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You Are Here: arriving this week


[ 13 April 2016 to 17 April 2016. ] An inner suburban house transforms into a theatre hotspot. An old night club becomes a hub for political debate. Mysteries linger in the Civic Interchange. Where are you?

Playful, irreverent and lo-fi, You Are Here is a curated festival which showcases the best of Canberra’s diverse independent and experimental arts and culture.

From April 13-17, [...]

Internet Trolls and Free Arts Festivals


Hey gang!
Thanks to you lot I was invited to go sit on a panel at this years You Are Here festival to discuss internet trolls. I was chosen to discuss this topic alongside writers from Lip, Woroni, and Mamamia. These three writers have experienced all kinds of horrible insane abuse from their readerships both local [...]

‘You Are Here’ festival – Faux Faux Amis

By 18 March 2014

#Who  Faux Faux Amis
#What  Garage Punk Rock
#Where  Open Air Stage – Ainslie Place (off Garema Pl)
#When You Are Here Festival 14/03/14
#So  Find them at venues like The Phoenix
Nothing fake about these friends 
Words by Steve Boardman.
Tonight I venture in to the CBD to check out the painfully hipster ‘You Are Here’ festival. I actually like [...]

Christmas in the City gears up for some Christmas camel rides

By 11 December 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

[ 12 December 2013 at 12:00 pm; ]

Camels are Australia’s greatest natural resource.

That was a silly sentence, but Camel rides are a blast, and the city is going to be full of them this Thursday.

The carnival is back with twice as many camels

The much anticipated Christmas Carnival in the City will officially open tomorrow (Thursday 12th) at 12pm.

Free activities, live performances [...]

Christmas Carnival in the City

By 5 December 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

[ 12 December 2013 to 23 December 2013. ]

You Are Here and Canberra CBD are planning 12 days of Christmas events spread about the city in Civic Square, Ainslie Avenue, City Walk, and Garema Place.

There is a whole pile of activities and entertainment listed and everything kick off next Thursday the 12th, so get amongst it.

4.30PM – 6.30PM
6.00PM – 7.00PM
EAT [...]

You Are Here secures $85,000 in funding

By 3 December 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

They look fairly happy about it.
Today Joy Burch and Andrew Barr announced $85,000 in joint funding for You Are Here, Canberra’s little festival that could.
They did this in the alleyway behind Impact Comics.

You Are Here have used this space as a venue during the festival before, but on those occasions the traffic had been blocked [...]

Christmas Carnival in the City

By 12 November 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

Is it too early to start talking about Christmas?
Some of you will no doubt wish to immediately start talking about how much you hate Christmas, so feel free to skip ahead and be a Grinch in the comments below.
For the rest of us though, there’s this little release from Canberra CBD to [...]

Nobody bought Fletcher Jones

By 29 May 2013

According to the Property Observer, Canberra’s favourite abandoned suit-store, Fletcher Jones, went to auction and nobody bought it.
Let’s all chip in and buy it for You Are Here.
View Larger Map

What’s next for You Are Here in 2014?


The third You Are Here festival has come to a close. Fletcher Jones has once again become a torso and clothes-hanger filled wasteland, the Ellis Collective aren’t singing to you during your lunchbreak, and Canberra’s arts scene caught up on some sleep. It was a wonderful and exhausting ride, and already people are talking about [...]

No Lights No Lycra: You Are Here Special. A Papercuts review


On Friday night at around 10.00pm, some bemused policemen interrogated the security guard outside Fletcher Jones, the headquarters of the You Are Here festival. Inside the barren clothes store, in darkness, a mass of pulsating bodies danced riotously to thundering music. The police seemed sure that something unsavoury was going on.
Five minutes later, they [...]

Canberra Roast. A Papercuts review

By 22 March 2013

To quote SBS Chief Political Correspondent Karen Middleton: “Canberra is a bit like your little sister, you’ll defend her ‘til you bleed, but occasionally give her a wallop of your own, and you’re allowed, because you’re family”. I feel this expression captures the overall sentiment of the Canberra Roast at Smith’s Alternative Bookshop on Thursday [...]

Bad!Slam!No!Biscuit! at You Are Here. A Papercuts review


Ironically for a poetry slam, I don’t think words are the best way to describe Bad!Slam!No!Biscuit! Rather, it’s something that you have to experience for yourself.
If you were to enter the Phoenix mid-way through the poetry slam you might be forgiven for having thought that you had tumbled down a rabbit hole or fallen through [...]

How is your You Are Here?


You Are Here continues to be one of the most exciting and exhausting events in the Canberran calendar. I hope you’ve been taking advantage of it Rioters.
Last night I saw a pair of time travelling scientists attempt to sell an audience insurance, I saw a pub full of rowdy drunks kept entranced by an even [...]

Art, Not Apart. A Papercuts review

By 19 March 2013

The scent of freshly made crepes floated upon the light breeze, mingling with the music and conversation as the Art, Not Apart festival took a hold on New Acton this past Saturday. A fresh-eyed crowd filled the precinct, eager to absorb the jumble of art and artists that were breathing life into this local festival.
One [...]

Die Hard 2 screening. A Papercuts Review

By 19 March 2013

“Yippee ki-yay motherf***er!”
Have more potent words ever been spoken? This reviewer and avid fans of the Die Hard film franchise would argue no, no they haven’t. On Sunday afternoon as a part of the You Are Here festival, a bevy of John McClane enthusiasts were treated to a screening of the greatest Christmas film [...]

All I wanted for Christmas (in March), was a less tacky Christmas event. A Papercuts review

By 19 March 2013

All I wanted for Christmas (in March), was a less tacky Christmas event.
The track record for You Are Here (YAH) this year was a good one, the events I’d been to all turning out to be great fun. Christmas Lane unfortunately wasn’t one of them.
This is not to say that the dance crews [...]

Well, that was Christmas (You Are Here style)


Hi there. I’m Hadley, one of the co-producers of the You Are Here festival, and I’m just dropping by to debrief an event we put on yesterday called ‘Christmas Lane’.

In 2012 You Are Here staged a Beach Party in Tocumwal Lane, behind Landspeed Records and Impact Comics. It was conceived by festival producer Yolande Norris [...]

Lunchtime with You Are Here


It’s lunchtime and a man calling himself Fossil Rabbit is making the most wonderful and chilled sounds with a guitar. I swear this music is helping me digest. I don’t have the science to back that up, so I’ll just have to ask you to trust me.
A collection of people are sitting around the room [...]

Pancakes and Poker. A Papercuts review

By 17 March 2013

The blurb for this event had me salivating at the thought of delicious Pancake Parlour fare. When the tutelage of Chris Wood, poker professional and competitive eating enthusiast, was added to that already delicious temptation, how could I resist?
To begin the event, Chris ran through some basics of playing poker, showed a video of some [...]

Burlesque Beauties beckon at ALEV. A Papercuts review

By 17 March 2013

Friday 15th of March was a day of firsts: my first late night gig for You Are Here, my first time at Kremlin Bar, and my first ever burlesque show. Is there a better way to pop that cherry than with some of Canberra’s best burlesque beauties filling the stage and baring all for the [...]

You Are Here festival breakfasts

By 17 March 2013

You Are Here writer in residence, Andrew Galan has submitted this article about the You Are Here festival breakfasts, which you should all probably go to, because why not spend breakfast with lovely people.
Nic Delatovic’s Festival Breakfast with Matty Ellis and Luke McGrath
YouAreHere’s series of festival breakfasts are informal chats occurring most days between one [...]

Burley’s First Birthday. A Papercuts review

By 16 March 2013

The best birthday wishes for Burley.
Many city-goers have probably walked past, sipped coffee near, or eaten delicious food next to Smiths Alternative Bookshop. Located on Alinga Street in the city centre, it is nestled neatly away, much like most prized reading nooks.
As I entered Smiths, the little book nerd in me stood up and took [...]

gRage with Declan Greene. A Papercuts Review

By 16 March 2013

Remember staying up late in the late 90’s on a Friday night turning the tv over to ABC and hastily hitting the mute button on your remote as scattered images blurred in front of you and the words RAGE RAGE RAGE were unpleasantly screamed at you? Hopefully you hit that mute button, you lowered the [...]

Heartbroken Assassin [COMPLETE]


The video above is the playlist, it will update once a day as new episodes are released. Check below for individual episodes.
Fight Scenes, music, and beautiful women. Heartbroken Assassin is a new Canberra based web series being created over the course of the You Are Here festival. A new episode will be filmed and released [...]

Can you tell it’s a drug bust by his hair cut? [updated]


Heading back towards the You Are Here hub after a late lunch, Festival Coordinator Adam Hadley and myself happened along a rather exciting scene outside of Mooseheads. The You Are Here team quickly mobilised to stare through the windows and gossip.
A rather large pile of suspicious looking goods were being sorted through by police, and [...]

YOU ARE HERE – It begins


You Are Here has descended upon our fair City for the third time. In a time where random d-list personalities are making fun of Canberra for attention and profit, and birthday celebrations maybe don’t have enough food vans, it can be easy to fall into despair. Fear not though, there is a cure. No it’s [...]

Hit Him in the Comic Cuts hits the National Film and Sound Archive

By 13 March 2013

[ 19 March 2013 at 8:00 pm; ]

Continuing their fine tradition of creating events that defy simple entry into the RiotACT’s categories database, You Are Here is hosting an exciting mix of old films, live performance, music and who knows what else at the National Film and Sound Archives on Tuesday the 19th.

The You Are Here festival and the National Film and [...]

Canberra (I miss you)


Canberra (I Miss You) from Jordan & Sam on Vimeo.
David Finnigan wants me to show you this. He’s usually right!
Canberra (I Miss You)
from Jordan & Sam PLUS 16 hours ago / via Final Cut Pro NOT YET RATED
Performed by Jordan Prosser & Sam Burns-Warr.
Shot by Benjamin Hamey.
The Landlords perform ‘A Stitch in Time Saves Brian’ [...]

Not About You – Facebook and the urge to confess.

By 9 March 2013

I’m going to admit straight up that I spend an unhealthy portion of my days clicking through Facebook photos of friends from school or uni. I haven’t spoken to many of these people in years, but I think I could still hold a conversation with them on the strength of my observations on their extensive [...]

Festival madness


Anyone else think this month is a getting a little ridiculous in terms of festivals? It’s ludicrous how much stuff is crammed into these 31 days. Anyone who complains Canberra is dull has never been here in March.
Let’s go over it shall we?
Canberra Comedy Festival. March 19-23.
The Village Festival. March 21-24.
The National Folk Festival.March 28-April [...]

What even is a ‘shine tart’, other than the best name for a band so far this year?

By 6 March 2013

You Are Here artist and holder of the newly minted “Best All-Rounder” title, Luke McGrath gives some background on his involvement with one of the most exciting events at this year’s festival, Hit Him In The Comic Cuts.

Have You Are Here told you yet how many events they have?

By 1 March 2013

Hi y’all!
I’m another one (we are so many!) of the You Are Here festival producers/curators this year and I just wanted to say hi. I’m such a fan girl about this festival, I can’t say enough nice things about what we do and the insanely wonderful people I get to work with. This is my [...]

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