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windfarm [redux]

By missymagoo - 8 March 2006 29

I am sorry I have come across a site of very rude and uneducated people I never said i was for or against windfarms I just wanted to know what was happening so I can make an unbiased opinion of the project I am interested in for and against and any information on what is happening to this project

[ED – Apparently in reply to yesterday’s story. Take a walk to the room of mirrors and report what you find there.]

What’s Your opinion?

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29 Responses to
windfarm [redux]
johnboy 9:47 am 09 Mar 06


Not In My Back Yard.

Not normally a hippy as much as a keen writer of letters to the Canberra Times.

jamius maximus 9:31 am 09 Mar 06

Stupid question time! Q: What is a NIMBY? A hippie would be my guess.

Oh yeah and I support the windfarms. For too long the breeze has just been blowing around uselessly. Time to put it to use.

terubo 9:09 am 09 Mar 06

Better still, Missy, apply the flame to Maelinar’s posterior and you’ll definitely be ‘one of us’:)
Windfarms: makes sense.
Solar: makes more sense.

Maelinar 8:53 am 09 Mar 06

Missy, another reason why you may have caught unecessary flames is because you are not known. This site has conveniently been used in the past as a forum for people to get their agenda across to MLA’s whom they know read this site.

If you want an example of that, simply type Atlas Cedar, or Ainslie, or GDE into the search box.

Stay a while, get a few more posts under your belt, and people will react less harshly.

RandomGit 8:10 am 09 Mar 06

cuts back on the chocking smog

Hands up everyone who lives in choking smog in Australia.


Cmon now. Remember, not just a smell in the air or a haze on the horizon, it has to choke you.



mr sawdust 12:39 am 09 Mar 06

Bring on the wind farms I say. No real reason , I just think it would be worth investigating thats all.

Thumper 10:17 pm 08 Mar 06

Well, its a good site once you get to know it.

Sorry about the paragraph thing but if you read other posts I was teacher in a previous life…

missymagoo 10:07 pm 08 Mar 06

thankyou for you tip thumper
I have never used a site for help or to seek information before
I will take aboard your advise

Thumper 10:05 pm 08 Mar 06


Just a small tip. Use paragraphs. It makes anything you write very hard to read if you dont and a number of people have been flamed for not doing so.

missymagoo 9:56 pm 08 Mar 06

thumper thanks for your comments i appreciate the kindness.

I have wind and solar power it was more expensive than the electricity authority but it is small and not intrusive even though a littly noisy at times.

woodlawn has been approved for turbines

east of lake george has proposed 63 125 mt tall with 80 mts across for blade

west of lake george they are planning another farm

and they are also at cooma thats besides the hall ones and possibly molongo so our countryside will no longer be hill but turbines if they all go ahead

. anyway can anyone tell me what effect these power grids have on breeding stock and what effect vibration has on surrounding homes

. I know they have already paid some people out in the southern parts as the vibration was too much for them to stay on their property.

does anyone know anything eg what type of soil would produce vibration eg sandy granite basalt etc any information to help me decide if these are going to be a benefit or not thanks for you interest and you valuable input negative or positive.

Thumper 9:29 pm 08 Mar 06

That’s why I mentioned more government R&D into nuclear.

Wind farms have been around, and passe amongst the greenie movement since I was about ten, and that was quite a number of years ago. In fact, wind power, wave power, solar power, all facinated me when I was a kid. Sadly, none of them have really developed in that 30 year span.

And I’m a greenie deep underneath….

roccon 9:25 pm 08 Mar 06

the problem is that we all want to be able to flick a switch and voila, lights, tv’s , washing machines all chug away. Its all takes electricity that we seem to take for granted. what choice do we have ??

I’d rather have a renewable if slighty ugly wind generators in the hope that it cuts back on the chocking smog that we get from coal fired power stations.

Thumper 9:14 pm 08 Mar 06

Ah young Toad,

Sucked in I be not….

I’ll argue black is white and white is black if I’m in the mood.

However, tonight I must be feeling mellow and at peace with the world….

Let the girl have her say. If she doesn’t have an opinion, then that’s fine. Time will tell.


barking toad 9:09 pm 08 Mar 06

missy – ask your mum or dad first

or ring up the one whose snout has recently got out of the a bit of the trough

don’t be sucked in oh thumping one

Thumper 8:57 pm 08 Mar 06

Well I didn’t post because I know nothing about wind farms out Bungendore way.

However, we’ve had this discussion before, and the pros and cons have been argued for and against, with passion, and without.

If this site is to stay relevant then we need people to stop the whinging about NIMBY’s and look at the facts.

In this case, I have never heard of any initiative to have wind farms except somewhere near Murrumbateman. However, if anyone knows anything about it, then post away.

I know SGS has gone and martyred himself but surely there can be some reasoned discussion, ven if it is simply bringing up previous arguments.

And for the record, I am against the great big white vertical helicopters. In my opinion they have been around for a long time, since the late 60s I believe, and have yet to prove that they make one iota of difference to saving, or supplying energy.

Maybe in time the technology will be as such that they are viable, but somehow I doubt it given that our demand for energy is so much more than R&D can provide from wind power.

Imagine a landscape covered in the things. Sorry, no thanks, I don’t want them near my place, and moreso, I don’t want to be driving through our countryside being accousted by these monstrosities.

Frankly, I like being able to drive through rural areas and take them as they are. And I have a problem with Wedgetail Eagles and other birdlife getting chopped to bits by giant blenders.

I’m still all for more R&D into nuclear but thats not going to happen.

Anyway, flame away, I know nothing about this specific issue. However, someone must.

At least give the kid a break, she asked a question, unlike SGS who simply put forward an opinion with nothing to back it. (Sorry SGS, hope your blog is still tearing along like a greased weasel that has ingested WD40)


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