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Jazz 12 December 2007 56

Come early January every year hordes of motoring enthusiasts decend on Canberra much to the dismay of the usually sedate floriade and gallery set. Without exception January is yet again set to see some incredible, and some incredibly loud street machines cruising the bitumen of Northbourne Ave and Lonsdale st in Braddon as the 21st Street Machine Summernats is once again hosted at EPIC from 3 – 6 January.

Almost as if reading to a well reheased script, Promoter Chic Henry has rolled out the “We’re not expecting any trouble this time” according to this article on ABC Online.

He goes on to say that “All of our security personnel are briefed to look out for anybody, female or otherwise, who may be in somewhat of a distressed state.” Which does make me slightly wonder what the security personnel have been on the look out for in previous years.

No doubt it will be heaps of fun for some, and something that others will avoid like the plague.

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56 Responses to Summernats 2008
Sands Sands 9:29 pm 16 Dec 07

Outstanding sepi – outstanding! Brilliantly put and I couldn’t agree more.

sepi sepi 9:55 am 16 Dec 07

I hate Dummernats, but it is only 4 days and nights a year, so I don’t bother complaining about it much.

It is incredibly demeaning to women though, and you are out of your tree if you think it’s demeaning to men.

Imagine hordes of drunk women in circles around nerdy little 16 year old boys, with the women screaming ‘Show us your D*cks’.

Would that be demeaning to women – I don’t think so.

And as I’ve said before, I find this site tends towards being demeaning to women too, and many women join up to comment on an issue and then get a comment like ‘get a fat one up ya’ and never come back.

Your loss.

simbo simbo 1:39 am 16 Dec 07

Despite everything you may think, Ant, it’ ain’t just Chic Henry getting rich – there’s craploads of local publicans, hotel providers, car repairers, petrol stations, porn retailers, ladies of negotiable affection, and merchants of pretty much any and all products, who get quite a boost out of summernats.

Pandy Pandy 12:24 am 16 Dec 07

good one ant

ant ant 12:16 am 16 Dec 07

Why do people have to ‘suffer’ in their own homes? so that chic henry can get rich? Why?

VYBerlinaV8 VYBerlinaV8 11:21 pm 15 Dec 07

Summernats is an interesting one. I’ve been twice, once about 6 years ago and again a year ago. I reckon it was heaps better the first time I went, for several reasons:
1) The cars were way better quality. These days any tosser with shiny wheels seems to enter, and plenty of the cars don’t seem to be much more than body-kitted Hyundais and Lancers (if you drive such a car, please kill yourself).
2) Crowd control was terrible last time I was there – fights, people running in front of cars, burnouts in the middle of crowds, and of course young girls stoned out of their tiny brains wearing just about nothing. My previous visit had security guards keeping people off the road, so the cars could pass freely, and the inevitable ‘show us ya tits’ was directed at women standing in the back of utes, who giggles and gave a quick flash, but then moved on.
3) Maybe this is just me, but the driving events didn’t seem as good last time (perhaps related to the quality of the cars?)

Now I have no real problem with a boganish car show, but with no real control over crowd behaviour, and the standard of cars dropping, I don’t think I’ll bother with it this year.

All that being said, I have to agree with Gord0 a bit, in that in Canberra we often get uptight over nothing, and storms in teacups are regular occurrences. Personally I think we all need to harden up a bit, and stop being such sooks. If you live in one of the suburbs near EPIC, then occasionally you’ll have to suffer event traffic and hassles. You knew that when you moved in – it’s not automatically ‘someone else’s fault’.

hingo_VRCalaisV6 hingo_VRCalaisV6 6:30 pm 15 Dec 07

If ACT Government wanted a proper car event, they should have kept the Canberra 400 V8 race which was actually a good family event. Instead the dumbfucks cancelled it even though it was bringing in lots of tourists and filling hotels. Summernats fucking blows.

Adza Adza 11:21 am 15 Dec 07

I love Summernats, but they seriously need to look at alcohol consumption during the event.

BigDave BigDave 11:13 pm 14 Dec 07

Think I’ll be leaving town that weekend. Too many knobheads. It’s the same bloody cars every year anyway. Very unoriginal and as boring as bat shit.

Pandy Pandy 7:37 am 14 Dec 07

I don’t care about SummerNats as long as the ACT Government does not line Chic Henrys pocket.

w3st0nFTW w3st0nFTW 1:17 am 14 Dec 07

Wow i have never herd any of these arguments b4……………
ITs the same every year who cares!

All of us know whats its like so y dont you all grab a pack of kleenexe and argue the same points everyone has beeen for the last 21 years!

It will never get axed cos of the cash flow it brings hotels, petrol, tow-trucks, mechanics, tyre shops, sexshops, nightspots, eateries, Cracker shops- The list is endless especially bcos of the wide range of ppl it brings it (mostly the bogans who wanna buy some porn and crackers) so i dont see it going away very soon.

I herd one year that the whore house’s could not supply enough girls and they had to bring some in from syd!!


Ps- THE BEST PART OF SUMMERNATS is when they try to get into the ‘nice’ nightspots bcos they hear its “where all the Chicks are at!” and the bouncer looks down at their wrists to see their bright yellow weekend summernats band and Says “nha mate no summernats entrants in here tonight” Ohhhh Its a Kodak moment!

EtFb EtFb 2:16 pm 13 Dec 07

I don’t object to the Summernats. I think it’s good that the stupid can have fun too.

justbands justbands 2:15 pm 13 Dec 07

Ban it? No way! Let them bring their fat wheels, phat stereos, fat guts & fat wallets.

Gord0 Gord0 2:08 pm 13 Dec 07

Yeah ban it
like the drag strip
like the speedway
like the trailbike tracks

Build more capecod-infected grey-box stalag-inspired real estate, $50 latte cafes and quilting fanciers group meeting places.

Let us rejoice and celebrate our souless ACT existence with NO public events unless they pass the 5 star political correctness and A grade Chardonnay-swilling wankers tests.

Now we’ve canned ANYTHING that doesn’t fit the private school educated closed-minded politics-loving mold what next…hmmm…

Let’s go pick on those busloads of evil catfood gorging grannies at Floriade !

As a hayfever sufferer I find the celebration of these disgusting pollen-laden flowers an ABERRATION !! How DARE they, I say.

In the words of some very wise men (TISM)

“What are ya…Yob or Wanker ?!?!”

I’ll be a Yob any day…

Thumper Thumper 1:25 pm 13 Dec 07


I’ll have to drop the folk festival off my calender if that’s the case…

Evil bloody hippies 😉

Neocom Neocom 12:04 pm 13 Dec 07

The summernats crowd are nothing compared to those nasty Folk festival mob. Hooning about in their combi vans, playing loud instrumental music at all hours and drinking mead & apple cider.

BattleKath BattleKath 12:03 pm 13 Dec 07

touche jb…

they’re all losers.

justbands justbands 11:56 am 13 Dec 07

Why is there only mention of this event degrading women? Fairly degrading to men too in my eyes…shows us as nothing more than beer swilling, petrol wasting, rubber burning, “show as ‘ya tits!” yelling bogan f***wits.

Thumper Thumper 11:50 am 13 Dec 07

Hehe, arc up there kid…

schmerica_ schmerica_ 11:43 am 13 Dec 07

Yep… never going to happen. Why? Because I’m not a filthy, dirty, bogan whore. Go and ask your sister – she might oblige.

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