29 February 2024

Why someone should put a BOM under El Nino - and run for cover

| Sally Hopman
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Rain falling into buckets

So much for the forecast hot, dry summer – it bucketed down. Literally. Photo: Sally Hopman.

We know you’re up there, El Nino, and your Mrs, La Nina, but we have to wonder whether you know what you’re doing?

Clearly, Nina is in La La Land when it comes to the weather she’s supposed to be producing, so we can almost excuse her.

But El Nino, maybe you should read your own forecast. You’re supposed to be hot, and we’re not talking Taylor Swift here, she’s way too cool – we’re talking the real sweaty stuff. Perspiring rivers. The need for a deodo-rant rant.

We had geared up for this summer to be hot stuff. All the clever meteorologists, once they got over the fact that we were going to continue to call the BOM, the BOM, regardless of what their media advisers said, reported, constantly, that we were going to experience nothing short of a sweater, sorry, swelter, this summer. After all, they had forecast it on the 7 pm news.

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Many of us started to complain, admittedly mildly – with only a hint of cloudiness – before the season had even started. But we were preparing to get hot under every collar.

Stores started bringing the dusty old fans out from the back of the storerooms, aircon installers couldn’t wipe the smiles off their dials. People started worrying about how they would look wearing fewer and fewer clothes as the temperatures climbed higher and higher.

The heat was on.

But it wasn’t. It got warmish for a few days, maybe half a dozen over 30, but certainly no wave of heat. Sure, there were a couple of nights when loved ones decided they didn’t really love those ones so much and opted for the other side of the bed.

Storm clouds over paddock

We weren’t supposed to have this sort of cloud cover over summer, but someone forgot to tell Mr Nino. Photo: Sally Hopman.

Then there was the rain we weren’t supposed to have. It bucketed down. Clearly Mr Nino didn’t see that one coming, or he would have headed for shelter.

Forecasting weather would have to be one of the hardest of professions. Even if you’re right, you’re wrong, as far as some folk are concerned. Imagine being burdened with the responsibility for determining what people should wear every day, whether they can go on a picnic or would be better off in their cars going through the drive-through, or that long dreamed of beach wedding.

If you forecast rain and it doesn’t, you’re to blame and vice versa.

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Perhaps we should stick to that tried-and-true, not very scientific but just about almost foolproof method of, wait for it, going outside and, if you get wet, well … you know what to do. If you don’t, do what the rest of us do – just run for cover.

Can’t wait to hear how cool the forecast for winter is going to be.

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I see that statistics aren’t the strong point for commentary here. Same goes for the author. That itself is an indicator.

Apparently, according to an article I’ve read recently the El Nino weather pattern is set to continue during 2024 – that means more wet weather during the year!

A bit of BOM bashing, hey? Don’t mind if I do.

I’ve noticed for a while now that the BOM’s forecasts are in sync with the chemtrails sometimes put in Canberra’s skies. When it looks like it’ll be a clear day, and the forecast should say as much, you then see the sky blanketed white by planes spraying nobody knows what, and the forecast says mostly cloudy or worse. That’s sus. (For all who say chemtrails are just contrails, then where are these contrails during the longish stints of a month or more that they’re not in the sky? Or do we just think no planes flew for over Canberra for that long?)

Further, from winter to September last year, there was little to no chemtrailing happening, and the weather was more or less fine. Come October, however, and long after El Niño had been declared, the chemtrailing started up big time and didn’t slow down until around mid to late January, and this coincided with all the rain. Not saying the chemtrailing caused the rain, but it certainly could have added to it, indicating they knew it was going to be wetter than what they were reporting, namely, the ‘hottest and driest summer on record’. The BOM is certainly sus, all right.

Reminds me: some elite once said about the broader agenda of the elites (who literally want to be like gods and make a reality of their choosing, and not live in one that they were born into) won’t stop until everything everyone believes is true is false. This moment is sadly approaching. At the moment, though, we can still believe the sports scores.

Chemtrail posting on Riotact, wow. Top notch cookery.

Why do planes often not leave contrails you ask?

Because they only happen with specific atmospheric conditions, the fact that you only see them off an on is exactly for that simple reason.

Gotta laugh when instead of just thinking of reasonable, logical explanations, the most weird conspiracy is jumped to out of nowhere.

@Vassily M
Perhaps the chemtrails are being generated by ET and their fellow aliens when they visit our solar system in search of the elusive yowie?

Macquariephil2:43 pm 25 Feb 24

Little boys and little girls are rarely married, so Mrs and Mr would not be appropriate.

Well the climate has been changing since Adam played fullback for the Jesuralites. Everyone nowadays seems to be making a huge song and dance about heatwave conditions etc. Growing up.in the 60s and 70s in Sydney it was far hotter then than it is now. Country NSW was also always hot in.summer. Adelaide was around 40 degrees most days. It is what it is and in Canberra whilst it rained considerably its now sensational weather. Isn’t that what all the climate fiasco is about

It’s fortunate that you know so much more than the world’s experts

Balance needed1:12 pm 25 Feb 24

The climate is undoubtedly changing. This means we can no longer rely on forecasting models that take account of historic data. Oh wait, that’s all of them isn’t it?
The advice proffered in this article therefore is spot on. Live in the moment and find out what the weather is doing by going outside.

No, it means you can no longer rely on the BOM BN. Private companies doing medium and long range weather forecasting got this summer weather predictions exactly right. The BOM in its present guise has a political agenda of climate alarmism and it appears it skews modelling to fit that alarmist rhetoric. Oh by the way I agree climate change is real just not the hyperbole that gets attached to climate change.

Finally a funny tongue-in cheek poke at the BOM. About time. If you get the medium to long term weather forecasts wrong you amend them, don’t you? The BOM could have done that as early as November, December 2023, but didn’t. It still amazes me that the BOM can remove previous temperature maximums from the 19th and 20th centuries because it doesn’t fit the climate alarmist narrative. More amazingly Governments of both Liberal and Labor let them do it without question. Well maybe not amazing that a Labor Government allowed it. After all we the mental giants of Bowen, Plibesek and Albo relentlessly pushing the ALP wheelbarrow up an ever increasing slope of opposing science, don’t we?

Removing temperature maximums?

Uh, that never happened Rob.

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