ACT cuts fees for registering hail storm replacement cars

Dominic Giannini 10 February 2020 17
January hail storm

The ACT Government will waive or reduce administration fees and charges for those who have had to replace cars following the January hail storm. Photo: Region Media.

The ACT Government has announced new measures to help ease the burden to the hip pocket for those who had their cars written off in the January 20 storm.

Administration fees and charges will be reduced or waived for those who have been forced to replace their cars after about 30,000 vehicles were damaged in the extreme weather event.

Those who are buying a replacement car for $10,000 or less will receive a stamp duty rebate of up to $100.

“Vehicle owners will not have to pay any additional registration fees for a replacement vehicle,” the government said in a statement.

“We will provide refunds for registration cancellation fees ($47.70) and vehicle establishment fees ($48.80 or $95.70) for those with vehicles written-off by hail damage and replaced.

“There will be a vehicle roadworthy inspection fee rebate of $72.10 and an additional $55.30 should a basic identity inspection be required. This will assist those owners whose hail damaged vehicles are not being assessed through insurance claims.

“A higher fee of $95.70 is charged for interstate vehicles not previously registered in the ACT and this will be rebated to where owners purchase replacement vehicles interstate.”

These measures will be available for vehicles privately registered in the ACT that were impacted by the hailstorm until 30 June 2020.

The rebates are set to come out of the budget’s bottom line, and while the government has described the impact to the bottomline as “minimal”, there has been no figure attached.

“We have undertaken costings of the measures but given the lack of available data there is a degree of uncertainty,” a government spokesperson told Region Media.

“Therefore we have taken the approach of providing in-principle funding support to Access Canberra for the additional resources required to administer the rebates, which will be informed by actual take-up figures.

“Much of the rebate costs do not have a net financial impact as the revenue from this increase in activity was not factored into the budget forecasts. The Budget did not forecast a major hail event so there is revenue forgone rather than lost revenue.”

Drivers with comprehensive car insurance may have escaped most of these costs, however the rebates will be able to provide some relief for those who have been left significantly out of pocket.

Canberrans who buy a hail damaged bargain at car yard sales and online auctions, are advised to do their research.

ACT legislation prohibits re-registration of written off vehicles in the ACT unless the vehicle is an economical repairable write-off and was registered in the ACT at the time it was written off.

A vehicle that has been assessed as a statutory write-off cannot be registered and may only be used as a limited source of spare parts or scrap metal. Only an economic repairable written off vehicle can be repaired and re-registered.

Consumers may also experience stricter conditions and higher premiums when taking out insurance on a previously written off vehicle.

More information is on the Access Canberra website.

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17 Responses to ACT cuts fees for registering hail storm replacement cars
Carolyn Lisa Carolyn Lisa 10:09 pm 14 Feb 20

Christine Gingell does this apply to anyone of us?

BlowMeDown BlowMeDown 4:51 pm 13 Feb 20

Why throw that onto rate payers when the budget is blowing out big time already? The rego on the write off can be reclaimed backdated to January 20 so nothing is lost having to register a new car. And presumably the old car was insured for replacement or agreed value.

Sounds like a pre election giveaway to me.

    BlowMeDown BlowMeDown 4:57 pm 13 Feb 20

    Rego and CTP is reclaimable backdated January 20.

Judy Ferraro Judy Ferraro 9:11 am 12 Feb 20

Kendall Foxtrot

James Coleman James Coleman 9:10 am 12 Feb 20

Proof that they can cut registration fees...

Sean Unwin Sean Unwin 3:38 am 12 Feb 20

And to cover this they’ll just jack up rates even more. But hey, they don’t need a hail storm to do that, it’s situation normal.

Martin Dallen Martin Dallen 10:02 pm 11 Feb 20

Hook us up with some rebates on excess!

Merinda Maher Merinda Maher 9:40 pm 11 Feb 20

Don’t insure with AAMI

Olga Mudruk Olga Mudruk 9:09 pm 11 Feb 20

Alexia Mudruk

Mark Dunstone Mark Dunstone 8:26 pm 11 Feb 20

I really can't see the logical, rational reason for this. How is an individual who happened to have a fully comprehensive insured car damaged in the recent hail any different to an individual who had a comprehensive insured car damaged at some other time? Its not like the hail has caused other financial problems for each individual.

    Valerie VK Valerie VK 11:01 pm 11 Feb 20

    One individual with comprehensive who has an accident is not the same as a major weather event that hurts a large section of the community?

    Mark Dunstone Mark Dunstone 11:11 pm 11 Feb 20

    Valerie VK It is no different for the individuals. But why is a person who suffers a loss in a major weather event more deserving of charity or welfare than say a person who suffers a loss from a more limited weather event, eg. a lightning strike? Why isn't this welfare means tested or targeted to the most deserving, or the money used for a better public purpose, eg teachers so the next generation are able to make better policy decisions?

Tim Cole Tim Cole 12:12 pm 11 Feb 20

Given that the insurance companies are the one footing the bill for the replacement of write-offs, I'm not sure who this benefits? Maybe it's an extra kick back to them for the CTP changes.

    Scott Welsh Scott Welsh 6:47 pm 11 Feb 20

    Tim Cole insurance doesn’t cover the cost of stamp duty on a replacement vehicle.

Petra Odden Rickman Petra Odden Rickman 12:02 pm 11 Feb 20

will this be back paid?

Annemarie Gerhard Annemarie Gerhard 11:55 am 11 Feb 20

Rebekah Munday, does this affect you?

Aldo Milin Aldo Milin 10:12 am 11 Feb 20

How magnanimous of them. Surely we're not having an election anytime soon? 😁

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