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Crime on the run

By 15 January 2014

ACT Policing’s latest crime statistics show crime reports across the ACT dropped 10 per cent in the last year, following a five-year downward trend with property crime leading the way.
The ACT has seen a drop of a third in crime reports over the last five years from 43,139 in 2009 to 28,976 in 2013, [...]

Simon twirls his cape and returns to the shadows, but we’ll always have the signal!

By 29 October 2013

Simon Corbell has announced great victories in the war on crime as outlined in the latest Criminal Statistical Profile:
“In the year to September 2013, robbery offences have decreased by 37%, motor vehicle theft has decreased by 32%, burglary and weapons offences have both decreased by 16%, sexual assault has decreased by 15%, and assault and [...]

Crime statistics looking great!

By 11 October 2013

ACT Policing has continued to experience a decline in offences across the board according to the latest quarterly crime statistics for 2013, which show a 13 per cent decrease throughout the ACT when compared with the same period in 2012.
All of the offence types defined by the ACT Policing CrimeStatistics webpage experienced a decrease when [...]

Improvements in indigenous youth detention and other crime statistics

By 13 August 2013

Simon Corbell brings news of better statistics related to indigenous people held in juvenile detention:
Mr Corbell welcomed the findings of the June 2013 Criminal Justice Statistical Profile which was tabled in the ACT Legislative Assembly today.
“In the 12 months to June 2013, there were 53 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander remands and committals at the [...]

Belconnen has alarming number of sexual assaults

By 9 July 2013

The latest quarterly crime statistics for the ACT have been released and they’re presented on a rather nice interactive map that allows us to examine what has been reported and where.
Jumping backwards in time the numbers get larger which certainly is a good sign, still the current numbers are a little concerning when viewed alone.
The [...]

Zed concerned by rising assaults

By 14 May 2013

Zed Seselja is making noise about the worrying side of the latest crime statistics:
“Whilst there have been improvements in some areas there are still significant areas of concern that need to be addressed. I am particularly concerned about the rise of violent offences in our community,” Mr Seselja said today.
“In recent months we have seen [...]

Property and Personal crimes down in the ACT

By 14 May 2013

Good news everyone!
According to the stats in the March 2013 Criminal Justice Statistical Profile, the rates of personal and property crimes are dropping in the ACT, announced Simon Corbell today.
“I’m happy to report year on year decreases in a number of areas including robbery, burglary/break and enter, sexual offences, public order offences, property damage, assaults, [...]

Crime on the way down?

By 21 April 2013

ACT Policing has continued to experience a decline in offences across the board according to the latest quarterly CrimeStatistics for 2013, which show a 14 per cent decrease across the ACT when compared with the same period in 2012.
Weston Creek led the way with a crime decrease of 39 per cent when comparing the January-March [...]

Simon says crime on the way down

By 28 February 2013

Attorney-General Simon Corbell is breaking out the bubbly over the latest crime statistics:
New figures showing a continued decrease across a range of crimes in the ACT, including public order offences such as drunk and disorderly behaviour being down 22% were welcomed today by Attorney-General, Simon Corbell.
The December 2012 Criminal Justice Statistical Profile, tabled in [...]

ACT Policing says crime is heading down

By 22 January 2013

ACT Policing has released its latest quarterly CrimeStatistics for 2012, which show the majority of offences reported to police have decreased when compared with the same period in 2011.
The fourth quarter of 2012 produced a decline in assault, sexual assault, burglary, motor vehicle theft, property damage and road collisions with injuries but an increase in [...]

Crime falls in the cold midwinter

By 23 October 2012

ACT Policing has published its crime statistics for the third quarter of 2012 through its online CrimeStatistics website, which has received more than 17 000 interactive views since the inception in February this year.
The third quarter represented a decline in the majority of offence types reported to police including assaults, sexual assaults, robberies, burglaries, property [...]

Breaking down the crime statistics. Tuggers for vandals, Inner North for rapists, Belco for burglars,


This morning we ran the police line on Crime Statistics.
But we’ve learned to take our own look.
The big trick is to untick all the crime categories to get down to specific areas.
So here we go.

Traffic Infringement Notices

Wow, Belconnen represent!

Property Damage

Good to see Tuggeranong asserting itself!
Digging deeper Kambah is really showing its colours there [...]

Motor vehicle thefts on the rise while other crimes decline in reporting

By 11 July 2012

ACT Policing has issued its online crime statistics for the second quarter of 2012, reflecting a decline in most offence types reported to police, including assaults, sexual assaults, robberies and burglaries, but an increase in motor vehicle thefts when compared with the same period (April to June) last year.
Assaults in the inner south fell by [...]

Crime Statistics for q1 2012

By 15 May 2012

ACT Policing has issued its online crime statistics for the first quarter of 2012, reflecting a decline in assaults and property damage and an increase in motor vehicle theft and robberies reported to police compared with the same period (January to March) in 2011.
Acting Superintendent of ACT Policing Intelligence Chris Meagher said CrimeStatistics allow members [...]

Simon pleased with the latest crime statistics

By 21 March 2012

Attorney General Simon Corbell is thrilled with the latest data on criminal trends:
The criminal justice statistical profile, December 2011 quarter figures, tabled today in the Legislative Assembly, show annual decreases in most criminal offences.
Some of the key annual downward trends include:
– Motor vehicle theft (down 40%)
– Burglary/break and enter (down 36%)
– Weapons offences (down 30%)
– [...]

Simon celebrates crime stats

By 23 August 2011

Simon Corbell’s happily announced a reduction of property crime in the latest statistics.
“The reported number of motor vehicle theft offences declined by 37.3 per cent burglary offences declined by 32.4 per cent, and property damage offences declined by 21.5 per cent,” Mr Corbell said.
“These statistics are a positive outcome for Canberrans and are the result [...]

ACT Policing scores 28 out of 34 on its KPIs

By 2 August 2011

Simon Corbell has announced the outcomes of the 2010-11 ACT Policing purchase agreement:
“I am pleased to see that ACT Policing has recorded such a positive downward trend in a range of property related offences like; rates of motor vehicle theft down by 37.3 per cent, burglary down 32.7 per cent and property damage down 21.8 [...]

Lies, damn lies, and then…

By 30 May 2011

ACT Policing has launched a Facts & Stats section on its website to enhance its online service to the community.
Some of the data captured includes quarterly reported crime, the road toll (including previous years), and corporate data such as staffing numbers broken down into gender, rank, length of service and age brackets.
Crime reporting will be [...]

Police claim crime on the run

By 21 January 2011

The ACT has recorded significant decreases in most reported crimes over the past six-month period.
Comparing the period July 1, 2010 to December 31, 2010, to the corresponding period in 2009, ACT has seen a 29.5 per cent decline in burglaries, a 35.2 per cent drop in reported motor vehicle thefts, a 54.8 per cent reduction [...]

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