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A handset for your mobile phone? [With poll]

By johnboy - 10 November 2011 29

mobile phone

NineMSN have the peculiar news that the accessory du jour in Parliament House is a retro styled handset for one’s mobile phone to shift the radiation from the vicinity of the brain.

This still doesn’t help most of us men who keep our phones next to our balls, or the vast majority of normal humans who don’t actually spend that much time on the phone.

At around $40 according to google shopping they’re not exorbitant.

But is this cool? Or tremendously stupid?

Retro mobile handsets

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29 Responses to
A handset for your mobile phone? [With poll]
dpm 10:34 pm 10 Nov 11

No need for one of those, my tin foil hat protects me….

LSWCHP 9:43 pm 10 Nov 11

I didn’t really need it, but it’s just further confirmation that the denizens of the house on the hill are, for the most part, morons. Pretentious morons at that.

screaming banshee 9:06 pm 10 Nov 11

C’mon guys its not about the radiation, its about the funky retro style.

JC 8:43 pm 10 Nov 11

Basketcase there is no way to avoid radio frequencies, the world is built on them. Even light which is so essential for life to exist is actually a form of radio frequency and in the grand scheme of things not all that far off the frequecies used by mobiles. The damaging stuff is way way way up the spectrum.

arescarti42 8:08 pm 10 Nov 11

…..or you could just get a discrete wired/bluetooth headset. Shifts the radiation away from your head (if you believe in that sort of thing) and you don’t completely ruin all the hard work that smart phone engineers put in to creating a device that is actually portable.

thatsnotme 8:07 pm 10 Nov 11

Surely in Parliament House, it’s less about the potential for brain tumours, and more about the chance to begin a conversation with “Is that a handset in your pocket, or…”

Primal 7:57 pm 10 Nov 11

Probably a lot more comfortable to hold during long, boring conversations with your colleagues.

jules_from_latham 7:51 pm 10 Nov 11

Senator Bill Heffernan has one – if that doesn’t influence your vote I don’t know what will!

krats 7:24 pm 10 Nov 11

basketcase said :

Keeps the radio frequencies away from the brain.

I Thought Men’s Brains Were Next To Their Balls.

Henry82 7:22 pm 10 Nov 11

basketcase said :

Keeps the radio frequencies away from the brain.

instead keep it in you front pocket near your groin?

krats 7:20 pm 10 Nov 11

Who In Parliament Has Balls??

basketcase 7:06 pm 10 Nov 11

Keeps the radio frequencies away from the brain.

Leinna 7:02 pm 10 Nov 11

There is no known physical way that the radiation emitted by mobile phones is capable of causing the DNA mutations that lead to cancer. There is a push by some neurosurgeons that mobile phone radiation is linked to the development of brain cancer but the evidence for this is from retrospective studies; prospective studies have been unable to rule out a incredibly minute increase in cancer rates due to mobile phones.

Brain cancers happened before the introduction of mobile phones and the increase in incidence of cancer has not matched the increase in mobile phone use.

See this site (by ARPANSA, the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency):

Caractacus Potts 6:35 pm 10 Nov 11

Mobile phones do not produce ionising radiation. Therefore, they do not do not cause the sorts of changes that can cause cancer. Theoretically, the radio frequency radiation they do produce can cause heat to build up, but I reckon no more than a beanie would. Mobile phones are safe.

And yes, the phones look stupid, but that wouldn’t stop the youth of today hurf durf.

gospeedygo 6:25 pm 10 Nov 11

It’s Today Tonight style hysteria.

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