Your Next Marketing ToolBox “Must-Have”: The Business Benefits of Marketing Automation

Emily Morris 14 November 2017

Marketing automationWouldn’t it be great if the inspiring ideas which fuel our businesses could simply be presented to the world and then magically, with no further effort, succeed? Unfortunately, in the real world, no matter how great our ideas are, they require solid business planning and strategy. In particular, businesses require a strong marketing strategy in order to attract potential customers, spread the word about your product or services, and create a robust brand reputation. That said, even in a world with rapidly diversifying marketing tactics, your marketing strategy doesn’t have to be a hassle. By cleverly using marketing automation, you can get the growth you need with ease.

So What Exactly Is Marketing Automation?

Any good business knows the power of efficiency. Success relies on maximising your output while not overusing your resources. That is where marketing automation can help. Marketing automation refers to any program designed to streamline or automate marketing activities. Often, these programs include software platforms or other technologies which can handle reoccurring tasks or simplify large-scale analysis in order to make more targeted marketing decisions. This then frees up your marketing staff and resources to focus on more pressing activities.

Grow Your Customer Base

By using a marketing automation software, you can connect with potential new customers with greater ease. Imagine that you have a great new product. You can spend a lot of time and money by creating adverts and sending them out far and wide in the hopes of putting them in front of as many new customers as possible. Or, you could use the functions of your marketing automation software to be more targeted. You could create focused adverts which will then use built-in analytical tools to identify online and social media audiences most likely to engage. Your advert will then automatically be shown to those targeted audiences during times indicated to be most ideal for action. From there, your marketing automation system can keep your new leads further engaged with triggered emails. Voila, enthusiastic new customers with minimal investment and time on your part.

Deeper Engagement

Ok, so you have your new customers, but what else can marketing automation do for you? How about keeping those customers? Any good business knows that the real value lies in customer loyalty. In order to grow your base of loyal, enthusiastic, repeat customers, you need to make people feel a special connection. Yet who has the time for personalised interactions with each customer? By using a marketing automation software with features such as triggered campaigns, you can give your customers that individualised touch. Create a campaign which can be set up once, yet which will activate in a personalised way each time a customer performs a specific behavioural trigger. For example, it can be set to connect with your customer on a birthday or anytime they show a certain kind of interest. Rather than a bland and generic campaign, you now have an interaction which feels to the user as if you “know” them.

The Value of Efficiency

Of course, you could perform all of these tasks on your own without any kind of marketing automation program. You could absolutely dedicate a team to research target audiences and send individual birthday emails. However, the true value of marketing automation lies in business productivity. Efficiency. Remember, our recipe for success is all about getting the most output for the least amount of input. A business who has wisely invested in a marketing automation program is getting all of those same benefits but is spending a fraction of their resources. While a software system handles all of those repetitive tasks, your valuable human resources can dedicate their time elsewhere.

Making Sense of It All

Finally, if you still aren’t convinced that marketing automation is the key to a successful business strategy, consider this. The only good leads are the leads you truly understand. Information is power. Marketing automation softwares enable businesses to take advantage of a myriad of different features which can track, analyse and understand your leads better than any individual ever could. Depending on the features of your unique program, you can see how customers are experiencing your product based on their actions. This information can then be used to monitor and adjust your strategy in order to create the best experience possible.

Today’s world is a complex and constantly evolving place, yet it has never been more connected. If you want to succeed, the tools are right at your fingertips. By adding a marketing automation approach to your marketing toolkit, you are helping your business reach more people, engage more deeply, and understand your customers more usefully, all while streamlining your daily tasks. With such obvious benefits, the only question left to ask is, “What are you waiting for?”.

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