www.IdiotsLikeMe HaveYourPicture.tk – UPDATED

Jonathon Reynolds 7 January 2008 51

[First filed 31 December 2007]

Someone is out to prove a point about privacy in public spaces (the internet) by collecting and publishing picture of Canberra users from MySpace on the billboards around Canberra.

The site can be found HERE.

I guess the moral to the story is: Caveat Emptor – Let the blogger beware

[Ed — UPDATE: The Sydney Morning Herald has picked up the story and tracked down one Reuben Ingall, the site’s creator. They also refer indirectly to RA.]

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51 Responses to www.IdiotsLikeMe HaveYourPicture.tk – UPDATED
sev sev 2:31 pm 19 Jan 07

poster boards are a public medium

prohit prohit 7:58 pm 17 Jan 07

yeah right,
You could start by following your own rules.
case in point, anyways thats exactly what i was talking about mr. smug

J Dawg J Dawg 11:52 pm 16 Jan 07

As for people obviously telling me that i need to chill and not be so angry, god, find yourself something original and perhaps a little witty to say before you comment, k?

You could start by following your own rules.

prohit prohit 10:44 pm 16 Jan 07

wow, i personally think your a fuckwit after seeing this, if people really need it brough to there attention how easily they can be tracked down using the internet and how little it protects there privacy they dont deserve any in the first place.

your activity has taken up valuable space on bollards in civic where bands post and if you postered over anything god am i cut.
as one who has spent hours postering simply to have posters put on top within days i can tell you you’re pointless activity is just something thats pissed off many people.

as for your whole rant about people being able to simply message you to have it removed, fuck that, if i see my picture on there im not gonna be impressed, in fact i might be so unimpressed i’ll take a leaf outta your book and pull up some shit on you reuben, if that is you …

anyways point is, i hope you get cancer and die, your a fuckin moron who deserves nothing better then to burn with the vapid crowd that decides that having ones poster plastered around civic is going to be a great way to validate themselves.

and if this is your image of art, on a personal level if you died i’d probably clap, not cause id make a fortune by ripping it down but the fact that your stupid shit would be ripped off from civic.

As for people obviously telling me that i need to chill and not be so angry, god, find yourself something original and perhaps a little witty to say before you comment, k?

Vic Bitterman Vic Bitterman 11:08 pm 09 Jan 07

I definitely recognise one person I know, and I think another!

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 2:54 pm 09 Jan 07

To Sev. What was the goddamn point? You can’t do much with a photo anyway, except masturbate over it. It’s not like most myspaces provide information such as your home adress, ph number etc – unless your stupid enough to put them up there, in which case you deserve to be stalked. An amazing amount of people I don’t know probably have my photo. I’ve had my photo in the newspaper, in the BMA, on a friends band’s page – in fact there’s video footage of me pissed and yelling at musicians onstage in the possession of some band from brisbane – and I could not for one second give a rats arse about that. If people want to masturbate over my likeness, then it’s their psychiatric issues, not mine.
All you’ve done is piss off some rather sensitive people and expose yourself to possible legal troubles. Clap effing clap.

PS Please don’t put my south-park avatar myspace picture up in Civic. Please.

random random 12:53 pm 09 Jan 07

Al: I suspect they’re actually talking about TSSH. The top comment there mentions government money.

Al Al 12:43 pm 09 Jan 07

“Responding to a blog post that presumed, because all the action took place in Canberra, that government money was involved…”

Just where is such a claim made on this blog? Creative licence?

West_Kambah_4eva West_Kambah_4eva 12:18 pm 09 Jan 07

hey sev, i was walking past when you were pasting the things up, and i saw those other guys that nearly bashed you right there for pasting over their stuff.

Thumper Thumper 10:33 am 09 Jan 07

Bit like a deadline passing by, hey Caf….

caf caf 10:21 am 09 Jan 07

I love the sound of people missing the point. *whooooosh*

Thumper Thumper 8:10 pm 02 Jan 07

Hehe, photos of me are just HOT!

okay, lukewarm…..

Alright, terrible….

Um, embarrassing anyone?

*serious grin*

Danman Danman 6:53 pm 02 Jan 07

Sev – can you print out a bunch of my photos and plaster them all over civic for me ?

sev sev 6:00 pm 02 Jan 07

if you found her myspace profile you’d know… 🙂
i figured that pic was probably fake, but i put it in anyway.

Al Al 4:30 pm 02 Jan 07

Page 2, 3rd row, 4th across. She’s hot! What’s her name, where’s she work???

LurkerGal LurkerGal 3:06 pm 02 Jan 07

Anyone who doesn’t want their picture “plastered all over civic” (or anywhere else) shouldn’t be so stupid as to put it on a medium with billions of users.

Here’s a little tip that is generally kept secret, to all you people who use the net: Other people use the net too.

No, don’t thank me, that’s free.

Danman Danman 11:00 am 02 Jan 07

Got the triangl ebracket the wrong way around in the above post and it failed to show so ill try again

Danmans Photos.

Danman Danman 10:58 am 02 Jan 07

Bugger i hope i disabled my adult friendfinder and over40 friend finder and fatogramfriend finder accounts.

As for photos – generally all mine on the internet have me standing behind the camera – quite happy for thyem to be freely distro’d woth credit to me. A select few have me standing in front of the camera – but I usually put on my trunk monkey pose and try to look tough 🙂

Have a look’n’see

edlang edlang 9:37 am 02 Jan 07

hahaha. poor people and their supposed privacy.

Been there, done that. if you want to disappear it’s best not to appear in the first place.

bighead bighead 10:11 pm 01 Jan 07

look sev, Im willing to be understandable more about it now, if you are willing to take photos down thats different. Just dont go putting me up there, Id rather not be seen in civic.

And dont find my rsvp profile either :D, although you need my password to get my photo.

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