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Wind farm for Hall

By johnboy 24 October 2005 14

ABC Online has a story about ActewAGL liking what they’ve seen about Hall’s wind farm potential. Is there any large scale electricity generation already happening in the ACT?

In any event their thoughts on consultation are illuminating.

“No-one is going to go and build a wind farm in their backyard without them having a say and their concerns understood, as best we can deal with them.”

Trans: Feel free to bitch and moan until you’re done, and then we’re going to do it anyway

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Wind farm for Hall
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Spitfire3 2:21 pm 25 Oct 05

Oops, GF was talking about coal-fired power stations, not coalmines. My mistake. Nevertheless, I did drive through an area dotted with huge open-cut coalmines that darkened the sky, and I think this was somewhere near Newcastle.

Spitfire3 2:09 pm 25 Oct 05

I don’t think they look ugly either. And surely the issue with birds running into them at night (which, by the way, supports the argument that they’re not terribly noisy) is a design problem. Maybe it could be solved with a few low-powered LEDs dotted along the wings. I’m sure smarter minds than mine have already come up with a solution.

And I agree with Growling Ferret, the coal mines district up near Newcastle provide an apocalyptic scene to drive through.

Mr Evil 1:54 pm 25 Oct 05

I reckon Pratt would be a good back-up wind generator.

What about solar: has ACTEW done anything with that?

Maelinar 1:26 pm 25 Oct 05

You’d get all the wind you need putting one in front of John Stanhopes office with a backup generator in front of Simon Corbell and a secondary backup on Hargreaves.

Heck, you might even begin to make money by selling the extra energy to NSW.

On a serious note, I like the older style windmills, a few of them dotted around the landscape might brighten the place up a bit.

Growling Ferret 12:44 pm 25 Oct 05

Come on Thumper, windfarms ain’t that much of an eyesore. They ane not going to be placed on the top of Mount Ainslie or anything like that…

I thought the windfarms in the middle of nowhere (somewhere near Warrnambool) on the Great Ocean Road looked kind of cool…

Much better than the dirty coal filth that is the drive up the Hunter Valley with the coal fired power stations.

bonfire 12:06 pm 25 Oct 05

oh so the real argument isnt that they generate effcient clean renewable power, but you dont like the idea of looking at them ?

a small price to pay to halt global warming.

Mr Evil 12:01 pm 25 Oct 05

Maybe they should build this wind farm in O’Malley: no one would notice a few more eyesores up there.

Thumper 10:43 am 25 Oct 05

Actually no, I’m not anti everything simply because I do believe we need to find alternative sources of energy as opposed to simply using up all the fossil fuels. Thats why I advocate nuclear, although I’ll admit it needs a huge injection of R&D monies.

And frankly, I hate the thought of great wind driven generators dotted all over the landscape.

bonfire 9:41 am 25 Oct 05

Thumper youre on an ideological drug which cant be cured by even massive doses of logic.

Visit europe and look at teh contribution wind generation makes there. take a drive up teh douro valley in portugal, or along teh coast of teh north sea. even as far inland as hungary and berlin you see wind farms spinning away quite happily generating power.

Are they noisy ? i stayed in a house about a kilometre away from several, down at a place called dittmarsch. unless i was standing 100 feet from them i couldnt hear them. the locals there dont mind.

a bit too much of the shock of the new for some anti-everything zealots.

Thumper 8:45 am 25 Oct 05

Wind power has proven over the years to provide bugger all electricity. It is harmful to the environment, ie, they chop up birds, they sound like a squadron on Iroqouis hitting a hot LZ in Vietnam, and they look bloody aweful.

Oh, and did I mention that that the amount of energy they supply is negligible?

Good effort people but its a proven failure, even in places like Nevada where you have hundreds and hundreds of them.

Maelinar 8:39 am 25 Oct 05

Mr Evil:

From my recent experience at the tip wearing white overalls searching through rubbish, yes they do harvest the methane, however it is done by the owners of the tip, and is yet another way that they are making money off the process, yet stabbing the government in the back at the same time by charging them money to provide a rubbish facility in Canberra.

As far as I can summise they are making money from the following processes;

1. Canberra Govt – to provide tip services
2. Exorbitant entrance fee
3. Recycling – Revolve
4. Recycling – bulk scrap metal, glasses, sands, wood chips, greenwaste, etc
5. Harvesting Methane from the rotting waste

Mr Evil 8:32 am 25 Oct 05

Yes, Hall seems very much stuck in the 1920’s sometimes, so they certainly won’t be happy.

bulldog 8:25 am 25 Oct 05

Not sure about the tip…

Had heard that the windfarm propsed for Lake George/Tarago area is going ahead. I had heard that the new rigs will provide power for up twnety-two thousand homes.

That being said; having known some Hall residents, there will be much bitching and moaning as to how this will effect the aesthetics of their ‘perfect little village’.

Mr Evil 7:24 am 25 Oct 05

Has anything ever been done with the plan to generate electricity from methane gas out of Mugga Lane tip? ACTEW were talking that up a few years back.

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