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800 people in Mooseheads Brawl

By johnboy - 13 March 2006 22

The ABC is reporting a huge brawl in Civic on Saturday night/Sunday Morning with 800 people blocking London Circuit and 14 arrested.

The clash began when bouncers were set upon by a group of about 20 revellers outside Mooseheads nightclub on London Circuit.

Any witnesses amongst the readership?

UPDATED: The Canberra Times has more comprehensive coverage which sadly diverges into a case history of every reported incident in Civic over a long period of time.

What’s Your opinion?

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22 Responses to
800 people in Mooseheads Brawl
schmerica 8:19 pm 13 Mar 06

I’ll be honest, if I have ever seen a fight, it has been outside Mooseheads. Occasionally Shooters and I can tell you 95% of the time they were just drunk bastards who pick a fight with the bouncers. The other 5% of the time its a case of ‘What you lookin at bruddah?’ type shit that starts it.

800 people is ALOT of people… I wasnt out, but 800 is definately alot of people. Maybe the sexual frustration came to a head among the young men :p

DJ 6:13 pm 13 Mar 06

VG has hit the nail on the head. In my recent experience the Phoenix bar is been one of the few places I would avoid drinking at – might be that I just prefer to drink surrounded by those who know how to use soap and aren’t scared of shampoo and a comb.

Mooseheads is no worse (or better) than anywhere else. If there is loud music and alcohol with patrons wearing collars up the obvious outcome is a blood bath.

vg 3:48 pm 13 Mar 06

Blood bath outside Mooseheads most Friday and Saturday nights my arse!! What a ridiculous statement

Absent Diane 3:42 pm 13 Mar 06

I was definately calling le moose a shithole…. I have given it numerous chances and the clientele (with a few exceptions) everytime has made me feel anxiety over the future of the human race.. this is a perfect example of it…

Maybe I just don’t understand the collar up fashion thing when not playing cricket.. if i am missing something I apologise..

DJ 3:28 pm 13 Mar 06

You know Caphs is a little noisy with all those extra tables – good call AD shut it down, the sooner the better. OR, were you calling Mooseheads a shithole because you don’t go there?

Just how much blood is required to call an event a bloodbath? CT really hit the nail on the head with it’s cutting edge style of reporting – having one drunk female really telling it how it was. I can almost hear the screams reading the article! Those Police can really be scary what with those sky blue shirts and dress pants! Better not give them cargo pants…

I was there and I reckon that 600 is a fair estimate at the time the fools took on the security – everybody wanted to see what was happening so they ran in to have look. They must have thought it was an opportunity to view fresh blood. I’m thinking next time I’ll try to save some and see if somebody wants to touch it.

Sorry to upset those followers of the college of knowledge or RMC but no cadets in sight for this bloodbath…..

Absent Diane 1:49 pm 13 Mar 06

I would love for noise complaints to shut that shit hole down….

kimba 1:22 pm 13 Mar 06

There’s a blood-bath outside Mooseheads most Friday and Saturday nights. ACT Government is more interested in table numbers at Caphs than the constant brawling in and around Civic.

Thumper 12:36 pm 13 Mar 06


I’m giving the Cordies the benefit of the doubt…

Jey 12:17 pm 13 Mar 06

I emailed the link of this to my friend and this is what he said, ” There were really 800 people?? I was there for part of that and while there were a fair few I’m highly doubtful there were anywhere near 800.. maybe before the cops arived (and myself shortly thereafter after being drawn to the pretty flashing lights like a moth to flame 😛 – and I just saw the bouncers and cops manhandling a guy into the back of a police car and his distraught (presumed) girlfriend arguing with the police.
It would have been one hell of a rush for the people to get there too and then disperse equally as quickly.. I drove past Mooseheads to find
myself a carpark just about 15 minutes before I then walked up to find the cops blockading the street.. there was a line-up outside of about 50
or so people and no more than 200 on the other side of the street (near the carpark) just watching the action. The only people blocking London Circuit were the police.”

johnboy 11:35 am 13 Mar 06

If there was a biffo of this size outside mooseheads, and the cadets weren’t involved, that’d be the story Thumper.

Thumper 11:16 am 13 Mar 06

I’ve heard unsubstantiated rumours that some of the Duntroon Cordie boys were involved.

Of course, if we have any budding young Australian Officers out there who can refute this, then please feel free to post.

Absent Diane 11:13 am 13 Mar 06

No suprises here….

ORL 11:04 am 13 Mar 06

Sadly it shows exactly why these people are desperate and dateless!

che 10:46 am 13 Mar 06

maybe it was the desperate and dateless who still couldn’t pick up at the ball and were going to the moose to try their luck there

Spitfire3 10:09 am 13 Mar 06

The only thing my clan saw in Civic on saturday night was a lot of people. We spent most of our night at the wig and pen though, with a few trips down to the bus interchange/garema place area. We didn’t venture around the corner to mooseheads though, and didn’t see any signs of a brawl or increased police presence.

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