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Wolf spider infestation

By Padoof - 4 January 2011 40

My garden seems to have quite a number of burrowing wolf spiders (google search indicates this species), I’m sure that the 20-odd I’ve counted so far classifies as an infestation when one gets the heebie jeebies each time a new burrow is discovered.

Before I go down the path of calling a pest control company (recommendations would also be appreciated), I was wondering if anyone had any knowledge about these critters?  My basic maths of ‘if one spider has a hundred babies, and they have babies’ just horrifies me, it’s time to have this looked into.

It also doesn’t help to recall the story of the Newcastle backyard which had to be excavated due to a spider infestation, this magnifies the heebie jeebie factor somewhat.

Thanks in advance!

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40 Responses to
Wolf spider infestation
Deref 3:44 pm 04 Jan 11

Let them be – they’re good for the balance of critters in the garden and pretty much harmless to people.

Skidbladnir – thanks so much for that link to the spider wasp! I saw one once dragging a huge huntsman into a crevice and was astounded, though I had no idea what it was. Absolutely fascinating.

Really – if the little woodland creatures that we share our yards with aren’t a real threat to us, we should be happy to peacefully co-exist with them.

AngryHenry 3:37 pm 04 Jan 11

Wolf Spiders are cool. It’s the other more nasty types you have to worry about.

Like the ones that come to you while you sleep and drink from the corners of your mouth and your tear ducts… Mwahahahahahaha.

Seriously though I found a few of them and wasn’t too worried. Then I found some redbacks in my gumboots, the pest control man is now on his way.

Inappropriate 3:24 pm 04 Jan 11

Don’t worry: the spiders, wasps, lizards and birds will sort them out.

Skidbladnir 3:21 pm 04 Jan 11

I’m voting for either new resident to Canberra, a new gardener, or someone who has forgotten how much animal and insect life actually thrive in Canberra (the Bush Capital) gardens after a decade of drought.

Oh, and if you do commit to outdoor pest removal\fumigation, be prepared for
A) overabundance of species which would otherwise have been eaten (ants, moths, aphids, earwigs, centipedes, bugs and beetles)
B) New species of things to move in to the gap you’ll leave in the food web, either long-term infestations of small predators (wasps, other small insects) or suffer occasional migrations of larger ones (lizards, snakes, birds dstroying you garden, etc),

Or if you don’t want A or B;
C) Regularly paying the pest fumigators to drop by and do your entire house every couple of months until the day you realise its been futile, as you’ve suddenly removed the insectivorous predators from your garden, paving the way for everything so inclined to infest your house.

Dazzlar 3:15 pm 04 Jan 11

Ick ick ick, had to take both feet of the ground whilst reading the original post. Mother nature sucks and the sun is trying to kill us all!

Stay inside!

ConanOfCooma 3:08 pm 04 Jan 11

If you are that worried, boil up a jug of water, then pour said heated water into the hole.

When the hole is full of water, move on to the next.

You will have about 3 – 4 weeks free of them before new ones move in.

Kuku 3:04 pm 04 Jan 11

Having recently stuck my foot into a shoe with a spidey in it, I hope you find a solution…soon.

Skidbladnir 3:03 pm 04 Jan 11

If you do let the wolf spiders stay, take heart in the fact that they keep your garden in balance, and themselves have predators who will move in only for as long as there’s a stable enough food supply.
(Spider wasps are friendly, don’t live in large numbers, and a sign of a healthy garden)

Skidbladnir 2:58 pm 04 Jan 11

My basic maths of ‘if one spider has a hundred babies, and they have babies’

Are you assuming no spider gets eaten\dies?
Nature does not work that way.
Hungry spiders claim a territorial patch and will eat their competitors (as well as their children)…

Basically, if there’s a seeming abundance of predators, there’s enough biomass in your garden’s supporting food web to keep them happy
Leave them be, they might have a few weeks of seeming to be everywhere, but evntually they’ll fight for space and food, and their populations will eventually stabilise.
In the mean time they will just keep your other pests down.

If you get rid of the spiders, do you really want a population boom of those insect species that they were eating?

colourful sydney rac 2:50 pm 04 Jan 11
georgesgenitals 2:47 pm 04 Jan 11

Step 1: Purchase can of your favourite insecticide
Step 2: Direct a 2 second blast down each little hole
Step 3: Stop up holes with a small handfull of sand each
Step 4: Rinse and repeat as required

blub 2:44 pm 04 Jan 11

All the wet weather of late, has lead to conditions suitable for spiders to breed – hence the huge amount of spiders and baby spiders crawling around. They are everywhere!

I don’t know anything about wolf spiders specifically though.

If it keeps raining though, as it’s expected to, there’ll be more and more spiders, so you may want to call pest control people, or just diy.

schmeah 2:38 pm 04 Jan 11

Oh dear, I just googled Wolf Spider and broke into a cold sweat.

My garden has loads of little critters and spiders that don’t bother me. That said, one part of my garden went particularly savage during the rain, when the weeds grew to shoulder height. When I finally got around to cutting it all back, a spider as big and fury as these guys came out and chased me .. I swear he did. I was so terrifed that I killed him with my shovel.

Apparently, they’re not venomous and they eat the more destructive creatures in the garden so they shouldn’t be too much worry – that said 20 of them is a terrifying number. I’d stay out of the garden, unless wearing a space suit or call the spider equivilent of the ghost busters (and say good-bye to the garden for a season).

colourful sydney rac 2:30 pm 04 Jan 11

leave them be.

Chop71 2:30 pm 04 Jan 11

Global Warming

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