Which chocolate chooks lay the best chocolate eggs?

trevar 10 April 2009 27

Usually by this time I have ventured out and bought a very large chocolate egg for the kids to have on Easter Sunday, but this year, I kept thinking I should wait.

And now here it is, Good Friday, and I need to find a big egg by Sunday…

So, I am wondering if anyone out there in RiotACT land can share their wisdom on the last minute purchase of chocolate eggs exceeding 1kg…

Life won’t be worth living if the three little trevars don’t have an enormous egg to break open come Sunday morning!

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27 Responses to Which chocolate chooks lay the best chocolate eggs?
poptop poptop 10:57 am 12 Apr 09

I bought chocolate truffle filled painted genuine eggshell eggs for my various beloveds from Manuka Fine Foods – rather like an eggshell full of firm Nutella.

The base of the eggs had been chopped off, eggs cleaned and filled with the truffle stuff, a special sort of sticker over the hole and then the whole thing painted festively.

If I can work out how to get a clean cut on the bottom of some eggshells by next year, I think I might try making these myself.

ricci ricci 10:43 am 12 Apr 09

I thought Lindt was Swiss chocolate?

RatsNest RatsNest 4:20 pm 11 Apr 09

A Noisy Noise Annoys An Oyster said :

Has anybody else noticed that Easter egg chocolate tastes different than normal block chocolate? It tastes more like Laxettes. Does anybody know whether any extra ingredients are put into Easter eggs to make them taste different?

Avoid cheap import chocolate to avoid the laxette taste. Stick to darryl lea, lindt, cadbury and red tulip for the best tasting easter eggs.

As for the flavour change, IIRC, Cadbury eggs are made at the SA factory and blocks are made at the Tassie factory. Thus you have different water and milk supplies which will slightly alter the taste.

Granny Granny 3:40 pm 11 Apr 09

You’re a wicked, wicked man, Trevar!


I helped Loquaciousness make Easter eggs this year! It was terrific fun and I can highly recommend it. I was lousy at the fiddly colouring in bits, but I reckon I could make a pretty good basic egg, and as Woody said it was fun to fill them with smarties and jelly beans and freckles and baby foil-wrapped solid eggs.

Thanks, WMC!

: )

I probably won’t, but the thought is lovely!

Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 12:35 pm 11 Apr 09

Has anybody else noticed that Easter egg chocolate tastes different than normal block chocolate

Cadbury increases the cocoa solids content of its Easter egg chocolate and reduces milk solids: Dairy Milk is 26% cocoa solids and 28% milk solids, while their eggs are 30% cocoa solids and 26% milk solids. A thinner shell and greater exposure to oxygen in the cavity also affects flavour compared to a block which is pretty much sealed from the elements.

trevar trevar 10:47 am 11 Apr 09

I think I will undertake Woody’s suggestion next year… for now I got a 1kg egg for just under $20, which is cheaper than I’ve got them in the past, but it’s also a little smaller… which should lead to more entertaining arguments…

A Noisy Noise Annoys An Oyster A Noisy Noise Annoys An Oyster 10:36 am 11 Apr 09

Has anybody else noticed that Easter egg chocolate tastes different than normal block chocolate? It tastes more like Laxettes. Does anybody know whether any extra ingredients are put into Easter eggs to make them taste different?

Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 8:51 am 11 Apr 09

For next year:

Buy a large silicone Easter egg mould online. Pick up a kilo bag of Lindt buttons from Essential Ingredient (about $26). Melt, pour, cool, join the two halves with a little melted chocolate. Bonus – you can fill it with whatever you like first.

When you’re in Woolies buying your Easter eggs, do a quick mental calculation on the price per kilo (or don’t – it’s not nice to find you’re paying $70/kg for lecithin and sugar!)

(Back to truffle-making…)

(And Granny – you deserve one Lindt ball. Just one. Have it with a good coffee, and enjoy it!)

astrojax astrojax 7:49 am 11 Apr 09

one whole kilo??!! wow, can i be a fourth l’il trevar?? : )

i realised with with sadness only a week or so ago the demise of the chocolate shop in centrepoint. hope they find a retail outlet again soon, but that would have been my suggestion. bruno’s maybe?

good luck – and surely by now granny they make tofu eggs with carob to make it look ‘real’ for those dieting..?

trevar trevar 7:04 am 11 Apr 09

Kinnerton make chocolate in a nut-free factory in the UK. You used to be able to get Kinnerton chocolate in BigW, but I haven’t needed to find it for years, so I don’t know whether they still have it.

Thanks SheepGroper, since the advent of our set top box, I don’t watch ads anymore, so I missed it. Kmart first stop this morning!

Granny Granny 11:41 pm 10 Apr 09

I saw some labeled nut-free in Woolies Gungahlin, ant. They probably have them in other Woolies ones as well.

ant ant 10:25 pm 10 Apr 09

I don’t suppose anyone’s seen any nut-free easter eggs? I haven’t had an easter egg in years. It would be nice to have an easter egg, but they all seem to be made in factories that process nuts.

SheepGroper SheepGroper 10:15 pm 10 Apr 09

K-Mart are having a 20% off sale on chocolate eggs tomorrow, if you managed to miss all the ads on the commercial networks, a large egg from there should be the best deal.

sepi sepi 10:01 pm 10 Apr 09

Geez – when did chocolate become so complicated.

There is now child-slave free chocolate and fair trade chocolate in supermarkets – only blocks tho, no eggs.

And Darryl Lea is at least a genuine Australian company, even if it is run by a very strange family, as shown on Australian Story.

I-filed I-filed 9:36 pm 10 Apr 09

Hmmm, Rosebud, if you don’t mind spending the money, you could try to find Valrhona, Escazu or Bonnat chocolate … other than that, some Haigh’s from Adelaide is better than Kokoblack because of the better texture. Bruno’s is also Singapore chocolate (labelled European) and too full of cacao butter to bother with …

rosebud rosebud 7:55 pm 10 Apr 09

So that begs the next question I-Filed – where IS the best ‘true’ chocolate to be purchased in Canberra? Not being a real conniseur, I quite like Koko Black, but am very opem minded, well, at least about finding a better chocolate.

Granny Granny 7:45 pm 10 Apr 09

No eggs for me, fabforty! I’m fertile enough!! You only have to look at me and I have chicks hatching left, right and centre like Old Mother Goose! Well, not you maybe, but, you know, … boys!!


Granny Granny 7:19 pm 10 Apr 09

Woah! The three little Trevars must be much better behaved than my brood! If I did that, all that would be left would be a few scraps of clothing, a single shoe and a large clump of somebody’s hair ….

; )

fabforty fabforty 7:15 pm 10 Apr 09

Granny said :

Darrel Lea make very nice eggs, but you’ll possibly be lucky to get anything at this stage …. The little Trevars are counting on you, so good luck! Let us know how you get on.

We are having kind of a GFC Easter this year. Much less lavish than other years.

An M&M bunny for the four-year-old, a white Cadbury bunny for the nine-year-old, a Kit-Kat bunny for the thirteen-year-old, a Lindt egg for the twenty-seven-year-old, a Bob the Builder torch egg for the two-year-old grandson, and a teeny tiny Favourites egg for Gramps. Also a few packets of filled eggs for a treasure hunt – Caramello, Peppermint, Crunchie eggs and Milky Bar eggs – and two packets of hot cross buns – one regular, one chocolate.

All courtesy of last minute last night at Woolies Gungahlin.

And nothing at all for poor old Granny who is still on a diet. *sigh*

But Granny – you must have an egg. You owe it to Jesus !

I-filed I-filed 6:14 pm 10 Apr 09

rosebud said :

Upmarket – Coco Black

Sorry, I have to disagree – don’t be fooled! Koko Black don’t make upmarket chocolate at all – it’s medium quality at most, sourced from Singapore. Way overpriced, and the basis is cheap SE Asian cacao or the lesser quality forastero bean, rather than good Criollo beans from South America. I checked with them when they first opened in Canberra. Plus their chocolate is insufficiently conched, so it isn’t smooth, and was still partly crystalline, the block I bought (and regretted). Darrel Lea’s best dark chocolate is actually very close in quality – if not parity.

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