Young Liberals thrown out for drunkeness?

Kerces 23 July 2008 26

[First filed: July 09, 2008 @ 22:13]

The Australian Liberal Student conference is on in town this week (apparently).

Andrew Landeryou is running a story today claiming that more than 40 students attending the conference have been booted from the YHA due to “isolated cases of public drunkenness and hooliganism”.

His story contains conflicting reports as to whether these students managed to find further accommodation or not and whether members of the NSW Right faction (depicted oh so well in John Hyde Page’s Education of a Young Liberal) were ringleaders.

UPDATED: Two weeks later the Daily Terror is on the story

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26 Responses to Young Liberals thrown out for drunkeness?
AngryHenry AngryHenry 3:36 pm 23 Jul 08

Give them a gernsey for the Raiders. They’ll fit right in.

Jack Dorf Jack Dorf 1:59 pm 23 Jul 08

From the Daily Terror –

“They were all pretty pissed and there were people sleeping with each other – you could hear the moans, one Liberal student said yesterday.

I just hope they were practicing safe moaning!

LG LG 1:33 pm 23 Jul 08

members up?

Mr Evil Mr Evil 1:29 pm 23 Jul 08

Thumper said :

OMG they were having sex

I thought that only Democrats did that?

Well I guess they have to get their membership up somehow. 🙂

Thumper Thumper 1:23 pm 23 Jul 08

OMG they were having sex

I thought that only Democrats did that?

Mr Evil Mr Evil 12:26 pm 23 Jul 08

OMG they were having sex – and I bet it was out of wedlock too.

Public flogging is too good for them.

I blame Todd Carney!

jakez jakez 10:22 am 23 Jul 08

Spitting and kicking walls? An innacurate allegation.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 9:54 am 23 Jul 08

Apparently this is now headline news in the DT.,23599,24062265-5007133,00.html

(2 weeks late to the party, though)

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 6:51 pm 11 Jul 08

Most diplomatic trips in NY end up this way…

TroyWilliams TroyWilliams 6:44 pm 11 Jul 08

isolated cases of public drunkenness and hooliganism

If you are going have fun, do it properly.

What’s the fuss, really? Most end of season footy trips end up this way.

Wide Boy Jake Wide Boy Jake 4:24 pm 11 Jul 08

The article was written by someone named Landeryou. For the record, someone by that name was involved with the Victorian Trades Hall and served as a Labor member in the Victorian Legislative council in the mid 1980s.

Headbonius Headbonius 5:39 am 11 Jul 08

Again DMD, what can I say? Did the jibe about Bob affect you DMD. That says a lot.

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 9:21 pm 10 Jul 08

I’m pretty sure you’re what was left behind in the bidet after an afternoon of passion between too men, Headbonius. You have a similar family to DJ (see marist thread). That’s why you love each other, because you’re also genetically disposed to inbreeding.

My god, I feel 12 again!

Anyway, although I despise the young liberals, I doubt that this should be an issue at all. Young people drink, that’s how they have excuses for making all the necessary mistakes one needs to make before adulthood. This is just a media beat up, I’m ashamed to say, on the left’s part. Come on, Australian Left! We need real political change, not bastardry.

Headbonius Headbonius 9:06 pm 10 Jul 08

Bob Brown? Is that his name? I thought it was what he left behind in the bidet after an afternoon of passion with his boyfriend. Thanks for educating me DJ.

DJ DJ 8:09 pm 10 Jul 08

The Greens were all smoking grass… and by that I mean grass clippings. Fools.

I was embarrassed by the address given by Bob Brown to the family of the most recently fallen Australian Soldier. I was cringing in an overseas airport where most of the travelers would have spoken English. Can’t the man put more than two words together when he isn’t preaching for land rights for gay whales?

imhotep imhotep 6:00 pm 10 Jul 08

Mr Evil said :

I’m sure that’s how the Greens come up with most of their bestest everer ideas!

Nah, young Greens don’t drink.

Pretty sure they smoke though..

Mr Evil Mr Evil 5:17 pm 10 Jul 08

Let’s face it, most young politicians probably contribute more to their respective parties when they are completely off their tree.

I’m sure that’s how the Greens come up with most of their bestest everer ideas!

G-Fresh G-Fresh 2:21 pm 10 Jul 08

They’re just trying to enjoy alco-pops while they’re cheap! The LPA doesn’t want increased taxes on such drinks after all.

Thumper Thumper 1:01 pm 10 Jul 08

I’m not bagging them. Fer chrisakes, according to Rudd I binge drink every day of my life..

Besides, if these young blokes don’t get on the sauce at least a few times in their life their educations will not be fully rounded and they will grow up to be social democrats or scientologists.

PBO PBO 12:41 pm 10 Jul 08

Good to see that all sides are producing a younger generation of Dellabosca’s and Neals. But we should not bag them out, dont you know who they are?

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