directing practice at Hindmarsh Drive/Canberra Ave, Fyshwick, a couple of days ago. Very impressive performance by the trainee I encountered.

boomacat 6:13 pm 27 Sep 07

Are there some graduates coming out of the police college soon? I think they usually do stuff like this.

ant 5:40 pm 27 Sep 07

How bizarre. ACT police doing real police stuff. it won’t last. It was probably a training exercise.

andy 5:27 pm 27 Sep 07

they started around 7am.. they were there when we went past

Sammy 12:55 pm 27 Sep 07

They were doing vehicle checks on Hindmarsh Drive near Symonston at about 12pm today, so I assume it’s the same group of officers from Coulter Drive this morning.

The AFP had their vehicle number plate recognition system setup in advance of the registration and roadworthy checking further down the road.

Rawhide Kid No 2 11:06 am 27 Sep 07

You’ll find that the is indeed officers from the RTA there. The police are there to enforce the law.

asp 10:59 am 27 Sep 07

Well it’s nice to see the Police do something other than revenue raising, if they were infact doing vehicle compliance checks. But if the Police are underresoucrced as the often claim to be, shouldn’t vehicle inspector be doing that?

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