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2 dead, many questions

By Joe Canberran - 8 November 2007 24

Not much info online as yet but the ABC, and smh all have snippets of info on a man found shot dead in his front lawn of a residence in Ern Florence Crescent in Theodore about 3pm today.

Police then attended a property in the township of Michelago locating another deceased male, also from a gunshot wound.

Regardless of the circumstances condolences to the families.

What’s Your opinion?

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24 Responses to
2 dead, many questions
Deadmandrinking 6:06 pm 10 Nov 07

RAGD, you’re a knob. How is a vigilante group going to stomp out crimes like these? Become relationship police?

w3st0nFTW 3:45 am 10 Nov 07

The theodore man was a nice man feel sorry for his son yes.

imo i think there was a bit more than a girl but who knows.

Sorry to see them go this way.

cranky 6:26 pm 09 Nov 07

I was acquainted with the perp, in a business sense.
Notwithstanding the fairly damning opinions expressed in the SMH, I always found him a gentleman, quiet, well spoken and polite.
This is a very sad occurence. My sympathies to the families.

V twin venom 3:40 pm 09 Nov 07

‘that he “allegedly” had a thing against women.’

seems to me that he had a thing against people who were lying on top of his women. (allegedly)

You have got to feel for the son of the victim and his girlfriend. it must of been horrible if they were there at the time.

nyssa76 3:04 pm 09 Nov 07

SMH reported that the perp was not a well liked man in his community and that he “allegedly” had a thing against women.

madman 2:11 pm 09 Nov 07

Here I am to answer your questions….

The male who was murdered had recently gotten into a relationship with the suspects wife.
The suspect was pretty furious that his wife left him for the other bloke so he drove to the home at Ern Florence and shot the man…

Obviously then drove home thought about what had happened and comitted suicide.

The son of the victim was at home at the time of the offence with his girlfriend.

fnaah 1:59 pm 09 Nov 07

… but they lack any sort of motivation, and thus just end up angry at themselves.

The Relapse King 1:02 pm 09 Nov 07

Why not get the emo’s to do it? They’re angry enough.

RAGD 10:33 am 09 Nov 07

What is happening to Canberra these days? Used to be a nice clean , fairly safe city to live. Now people getting shot outside their houses, girls being abducted from the street and molested.

We as citizens need to stand up and stomp this out. A vigilante group seems to be in order.

nyssa76 7:08 am 09 Nov 07

Felix, apparently there had been a car accident on the corner of Bargang and Jabbanunga.

Cameron 12:40 am 09 Nov 07

I used to live on that street. Some shady characters around there. Never saw anything like that happening in bloody THEODORE though.

Felix the Cat 9:47 pm 08 Nov 07

There was something going on this afternoon as well in Ngunnawal this afternoon about 5.30pm. Not far from the shops (the older shops, not Platypus ones) at a block of units there was a cop bloke and woman standing on the footpath looking quite nervous while a couple of people sat together across the road half on the footpath and half in the gutter. They didn’t appear to be handcuffed but I didn’t get a close look. Seemed a bit odd that the cops were standing across the road from these people and not standing next to them (they might not of been ‘offenders’ but why else would they be there?).

green_frogs_go_pop 9:30 pm 08 Nov 07

ern florence? crist! i live like 300m or so away from there!

it definatly happened just after 3pm, i was walking to the shops (scarely enough, i was going to walk to theodore shops, which meant that i would of gone past it!) and i just heard all these sirens, and like two or three ambulances went past, and wow!

TAD 9:21 pm 08 Nov 07

Alleged relationship?

Let’s just say they had a female in common.

TAD 9:19 pm 08 Nov 07

Murder by shotgun. The killer then went home and committed suicide.

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