Xmas eve knock-off?

Fiona 24 December 2008 64

As most of my workmates have deserted me to head “home” to Sydney/Melbourne/Perth etc for the holidays this week, I’m looking forward to the hour this afternoon when managment says “right that’s it, out you all go” and chases us out of the building. There’s a rumour going around it’s 3pm, but I’ve heard that some others in our department get 2pm…

What’s the customary knock off time on Chrissy eve in your workplace?

(oh and what to do then? I see a couple of xmas eve events in the sidebar – the bells of the Carillion and Seasonal Beats…)

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64 Responses to Xmas eve knock-off?
Hdopler Hdopler 11:24 am 30 Dec 08

Are you all kidding? I finished up at 8.30pm (after a 5.30am start) on Christmas eve. My staff I let go mostly between 7.30 and 8pm.

ilmarinen ilmarinen 2:41 pm 25 Dec 08

Finished at 6(.30) last night, working 8 hours today (private sector).

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 11:08 pm 24 Dec 08

pug206gti said :

…We’re going at 1pm, here in the private sector.

You’re doing it wrong. I knocked off early last Friday.

Mind, so did Mrs Caulfield who works hard for Krudd like most others in town.

Fiona Fiona 9:03 pm 24 Dec 08

PantsMan said :

The minister wants something on the economic impact of knocking-off early the day before Christmas. Can you get it to the office by 5.30?


Therapy hours?

bubzie bubzie 8:03 pm 24 Dec 08

I spent 11 hours at work today.

dont get me started.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart Samuel Gordon-Stewart 7:21 pm 24 Dec 08

SGS – Midnight?

Why ?

My final shift on a 24/7 helpdesk. I’m not supposed to be on this shift this week but I agreed to take the place of another staff member who had some time owed to them…4pm-midnight works better for me this week than midday-8pm anyway.

“Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night”

PantsMan PantsMan 4:43 pm 24 Dec 08

The minister wants something on the economic impact of knocking-off early the day before Christmas. Can you get it to the office by 5.30?


Enny Enny 3:45 pm 24 Dec 08

We got an email saying we could leave at 3pm, but my new boss is awesome and let me have an early mark at 11am!

ant ant 3:32 pm 24 Dec 08

Bored. I’m pretty sure I’m the only one in the entire building. I might shab off. Might go an see if the Oaks Estate Groggery is still doing their special of 2 pint bottles of little creatures for 10 bucks. That’d be a nice Xmas present.

Then I’ll go spray St johns Wort and then wrap presents. How exciting.

peterh peterh 2:59 pm 24 Dec 08

and that is it. Last quotation done, orders are all checked, twice!

Merry Christmas to you all, will possibly get some online time soon, otherwise, see you on the 5th of jan, if you are back then…

have a good break.

All the Best,

Peter H

bd84 bd84 2:23 pm 24 Dec 08

I knocked off to go on holidays almost 2 weeks ago mwahahaha.. only 6 weeks to go 😉

powell01 powell01 2:08 pm 24 Dec 08

OzChick said :

The customer service counter is closing early today at midday. My area will be having an inhouse lunch which we all brought a plate of food to share. I don’t see much work happening for the rest of the afternoon…

Gee that would be nice. Our service counter does not even lock the doors till 5 this arvo. And for those that care, I work public sector.

I honestly do not expect to leave the building till 6 due to the expected rush of last minute customers, but that will be better than last Easter when it was leave the building at 7pm.

Reprobate Reprobate 2:05 pm 24 Dec 08

… and – I’m done. Merry Xmas Rioters, look after yourselves and others, see you on the other side (not as in The Other Side…)

PM PM 1:49 pm 24 Dec 08

There was a rumour a few years ago at my place of employment that we’d have a half day – a message from the Secretary was sent out saying that everyone is expected to work until end of normal core hours unless they took it as approved leave.

But then some bosses/supervisors let everyone go early anyway because they couldn’t be arsed sticking around – like what I did yesterday 🙂

Deckard Deckard 1:29 pm 24 Dec 08

No official word here but everyone’s already gone. Am waiting for the lunch to settle then I’m off. Am on the bike and don’t want to bring it up.

imarty imarty 1:20 pm 24 Dec 08

I wish I was busy. Been on reception duty for 20mins now. Not one phone call or visitor, up to date with all current comments on RA.
Anyone suggest another good website to check out???

tylersmayhem tylersmayhem 1:13 pm 24 Dec 08

It sounds nuts Peter!

I work in private.

peterh peterh 1:02 pm 24 Dec 08

it feels like it is june 30th. very wierd.

candelabra candelabra 12:56 pm 24 Dec 08

Fiona said :

Samuel Gordon-Stewart said :

Midnight or shortly thereafter for me.

SANTA???? Is it you?


peterh peterh 12:49 pm 24 Dec 08

tylersmayhem said :

Because many of my 9 guys start anywhere between 8am – 10am, they can all go after 4 hours. I’m responsible for a huge series of work as part of a project over Christmas & New Year – I’ll still be here until around 5pm. All in a days work, and part or being a decent manager in my book.

are you govt or private?

bedlam here. so many quotes, orders etc coming in.

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