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Why people will love Canberra according to

jennybel75 24 January 2010 21

Just read this article on about how fabulous a place Canberra now is for tourists.

Seems that it’s tied into the new TV advertising campaign about Canberra being the hippest place to visit.

Will be interesting to see if this effort brings any more tourists in.

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21 Responses to Why people will love Canberra according to
damien haas damien haas 1:00 pm 30 Jan 10

i love no.12 in post #18

choked on my cheese sandwich when i read that.

Danman Danman 1:57 pm 29 Jan 10

My favourite thing about Canberra is standing in our awesome urban nature parks aka Mt Ainslie, Black Mtn, Mt Majura etc and being surrounded by gums and nature and to a further extent the city……

You would not believe how serene and soothing soft urban noise pollution is up top of Mt Majura at night after having been muffled by distance and nature.

p1 p1 12:50 pm 29 Jan 10

I’ve lived in other places in Australia and internationally, and think Canberra is one of the best places to live anywhere. But then, anyone who instantly assumes that Sydney would be a better place to live is just plain different to me.

+1 to the mention of world class mountain biking.

PBO PBO 12:35 pm 29 Jan 10

Aishwarya Rai said :

Canberra is a rather disappointing place to live. I suppose it is very hard to sugar-coat that. Can people name ten exciting/interesting things about Canberra?

1. The people
2. The natural setting
3. The history
4. Hidden Canberra
5. Transit Bar
6. Folks driving around in vans offering great deals on home entertainment
7. Grey, confusing and often misunderstood marijuana laws
8. The entertaining antics of the Masseys
9. Granny’s profile pic (such smouldering eyes, they haunt my dreams)
10.Your mum
11.The many and varied activities that one can undertake in the local region (paintball, stunt training, adult film production etc…)
12.That you can fire a warning shot when approaching an intersection
13.It is the HQ of the N.W.O.
14.Reptoids in power
15.Mass exorcisms
16.You can kill someone here and not get charged with murder
18.Doing laps in Civic (Do ppl still do these?)
19.Lindsay the window washer (Northbourne/Wakefield, he is the only on worth a damn)

Clown Killer Clown Killer 10:37 am 29 Jan 10

Damien, I think that it’s a bit rich to suggest that the turtle neck wearing establishment put the GMC 400 to the sword – that one died of natural causes – so much so that no amount of financial CPR on the part of the ACT Government was ever going to save it.

captainwhorebags captainwhorebags 8:52 am 29 Jan 10

Wow, surprised at the haters in this thread and the “Things Have Changed” thread.

I love the place. It’s not Paris, New York, Melbourne or Sydney (thank god), but then it doesn’t try to be.

I’m not going to say “if you don’t love it, LEAVE”, however if you can’t find things to do or enjoy here, you’re simply not looking – at all.

damien haas damien haas 12:39 am 29 Jan 10

Canberra also has a history of getting rid of events and features that attract people, because they dont fit the turtle neck wearing luvvies view of what is ‘proper’.

Canberra International Dragstrip
Fraser Park Speedway
GMC 400
Rally Australia
Summernats (almost)
Fringe Festival

Feel free to add.

sepi sepi 8:58 pm 28 Jan 10

6 AM Breakfast with the Balloons in front of Old Parliament House
8 AM Walk along the lake and thru the sculpture garden, see nesting swans and parrots galore
9 AM Go to a member’s tour of the latest national gallery exhibition with the curator
10.30 Pop into Kingston for morning tea at All things chocolate
11.30 go to Fyshwick Markets and buy deli stuff for a picnic
12.30 Picnic and swim in the river at Casuarina Sands, Mangos and Champers in the water, mmmm
2.30 Stop by Bruno’s Truffles in Mawson for some homemade icecream
3.00 drive back to civic and meet friends at the merrigoround – have a go!
4.00 See a movie at Dendy premium
6.30 go back to the 60s with a steak dinner at the Charcoal Grill

then go home for a rest and think of 10 totally different things to do the next day.

Tooks Tooks 5:38 pm 28 Jan 10

Aishwarya Rai said :

Canberra is a rather disappointing place to live. I suppose it is very hard to sugar-coat that. Can people name ten exciting/interesting things about Canberra?

People with reasonable levels of intelligence and motivation can usually find interesting and exciting things to do regardless of the location.

Clown Killer Clown Killer 4:02 pm 28 Jan 10

and another six …

Great local wineries
World class mountain biking trails
The highest proportion per capita of quality restaurants in Australia
No traffic
The Brumbies

Thumper Thumper 3:46 pm 28 Jan 10

I’ll bite…

Australian War Memorial
Lake Burley Griffin
National Museum of Australia
Old Parliament House
National Gallery of Australia
National Portrait Gallery
Yankee Hat
ANZAC Parade

There’s ten for a start…

Aishwarya Rai Aishwarya Rai 3:18 pm 28 Jan 10

Canberra is a rather disappointing place to live. I suppose it is very hard to sugar-coat that. Can people name ten exciting/interesting things about Canberra?

vandam vandam 11:01 pm 26 Jan 10

The problem with Canberra is we keep focusing on to much Art and hippy stuff. We have just about every gallery possible here. We have nothing here to attract people. We don’t have any fun parks, our zoo is tiny and unattractive and again our ‘special’ events focus around Art and multicultural. While some of those things are great, its a bit boring when it’s all we have. 10:26 am 26 Jan 10

I think that article has been republished. I recall reading an extreemly similar one a couple of months ago.
I consider it to be a sort of “If I say it enough, I’ll eventually belive it” sort of article. In reality we all know Canberra sucks compared to so many other vibrant cities in Australia. Culture here needs to be forced, almost to be inported. I mean there is so much happening along one of the major suburban streets in Melbourne, Sydney, Newcastle, Woolongong and even Bendigo as compared to Canberra.

Garema mall is kind of dead many times of the day. There’s just not the vibe and action of other cities. The city also does not have the history of other cities. I mean box after box after box of brick homes.

I don’t know what the city needs, but it needs something to liven it up. Pay buskers to perform perhaps? Anything but the boredom that is Canberra.

Reid Reid 8:00 pm 25 Jan 10

gospeedygo said :

Also when was there ‘quarters’ and ‘precincts’? I didn’t get the newsletter informing me of this fact.

Exactly! Some Sydney real estate marketers coining the term ‘New Acton Precinct’ so they can charge an extra $10k for their apartments doesn’t resonate with me.

sunshine sunshine 6:09 pm 25 Jan 10

precincts and quarters??? think they forget to let canberra know this one

WillowJim WillowJim 11:36 am 25 Jan 10

What a fatuous article. The typical fare of journalists who receive goods for free and, as a result, let loose their inner publicist.

tillyard tillyard 11:00 am 25 Jan 10

I suppose the fact that we have food here is pretty cool, but not unique!

Lilli Lilli 7:49 am 25 Jan 10

I found it quite interesting that in the summary of the article, a link to RA’s review of the Griffith Vietnamese Restaurant was included. Quite obviously (according to’s Anita Heiss), we are the authority on the ‘best dining’ in Canberra!

gospeedygo gospeedygo 4:26 am 25 Jan 10

I think it should be retitled “Why trendy wankers will choose to stay in their own cities and laugh a Canberra trying to slap on culture, charm and character.”

Also when was there ‘quarters’ and ‘precincts’? I didn’t get the newsletter informing me of this fact. Personally I think lower east Ngunnawal is just the quaintest place!

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