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Bartleby – The Street Theatre (Review)

By 31 July 2014
Bartleby - The Street Theatre (Review)

Bartleby, Julian Hobba’s modern-day adaptation of the parable by Herman Melville, recreates the malaise of the office and shows us the disintegration of a man no longer able to cope with working life.  If to work is to live, perhaps he’d just prefer not…
Hobba does an excellent job of adapting the story to a modern [...]

Think Global Act Rural

By 29 July 2014
Think Global Act Rural

[ 5 August 2014; 7:30 pm; ]

Local ACT/SNSW Amnesty International group will be hosting its monthly meaningful movie on Tuesday 5 August.

This month ‘Think Global Act Rural’ will be presented on the peddle powered screen. The documentary presents an insightful look into the fascinating state of the global agriculture industry.

Think Global Act Rural

When: Tuesday 5 August 2014
Time: 7:30pm
Where: Food Co-op, [...]

Remi: Raw X Infinity

By 29 July 2014
Remi: Raw X Infinity

Remi Kolawole, more commonly known by his stage name “Remi” has now established himself as a fully-fledged Aussie Hip Hop prodigy. The release of his second feature length LP “RAW X INFINITY” sees him once again on board with long time collaborators/producers (and good friends) Sensible J & Dutch. Previous releases ’Childish’ (EP), ‘Regular People Sh$t’ (LP) [...]

BRACE 2014 Grand Final – AIS Arena – 6 x Australian Title Fights

By 28 July 2014
BRACE 2014 Grand Final - AIS Arena - 6 x Australian Title Fights

[ 22 November 2014; 6:30 pm; ]

6 X Australian Mixed Martial Arts Titles are on the line in this massive end of season event.

Live from the AIS Arena in Canberra the Bantamweight, Featherweight, Lightweight, Welterweight, Middleweight and Light Heavyweight BRACE Australian MMA Titles will be contested. The best fighters from across Australia have competed throughout the year in knock out elimination [...]

WYRD. A new book by Canberran author JG Montgomery

By 28 July 2014
WYRD. A new book by Canberran author JG Montgomery

Many of you may remember that I released a book back in 2012 called “A Case for Ghosts” which was critiqued here on RiotACT.
Thank you to all those who purchased the book and I hope you enjoyed it.
Just recently, and following the supernatural/ paranormal theme of “Ghosts”, I have had another book published, this [...]

Poli-Gobble – Civic Pub (Review)

By 28 July 2014
Poli-Gobble - Civic Pub (Review)

This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this show.  I caught Toby Halligan and Matthew Kenneally’s performance at the Canberra Comedy Festival back in 2013 and I was looking forward to another hour of their manic, intelligent approach to political comedy.  This was also a bit of a farewell concert: Kenneally is running off to [...]

New Canberra Short Story Online: Capital Yarn of Lost Youth Uncovered

By 26 July 2014

Hi All
I posted earlier this week about trying to get a picture for the latest request on my website, Capital Yarns. I invite readers to submit three items and will write them a short story set in Canberra featuring all three.
I am still searching for the mouse house at Weston Park, but have now posted [...]

7.30 ACT – what to expect from tonight’s program

By 25 July 2014
7.30 ACT - what to expect from tonight's program

7.30 ACT on the ABC
Friday July 25th

“Kill the Pig” – feral pigs in Namadgi National Park are being rounded up and killed humanely by the park rangers. Meanwhile illegal hunters are sneaking into the park with dogs to hunt and kill the pigs in a brutal and barbaric manner. ( This story has several short [...]

The documentary is mightier than the film

By 25 July 2014
The documentary is mightier than the film

With a strong international line up of award-winning documentaries from France to Bangladesh, the Stronger than Fiction festival will provoke thought, inspire discussion, and embrace the richness and diversity of different cultures within our city.
Co-directors of the festival Simon Weaving and Deborah Kingsland, envisage a bold future for the festival with a vision to transform [...]

Canberra breaks the silence around violence

By 25 July 2014

[ 23 November 2014; 2:00 pm; ] Alanna Davis of Celebrity Sport for Charity – Canberra has organised a Walk A Mile In Her Shoes to help raise awareness and much needed funds to support White Ribbon Australia’s work to end men’s violence against women. All funds raised will support primary prevention initiatives in schools, workplaces and the broader community.

We are [...]

What’s on this weekend? 26th and 27th July 2014

By 25 July 2014
What's on this weekend?  26th and 27th July 2014

To get things started, we have a few picks from the RiotACT team…
Hannah is going to
Guyy and the fox
The front gallery
Saturday 27th July
Josh is heading to
Stomp Mythology Latin Fundraiser 2014
The Albert Hall
Saturday 26th July
John L is checking out
The Street
26th July to 3rd August
Heather likes the look of
Winter Canto
National Portrait Gallery
Sunday 27th July
Susan is going [...]

The Rokitelly Man – Dramatic Productions (Preview)

By 24 July 2014
The Rokitelly Man - Dramatic Productions (Preview)

It’s been a big year for locally developed musicals here in Canberra with new big budget productions Heart of a Dog and Winging my Way to the Top already done and dusted.  But the year’s not over yet and plucky underdog The Rokitelly Man opens this week.  An original musical with script by Michael Hemming [...]

A cooking demonstration with Antonio Carluccio and Andrew Barr (yes, you read that right)

By 23 July 2014
A cooking demonstration with Antonio Carluccio and Andrew Barr (yes, you read that right)

[ 26 July 2014; 8:30 am; ]

The Capital Region Farmers Market will this weekend welcome a very special visitor, international celebrity chef Antonio Carluccio, at the market this coming Saturday 26 July.

Antonio will tour the Market, do a book signing and take part in a cooking demonstration with Andrew Barr MLA from 8.30-10.30am.

Mr Carluccio is in town in July as the [...]

Canberra Tree Week activities – Wednesday and Thursday

By 23 July 2014

The inaugural Canberra Tree Week has already seen many activities that celebrate living in a city surrounded by trees.
Throughout Wednesday 23 July 2014 and Thursday 24 July 2014, residents and visitors alike are invited to take part in more free events, including:
Eucalypts of the Southern Tablelands
What: Join a guided tour of Forest 20 at the [...]

Nuclear energy: the debate Australia has to have

By 23 July 2014

[ 28 July 2014; 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm. ] ABC 666′s Genevieve Jacobs will talk with three of the nation’s most compelling experts on an issue we cannot continue to ignore.

The world is hungry for low cost, low emissions energy, but in Australia nuclear energy is still off the agenda. Will other low emissions technology be enough? Why do we keep avoiding the nuclear [...]

Live Music: The Yearlings Album Launch @ Smith’s Alternative. Friday 18 July.

By 23 July 2014
Live Music: The Yearlings Album Launch @ Smith’s Alternative. Friday 18 July.

The Yearlings contrast a depth of emotion with a comfortably detached approach that suits the duo (Robyn Chalklen and Chris Parkinson).
Offering up a gentle brand of alt country, folk and blues inspired fare, they have built a reputation around their two part vocal delivery. And it was clear from this performance what it is that [...]

Will Australia continue to be a land of droughts and flooding rains? – Public Talk, Dr Lisa Alexander

By 22 July 2014

[ 5 August 2014; 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm. ] Australians are all too familiar with heatwaves, droughts and floods. These events have increased over recent decades and this trend is likely to continue.

But given Australia’s natural climate variations, how much is this increase linked to human interference in the climate system? And what effect will the amount and rate of greenhouse gas emissions be [...]

Kids Storytime – picture books, yummy afternoon tea, and lots of fun

By 22 July 2014
Kids Storytime - picture books, yummy afternoon tea, and lots of fun

[ 2 August 2014; 2:00 pm; ]

Join children’s authors Irma Gold (Megumi and the Bear), Emma Allen (The Terrible Suitcase) and Tracey Hawkins (Max Meets a Monster) for a special afternoon of readings from their latest picture books.

Where: Paperchain Manuka
When: Saturday 2 August
Time: 2.00pm
RSVP: Telephone 6295 6723 or email

Megumi has only one wish. For the bear to come back. Megumi [...]

BCC July Forum: Higgns primary School redevelopment and Dog exercise areas

By 21 July 2014

[ 22 July 2014; 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm. ] The July 2014 Belconnen Community Council Public Forum will be held at:

7.30pm, Tuesday 22 July 2014
Community Room above the Belconnen Library
Chandler Street, Belconnen

Representatives from the Economic Development Directorate will present a summary of the community engagement activities and resultant community feedback about proposed redevelopment of the former Higgins primary school site and the adjacent decommissioned [...]

August Fools – review

By 21 July 2014
August Fools - review

Thanks to The-RiotACT, and the organisers of the Scandinavian film festival, I had a double pass to see a film of my choice and ended up plumbing for a Finnish film, ‘August Fools’.  While in some sense the title makes sense, I am still none the wiser why it ended up with that name; but [...]

Education Systems Limited

By 18 July 2014
Education Systems Limited

In John Dewey’s book Democracy and Education he writes, ‘it is illiberal and immoral to train children to work not freely and intelligently but for the sake of the work earned’. I agree with him, and think so too would most Canberrans. To see a teacher teaching well, full of compassion and creativity, is surely [...]

What’s on this weekend? 19th and 20th July 2014

By 18 July 2014
What's on this weekend? 19th and 20th July 2014

Some may wonder if there is anything other than a big game of rugby union on this weekend (go Brumbies!).
Here are the picks from a few of the RiotACT team:
Hannah Haggarty is getting along to the Joelistics new album Blue Volume launch @ transit on Saturday 8pm
John Lombard suggests The Fairytale Channel showing at Smiths [...]

The Fairytale Channel – Smith’s Alternative (Review)

By 18 July 2014
The Fairytale Channel - Smith's Alternative (Review)

Local writer/director Kirsty Budding pulls us into our televisions (or at least our DVDs of Disney movies) for The Fairytale Channel, a children’s show in the style of Shrek and Fractured Fairy Tales that skewers fairy-tale logic and encourages us to be what we really want to be.  Even if it’s something boring like an [...]

Rishi Desai served up food so good at the Truffle Festival we had to share one of his recipes

By 17 July 2014
Rishi Desai served up food so good at the Truffle Festival we had to share one of his recipes

I went along to a Truffle Festival lunch hosted at IBIS last Sunday to seek culinary inspiration from local Masterchef contestant Rishi Desai.
Rishi introduced us to the flavour of truffles by asking the group to compare a ‘truffled’ omelette with a regular one. It was an interesting test and quick way to [...]

Canberra’s Crowd-funding success story

By 17 July 2014
Canberra's Crowd-funding success story

The story advances as Pat and Sancho from The Chop Shop rack up their target of $10,000 within 5 days of launching on crowd-funding website Kickstarter. As you can imagine they are over the moon.
Sancho says, “It has easily etched no.1 in my top 5 moments in life that will flash before my eyes if [...]

Jack Biilmann and Benjalu keeping it intimate at The Front Gallery and Cafe

By 16 July 2014
Jack Biilmann and Benjalu keeping it intimate at The Front Gallery and Cafe

Let me first start by saying that if there is a place in or near Canberra that looks more like my Grandmother’s lounge room than the Front Gallery in Lyneham, I’m yet to discover it. One step short of tacky, it is a charming little hole-in-the wall that smells like a bakery, the coffee is [...]

When good art turns bad

By 16 July 2014
When good art turns bad

I received a letter from my daughter’s school some time ago letting parents know that the board had met and decided that should Rolf Harris be found guilty, a painting of his would be removed from display at the school. They have since removed the painting and returned it to the ACT Government, for [...]

Canberra Poetry Slam: 2 Tens & A Tomato

By 16 July 2014
Canberra Poetry Slam: 2 Tens & A Tomato

[ 25 July 2014; 8:00 pm; ]

The Canberra Poetry Slam returns to the Front Gallery and Cafe on Friday, the 25th of July!
Artists Geoffrey Dunn and Marina Talevski are exhibiting their collaborative project Two Tens and a Tomato in the gallery section, and they will feature their Poetry and Pictures collaborative pieces over the course of the night.

Come along at 8pm [...]

Julian Hobba, “Bartleby” (Interview)

By 16 July 2014
Julian Hobba,

Julian Hobba is best known for “Delicacy”, his play about a real-life case of mutually-agreed cannibalism. Now his imagination has been fired by Herman Melville’s short story “Bartleby”, a before-its-time fable of workplace alienation. With the show opening at The Street Theatre two weeks from now Julian was kind enough to share some of his [...]

Canberra Blues Society Monthly Blues Jam

By 15 July 2014

[ 20 July 2014; 2:00 pm to 5:30 pm. ] Marji Curran band will be hosting Canberra Blues Society Monthly Jam on 20 July 2014. Marji has a voice that gets down and dirty one minute then has you soaring like an angel the next. An eclectic sound that takes you on an emotive journey from roots rock to blues & folk. Marji is backed [...]

Ingress – Now on iOS!

By 15 July 2014
Ingress - Now on iOS!

For those who missed the conversation earlier this year, Ingress is a game you play in the real world. Rather than playing a game on a screen, or even a large grassy field, it’s a game where the whole world is your playground. Or should I say battleground? For in the game, two [...]

New exhibitions

By 14 July 2014
New exhibitions


It’s most appropriate to kick off my reviews for RiotACT with this show presented by gallery@bcs as part of its RESPECT series celebrating NAIDOC week. Munyunga, meaning Eagle Hawk in the Ngarigu language, is a mixed media exhibition exploring the theme of “Kootopan” (Oneness) featuring local and South Coast artists Colleen Dixon, David Dixon, Dianne [...]

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