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Who changed the rules on the World Naked Bike Ride?

By johnboy - 12 March 2011 27


We’ve had the following in from World Naked Bike Ride organisers and it raises some interesting questions:

The ACT Police have a bee in their bonnet and have pushed back on what they think will be acceptable during this years World Naked Bike Ride. It was pointed out to them that their ideas for this year are stricter than is normal at any beach, and more prudish than is accepted in other WNBR rides around Australia. They pointed out the ACT is not the beach, nor is the ACT the same as other cities. When the other rides in 80 cities around the world was mentioned they repeated this is the ACT and they are not following the examples in other cities. The APF have an opinion the Parliamentary Triangle should have a level of sanctity they wish to uphold, but failed to included the Question Time childishness or the various costumes worn by Steve Fielding in this concept.

After the recent meeting with the AFP, the message is –
There has been a late change from the ACT Police regarding the dress code for this year, and all riders must wear a minimum of clothing (e.g. bikini, speedo, underwear). Just a covering of body-paint will not be sufficient this year, and the AFP will be enforcing their requirement that genitals, buttocks, and breasts be covered with some type of clothing. Apart from this, the ride will be similar to last year.

There have been a lot of negative opinions aired about this, and the WNBR organizers also think this is an over zealous requirement. One problem identified is people against the ride made some noise and complained loudly, but only a few who supported the ride made a similar noise. The social prudes are wining the debate, as they are the only ones speaking out. We need many people to ride this year, and oodles of people to cheer us on as we ride past, to show there is plenty of acceptance of the WNBR in Canberra.

Here at RiotACT we can’t help wonder who assessed community feedback, or even called for it? Who met and considered these issues? Who made these decisions?

What’s Your opinion?

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27 Responses to
Who changed the rules on the World Naked Bike Ride?
cleo 2:33 am 13 Mar 11

Well it would be dangerous, I mean to say, wouldn’t want anything caught in the spokes! 🙂

matt31221 11:47 pm 12 Mar 11

I seem to be one of the poor saps that have copped way too much abuse from bycicle riders. Sure *sometimes* I haven’t seen them when driving and almost run them over but usually when they haven’t had lights or relective vests and they have done the wrong thing like run through red lights or cut in front of me. So I probably shouldn’t comment but I will.

I can see the AFP point (ha ha get it? anyways – )- the Parlimentry triangle and associated areas should be respected because it represents the institutions that hold together our nation. And naked people on bikes riding past them with their bits flopping out and around IS quite disrespectful to those institutions. Nothing wrong with riding around the city and ‘burbs though is there?

futto 9:13 pm 12 Mar 11

I would like the police to enforce current laws and leave the creation of laws to the elected officials.

If its illegal to be nude, i can’t image you will get in much trouble. Look, if you can shoot two people in the head or stab someone repeatedly in the chest, and it’s all OK in the ACT, i can’t image you would get much time for swinging your willy or boob around.

PPPSSSTTT. just say it was self-defense (or that your clothes were on fire)!

Skidbladnir 8:37 pm 12 Mar 11

If police want to keep the ParlTri family friendly, they ought to say so, or point at an NCA policy…
While the event doesn’t really interest me, people getting their tits out or gear off might be considered a reasonable method of political expression in a present or future context.
(Especially with a few years of event precedent here)

But riding through a car show with children present is a bit different to crashing a wedding photo…

RedDogInCan 7:54 pm 12 Mar 11

I would suggest that the above photo is part of the reason for the crack down. Honestly, who though that riding naked through a family event wasn’t going to bring complaints. I could imagine more than a few parents who were taking their kids to see the cars, being upset at the event being invaded by nude cyclists. It is all well and good to say everyone should be able to do there own thing but ‘their own thing’ doesn’t need to be inflicted on everyone else.

Sorry but if the WNBR hadn’t shown such a lack of good sense, they wouldn’t have these restrictions in place.

Pandy 7:23 pm 12 Mar 11

I have nothing against boobs in public. I wish I had, but then the missus would object.

Comic_and_Gamer_Nerd 6:08 pm 12 Mar 11

so lame.

Are there not far more important things to be policing or worrying about?

What des a indecent exposure charge consist of and what if they all broke the *rules* anywyas?

Tetranitrate 5:05 pm 12 Mar 11

The event doens’t really interest me much, but honestly who cares?
Do they really think children might be harmed by seeing breasts?

I-filed 5:01 pm 12 Mar 11

I believe there will be a bar open at the festivities, and all the profits will go to the organisation so it can go on to bigger and better things – I think real nuddiness will depend on strength of numbers. I’d go nuddy only if I could ride in the middle of a very large contingent. I promise to drink up afterwards and contribute to the coffers if I don’t dare ride!

cranky 4:43 pm 12 Mar 11

Motorsport supporters can sympathise.

gospeedygo 4:11 pm 12 Mar 11

pandaman said :

Seems pretty harmless really. Given the nasty crap that humans do to each other on a regular basis throughout the world, a bunch of hippies riding around with no clothes on hardly seems to pose a great moral quandary.

Didn’t you get the memo? Descriptions of horrible crimes on the 6pm news, fiiiiiiiiiiine. But boobs and bums and various wobbly bits cycling down the street, baaaaaad. It might be a bit of a reach given the news isn’t broadcasting live on a flatbed truck driving down the street but nevertheless I am too lazy to finish this thought.

Skidbladnir 3:29 pm 12 Mar 11

1) Sanctity? The Parliamentary Triangle is sacred like a cathedral now?
(Discounting the Question Time and Fielding reference, Members & Senators get parliamentary privilege)

2) Seems a bit unfair that for a one-off event no woman is allowed to show off any boob (unlike when breastfeeding, sunbathing, etc), but men can show off their nipples any time they like, and nobody will bat an eyelid.
Otherwise, tassle pasties (or paint-on vinyl) for everybody!

PS: Here is the Indecent Exposure portion of the Crimes Act 1900.

pandaman 2:40 pm 12 Mar 11

Seems pretty harmless really. Given the nasty crap that humans do to each other on a regular basis throughout the world, a bunch of hippies riding around with no clothes on hardly seems to pose a great moral quandary. It would be interesting to hear exactly the arguments against it to see if any of them are the least bit rational.

I-filed 1:00 pm 12 Mar 11

Pasties on nipples and little black ‘kini bottoms on everyone by the look of it … that’s not naked!

gp6 12:16 pm 12 Mar 11

Breasts? I think if the men can go topless, the women should be able to.

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