ACT Labor ignoring carbon tax costs to hospitals, says Humphries

Ruqi 30 July 2012 2

Senator Gary Humphries has accused the ACT Labor government of ignoring the costs of the carbon tax on Canberran hospitals. Most of Australia has by now released information about the additional costs to hospitals, but the ACT is yet to do so.

“The ACT Labor government says it is still conducting analysis to examine how much the carbon tax will impact our ailing health system”, Senator Gary Humphries said today.

“However, the evidence is that the carbon tax will impose costs which will impact on service and for which there is no compensation payable.

“The ACT government seems anxious to ‘look the other way’ when it comes to extra health costs, but Canberrans will suffer.

[…]“The Chief Minister has to put Canberra first and provide much needed clarity to our health system”, Senator Humphries concluded.

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2 Responses to ACT Labor ignoring carbon tax costs to hospitals, says Humphries
HenryBG HenryBG 10:30 am 31 Jul 12

Humphries supports an approach to healthcare that has been demonstrated (in the USA) to deliver worse at outcomes, at double the cost.

Humphries is a member of a political party that has chosen as its leader a failed-priest who has never had a real job in his life and who says that, “climate change is crap”.

Does anybody think we should pay attention to *anything* Humphries has to say?

He’s a hypocrite in league with ignoramuses.
(Or, to pre-empt the pedants. ignorami, depending on whether you think ignoramus is an english word or a latin one.)

kakosi kakosi 10:11 pm 30 Jul 12

Forget about the carbon tax political bullshit- our hospitals and health systems have been “ailing” for years. And neither side of politics seem to care other than to make speeches about how bad things are and how their side will make things better, blah, blah, blah, blah, BLAH!

Maybe one of these politicians should get sick and become immobilised AND instead of checking into a private hospital with their own choice of doctor, they should spend some time in a public hospital bed peeing into a nappy that hasn’t been changed all night and waiting for a buzzer to be answered by a nurse that doesn’t seem to be there!

Maybe then we might see something done. It’s not taxes that are stuffing up our hospitals it’s politicians and the people who believe what they say.

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