8 March 2006

windfarm [redux]

| missymagoo
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I am sorry I have come across a site of very rude and uneducated people I never said i was for or against windfarms I just wanted to know what was happening so I can make an unbiased opinion of the project I am interested in for and against and any information on what is happening to this project

[ED – Apparently in reply to yesterday’s story. Take a walk to the room of mirrors and report what you find there.]

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rpv has on public exhibition as of fri 24 mar to 28/4/06 its windfarm propsal for public comment

anyone wishing to view it can as of fri on http://www.planning.nsw.gov.au/asp/das.asp

63 125 mtr turbines along the great dividing range half way between bungendore and tarago then back to lake george oh what a sight

have your say either for or against

make up your own mind after viewing proposal

a month is not a long time to respond


el i should not have used the word vote

I should of said I will have the opportunity like everyone else to either submit an objection against the proposal or back it when it comes out for public comment after that the state will decide whether it goes ahead or not

all I have to decide on will it effect my business of 13 years

and will it effect my lifestyle and that of my son

we only get a month to read their application and make a comment

its hard and I hope I come to the right decision as this will effect the next 25 years of my life

I love it where i am even with the wind snakes drought etc
just to be able to enjoy the peace and quiet has saved my sanity. i used to travel to canberra to work everyday for 12 years and now I am working from home.

my work environment it lovelly hills no more stress and a joy to get up to each day

I have truely been blessed

i only said everyone was rude and uneducated after all the flac I copped from my first input this was a resonse to that which maybe you have not seen as yet if you had you would have taken it in the context that response was meant to be like eveyone else so I dont need to think about it. read my thanks for response

I will be honest and give my opinion like everyone else I will take the for and against but I do believe rudeness is something that should not be accepted.. you either make a comment if you know what you are talking about or you dont say anything

there are ways of getting your point across without cutting people down just to make yourself feel good.. I believe you should treat people how you would like to be treated yourself it makes for a much happier place so therefore less stress and more productivity everyone wins in the end

this site I have been told is a debate site debate means putting your ideas forword debate means many things eg argue weigh ponder reason discuss dispute contention deliberate discussion consideration nowhere is rudeness a part of debate

I was wrong when I first came to the site as I was told I would ask questions and would get help

I think I was set up but thats my problem I now know this is a debate site and will use it the way it was intended I stand corrected

have a great day

This issue is going to a vote?

Oh, and BTW – asking for information while calling everyone here “rude and uneducated” may not be the best way to get your information.

Think about it.

thanks for your response everyone

surprisingly you were all very helpful and I took your advise and have been looking up the sites suggested

i gained a lot of information which is all I was after in the first place

from these sites I found others so some of my questions have been answered.

i guess I will be busy for a while doing research so I can decide which way i will vote on this windfarm

thanks heaps for all your help even the smart comments helped me out greatly thanks again

I got a lot of rude replies when I brought up the Dragway, and I’m not new to this site. I think a lot of people on here are only capable of being negative. And anyone the least bit interested in preserving nature and heritage seems to be a huge target. I was disappointed the Ainslie writer was treated so viciously – I found the topic interesting, but they won’t be back.

Power grids effecting Horses, and making cow milk go sour, it sounds like a Queenslander’s argument against Daylight savings (“It will fade the curtains, and confuse the cows”)

this cow seems happy


I found this Danish site quite interesting for further information –


(Just be aware that this is an wind power industry lobby site.)

missymagoo, do what we all do, google it yourself.


The Wikipedia entry is quite comprehensive.

Eagles are not stupid, have excellent eyes, and spatial awareness.

jamius maximus12:19 pm 09 Mar 06

Cheers, good expression.

bonfire i thought i was asking questions and if you look all i got was flack.

as i said I am after information so I can make and educated decision thats all

the tarago bungendore proposal puts eagles nests right in the middle of the project but Im sure someone will tell the eagles where they can fly so they wont get hurt

I have heard that horses abort if under the high voltage power grid does anyone know what effects the power grid underground will do to stock and if or how it will effect the water supply eg bores and dams

occording to overseas reports it effects the milk supply in cattle. is this true or not. i dont know what to believe anymore thats why i am after information please help

thumper wind turbine technology has greatly increased in the last 30 years, especially in the last ten years.

many of the complaints regarding noise have been addressed.

i wandered around the german state of Dithmarschen which faces the north sea and it has wind turbines of all vintages dotted everywhere. i slept in a house less than a kilometre from one, with an open window and couldnt hear it. i walked up to one and could only hear whooshing.

the efficiency of turbines has improved dramatically, as has reliability and cost of manufacture.

the chpping of bird flocks is largely a furphy which is conveniently promoted by softheads. proper placement of the turbines away from nesting areas prevents this.

you have to allow technologies to be developed to realise benefit from them. fortunately europeans have embraced wind power and he large scale manufacture has led to rapid development and lowering of cost. if nuclear power had been allowed to develop instead of becoming a political green potato, we might have no need for coal fired power today.

missymagoo – if you had read a few entrys here before posting away you would find that you cant expect anything you say to go unchallenged.

and because someone doesnt agree with you doesnt make them wrong or uneducated. its called debate.

– and the object of much derision on RA.


Not In My Back Yard.

Not normally a hippy as much as a keen writer of letters to the Canberra Times.

jamius maximus9:31 am 09 Mar 06

Stupid question time! Q: What is a NIMBY? A hippie would be my guess.

Oh yeah and I support the windfarms. For too long the breeze has just been blowing around uselessly. Time to put it to use.

Better still, Missy, apply the flame to Maelinar’s posterior and you’ll definitely be ‘one of us’:)
Windfarms: makes sense.
Solar: makes more sense.

Missy, another reason why you may have caught unecessary flames is because you are not known. This site has conveniently been used in the past as a forum for people to get their agenda across to MLA’s whom they know read this site.

If you want an example of that, simply type Atlas Cedar, or Ainslie, or GDE into the search box.

Stay a while, get a few more posts under your belt, and people will react less harshly.

cuts back on the chocking smog

Hands up everyone who lives in choking smog in Australia.


Cmon now. Remember, not just a smell in the air or a haze on the horizon, it has to choke you.



Bring on the wind farms I say. No real reason , I just think it would be worth investigating thats all.

thankyou for you tip thumper
I have never used a site for help or to seek information before
I will take aboard your advise

thumper thanks for your comments i appreciate the kindness.

I have wind and solar power it was more expensive than the electricity authority but it is small and not intrusive even though a littly noisy at times.

woodlawn has been approved for turbines

east of lake george has proposed 63 125 mt tall with 80 mts across for blade

west of lake george they are planning another farm

and they are also at cooma thats besides the hall ones and possibly molongo so our countryside will no longer be hill but turbines if they all go ahead

. anyway can anyone tell me what effect these power grids have on breeding stock and what effect vibration has on surrounding homes

. I know they have already paid some people out in the southern parts as the vibration was too much for them to stay on their property.

does anyone know anything eg what type of soil would produce vibration eg sandy granite basalt etc any information to help me decide if these are going to be a benefit or not thanks for you interest and you valuable input negative or positive.

the problem is that we all want to be able to flick a switch and voila, lights, tv’s , washing machines all chug away. Its all takes electricity that we seem to take for granted. what choice do we have ??

I’d rather have a renewable if slighty ugly wind generators in the hope that it cuts back on the chocking smog that we get from coal fired power stations.

barking toad9:09 pm 08 Mar 06

missy – ask your mum or dad first

or ring up the one whose snout has recently got out of the a bit of the trough

don’t be sucked in oh thumping one

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